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"It has just been stated in uongres, ' aysthe N. Y. Journal of Commerce, 'that thetwo Houseshad ordered fifuj-five thousaiid copies to beprinted, of the Report of the commissioner of Patents ; and that the cost to the country would be L 114,000." "This Report," says the" Journal, "is a huge document, printed in large type, with a large margin, containing verylittle matter of the least importance, and that little so burried in the rubbish, as to be worth as much as so many sneedles in a hay-mow." Then, tliis huge quantity of trash, creaied at this large expense, is fa befranked for all parts of the country, by way of curry ing favors and getting voics next time, lumbering the mails, and creating another large expense. We have taken the trouble, (continúes the Journal ,) to wcigh the copy of fhis document, which was forwarded to us, and find its pondei o ilyto be2lbs.,14 ozs.,or with the wrapper about ihree poundsf - The aggregate weight of the 65,000 copies is therefore eighty-two and a half tons! Eiglity-two and a half tons of paper spoiled ; and the nation taxed $114,000 for spoiling it ; and then compelled to lug it to all parts of the Union fhrough the monopoly Post-Ofljce and the franking privilege ! Poor Patent pecrple!" :