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ILLINOIS. Bclow wc give tho returns of the Liberty vote the Statu as far an we hnvo received thom. - .vill be sten ihat we bave gained in ilio pi 0 nearly 2000, and ihero are inany counties m to bo hoard from wliicli will undoubtedly f0 ase the gain several hundred more. Our prmal increase has been ia tho Founh Diatrict ; e we do up our work on a magniliccni ecale ivhile in other parts of tlie Stato groat npathy ivail. In tho First District, no candidato for Cf ngress was put in noinination. Such ouglit IK t to have been the case. Why wiM not the 21 aerty men, in those paris of tho State where serty has madu but linie progress, do wiih uil ir might tho work thcy find to do. Energy 1 zeal will suon put the cause in such a ■ n in those dark regions that it will roll on ly se own tmpetua. This we havo done in the J urth District, wherc in nnmbers we woro lees , 1Ö40 ond '41, than tho Liberty niou in two ïer Districts. We give the vote in the Fourth District in full e havo gained on our "voto for Mr. Lovejoy, 47 votes, and we now cast as mnny in this strict as wo have heretoforo out in the whole to. Over this result we are little inclined to uit. Under all tho circumstances, wiih the ; reiteratod fact, as declared by our opponents, it our party was onthepointof dissolution, wo vo nearly doublod our votes. JA bettor linie coming, boys:" hold on to your cause, to your al e idea, and two vears from thia tim? Owen vejoy will represent this District in Conress