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T!ie oriii under consideration appcarB to bo a ry prominent organ iri heads generalij, and is tl : ir wcy to ba cultivaied still more. Not l ,'nly is ihis the case with the present gencration. si s nol ctrong resismnce to it. through n ..-, it w.ll bc stronyly shown in the o !ruon. Thli foliows firom knowi. jlow inncli coiitcntioi;, debate, fruit 2 j, back-bmg" uad wrangüng diluís h u risty 1 The once ntfeciionato wife Ji u huaband by a " -lip of the tongue" li cach o'her'3 Combativoncss- by out-, t n-toneJ and angry cspression. Th. áon'8 fiic: cnired forth a sudden raeb f Combatirene, and gavo it a new i I . ha never been nbatcd. Since tfaèl f .. ,r-ii roUmore casily from their Ups. B al ( ■■.aiiveuess are uh'jjyd , ,vh.. betorcadultage, have all í hèir parentó, and Acy too, are t . i uncasy, unhappy and miserable I is resuhed in the first place from a i slip of the tongue." How important i '.ould bel a doublé guard over ihe ■ We tuin our eycs again, and sce neighbors with tch other, at 4i swords points" ..uienily an opportunity to retalior underminPj cach olw:r, cultivating i rupulWvé iorce tha' is not only continually ..■ enchothtr from psace and enjoyment. jut i: dritèa ihirt regard yhich should always c.vái between relatives, friends and neigh ' j ferfber av.-ay, till it ia lost in incontrolable n. One d.B'ike alwnys begets anothcr.- t ■,ast feeiing oï Jvengé is dangerous ; and príaoce of overcoming fcvil with good h