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; ,h) Jkn. Taylor. - This gentleman who has woran ly won iho reputaiion of being a siiccessful t0 Her, is the person who reconnnended the inl8 duction of Cuba blond Lounds to figlu the Inp ns in the Florida War. , n director of a diamond mino in Brazil, think'-' ; ono of h8 negroos had stolcu, ordored hun bc ripped open, and in him was fouod a diaW nd. Upon ihis diacovery, the cruel monster 1G ïsed livü more 10 ba dealt with in the same Di duit. but did not in either of these cases lind St y oí his property. For this horrid criino, he ex a merelyyequirod to pay t-.venty-five piasters of the five negroei whom he had killed without th íefitüng theirowners! It was no'. considercd ha y crime at n!l to murder the firat one, for by i it act the overscer did servico to his omor yer8 l Li Wondkrs op Philosopht. - The body every little spider contains four little asses, pierced with a multitude ol' imrceptible lióles, each hole permitting l e passage of a single thread, to the j, nou'nt of a thousand to eaeh mass, joinn- g together when they come out and ,j ake the single thread, with which the j ider spins its web; so that what we cali n spider's thread consists of more than v )00 united. Lewenhock, by means of microscope, observed sjtiders no bigger t, an a grain of sand, which spun thread n fine, that it took 4000 of them to equal I magnitude a single hair. A man in Enerland has discovered a F lethod of horses, and lies the art to headtrong colts. VVhilo nder the injluencc, tho colt underslands II his conversation. luis snid that Morrison, of vegetable { ill notoriety, expended, between the ears 1830 and 1844, the enormous sum f L108,000 in advertising his pills. Í Comparison op Speed. A French ; ;ientific journal states that the ordinary xte is per second : Of a man walking, feet ; of a good horse, in harness, 12 ; f arcindeer, in a sledge on the ice, 10 ; f an English race horsc, 43 ; of a hare, 1 8 ; of a good sailing ship, 14 ; of the ( and, 82 ; of a sound, 1,038; of a twenpvfóür pounder cannon ball, 1,300 ; and f the air, which so divided returns into pace, 1,300 feet. Increase op the Army and Navy. - Mie rank and file of the Navy has been nercased 2500 men during the late sesion ; and the rank and file of the Army 500, or 100 men more for each of the ompaniès. The enlistment of the addiional men of the army is for five years. The Sub Treasury ia now certainly 11 operation - a circular having been isued by the Treasury Department, direced to Postmanters, Collectors of Customs, c. instructing them to deposit their funds vith thencarest sub treasury, retaining n their own hands what may be suñi;ient to meet the expenditure of their )vn ofiice. The following is thé comparativo ostage in the dillerent countries. England, ld ; Prussia, lid ; Spain, 2id; he United States of America, 2H ; Sarlinia, 3id ; Austria, 2id ; Russia 4d : md France, 43 d j Military Glory. - One of ihose acts .vhich crowd the records . of military Jiscipline, carne off recently in the 7th [lussars. Betwecn 200 and 300 of the men were drawn up to sce one of their somrades victimized to a system a thou?and times worse than negro slavery. rji'é fcllow, in a fit of passion, had said Dr dono something violent to his deified bighness, a sergeant ; and for this he was stripped, tied to a ladder and whipped to dciitli by a change of well-practised ruffians, who relieved each other six times cluringthe infliction of 150 lashes. An ordinary blacksmith will sraite a hot iron nearly a thousand times befo re it is cold, without any rclaxation of vigor. But when human flesh is to be beulen to a jelly, the scourgers are to be relieved at every 25 blows, lest some sentiment of lassitude or sympathy should render the bloeding furrows of the lash too shallow for the tender mercics of military discipline. Three of tho comrades of the scarified soldier fainted and feil while he was undergoing the torture of the lash. The Times has opened its stunning thunder upon this hideous transaction, and upon the whole barbai'ous system whith legalizes it, in a leader of two column's length - Ch Cilizen. One moment ! what an effect t produces upon years! One moment! virtue, crime, glory, shame, woe, rapture, rest upon it ! Death itself is but a momont, yet eternity is its successor I