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The Liberty Party

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The Liberty party is the oniy antiSlavery party in the country. Bolh the Mhers bow down to sontluTn dirtation. Woih tho others art. in alüance with ;1-iv(-';nMeiv. Bötii support" siévèhblders f the higlicst nattpnrü oflïces. Boto, for aug'at a))cai-sío the contrary, intend to cutitlmio the policy they have fortrièfly followod. BotK partics sustain pro tM ".-.. v. '.t-. HoihparUesyotuJ tiiat the war existed, apd then vpted snpplies to carry it on. Böth purticá will stand ready to dismoinber the Moxicnn rcpuMir, and annex new states slampcd with Hiö'èürsë of Slavery. Both partioi perpetúate Slavery in our nationnl domains. lioth {arties sustain m.nstroua abase3 in the various depnrtments of the government, and resist wilh persëverance the calis of the pèople fpr reftirm. Now the Liherty party is composcd of the known and avowcd opponents of all theso wrongs. By their votos and their influencc thcy oppose tliern, and raise the Btandard of qhited resistance. 'Vmc, the j)arty is but few in numbers ; yet its influencc has been feit every wlievc, ir contending for the right. It has concen trated public atlcntion on t!o necessihn overunowing me olavf, rowsx, or ceing our ÍVcc institutlons converted ino mcrc forma, prescrvcd by tyrants fur hc purposc of renclering tyranny more wailablc. How important, tlien, thnljhis party, which is the only onathat avowed[y advocates Lilcrlij for all, should . rcceiye a general and vigorous support!- - Let not the cause Imguisli in our state, nor let the friends of humanify and justic# grow weary in wcll doing. The next election should sec our votes, witli large acecssion of nurnbeif?, again rcgislcrcd iu support of our noble cause. Wa have nothing to gain by looking back, while many things encourage us to go fonvard with alacity and nianly ooarage. The rapid pyogréss tliat is mak ing in antistovery priucipe3 by gn-at numbers who do not yeivoto with us, is mainly attributed to the consistent support we have gJven to thosc principies frörft ycar to y car. The State Central Commiüco, as is known to our readers, are using greater exertions than ever before lo sprcatl a knowletígd ojT'our priucjgles üir'ough all tlip.&tatc Let thelr exertionsbe seconded by the eftbrts of Liberty men every whcre. Let nominations be made generallyeasonabhand jndiciously. Ivspccially let cxertions be made to get out all classes to antislavcry meetings. By a diligent, use of these means, our cause will be nobly sustained, and in a shor' period wc ttthj look fór co-opcration an aid from large portions of the communit;, who havenever yct actcd with us.. V?,! are enlisted in Ibis war against Ilumai Slavery for lilb, and our motto, carrïei out bv consistent action, must still bc-