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Mental Hallucinations

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5Í mental hullncinaiion, is taken from the y report of the Superintcndeut of the State . : Hospital in' WorcejteV ï tJ .;♦ patiënt now with ua hears a dock lick over hoad at night, which, he saya keeps liim . ke; he aleo amella many disagrieablo1 ödors . qh eutne imo'his room ilirough thecraeka ventillated opening, and 'hese faestops up . i rags. In ilnacase, both hearing and . are nffectefd with disease. - The -aanres-in case are prohably diseased,' and the1 man is t awake b7 tlte noise. qu! ihother patiënt '■'si' when moit insane; visited 'es light by naked skeletons, who made Uwd er iíon8 beforè hiTti ; he"also stnelle'd jWr.Bonin room and tasted it in his food. This man P'L uld imagine ihat he was on ihe confines of the w tomless pit without the hopes of escape, and T riveted was his mind to thia delusion that he' w uld beconie excessiveiy ogitated arrd distressed, sr Iwept bitterly at:his impendiiyg fate. " He had tn i or two ól these paroxyms-diiring religious bc rship ö the Sabbath. 'He öt' last recovercd pc orably.' - : ■ - . 11 ■ z ■■ ui ül persoh with us is" urröunded da and night " porso'ns Who shoot at him with white powdor H ich makes tto'riótsél. noleBto' u clothos andexhibtts them as the marks ofthe " rer bullets which are fifed at him, He'does te t hear'th'e repons cff the muskets, but seeathe sl rsons shoot at him and fèels the wounds which ti ï made in his flesh. 'Before he carne to -the s: ospital, 'he'loaöed his gun wiih Mack powder b reveng'e' himsetf upon the ; persons who ihus f inoyed him; this caused his-arresft and ent. ' M Another mon camé'directly from out - es In tbis nstitution. Ha aecs persons at his indow"resè'm'bTrng the professor, w-hom 'ho "has1 r ;en accuatömed to hear, attd convertes with lem. He lias seen lightnirtgand flame flrishing irough'hïs' ró"om and aboüt the housesin twn. c One man stands at the window and give orsrs to therair-depot, half a mile . ig the movemehtBof the cara. He et-es his wifc j [ the window in the night directing him not to ; ike lus 'rhedicihe " j Another man see angel 'and cherubs at his 'ihdow in" the night, and holds conversation ilh thém. The? têl! KM thkt Tliösdoy is-the róper Sabbath, and he observes that day instcad f Sunday. One, a baehêlr, sce the deril ih' hi room, '■!) tells him all bif thoughts. He feels sensible fiects from Kit Tïndy, wllich ar'é 'tfie' resült 'of tèee interviews. Htí can drive him away at any . me by promising to get marrtcd. An old gentleman is viaitéd at'hight-by the . orpse of bis whö brings him rnisiiis, acco. &c ' Sometimei hegetsin bed withhim, e' finds he is cold,' vory soft, and ofTenLÍTe to oell. ' ' " ' A deaf flnd dumb feela -biniself drawn i earth' and the substancee about him, and eays ie carth ishüü 'oiiibtis' ap'phed to his feet. A' recent ense of insanity, now in care is anoyed by gas throwing at him, which dazzles nd disturba him so that he id unaWe to know mat he is about. ■ One paiiönt, wbö "ba 'long been with us, is xceedingty' anVioyed with what he calis "piaser of l'aris womé1," who blow his hair ifT with their "chemistry winds." HJ is quiic iald, covers his hèad wilh a haiidkerchief, and ubs it cohstahtly. Mmiiir.r iv Tït.ifiRiPH. - A couple weTC