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Fever & Ague

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This excellent compound is for sale by the roprietor's Agents. MAYNARDS. , 263-1 y Willson's Cern fltlill, (Mc'Knight's Patent.) Tlie srubscriber would hereby soy to the publj hnt be is now prepared to furnish on short noice, thosc who wish. o portable mili, capablo of grinding 30 bushcls of enrs of corn per hour, or tipd other coarsc groin for feed,'r shelled corn, wiltijo rush.) rub out clover sed, &c. &c. cnlledJ. L. McKnights patent corn crusherand clover rubber, fcc.. Thq subscritor is also prepnred to sell town ind cóunty rights to said patent on liberal term. Thtí machine wprka )ke;n charm, applicable to íorae, water, or sieani pwer: one horse, is 6uflicientto perform thè,ne?cesary grinding for any farm or other establishment, for homo consumption, but more povcr is nccesary to do custom work to a profit. The 8ubscribcr haa now in operntion jn his shop at his Teniperace House. ,in Jackaon, a twohorte, wbchnsvith the forqeof one horse (only at.picsení) ,he. diives said nía-"' chine. Tlie advantages of feeding corn and. cobb in ■ liis wny is now too well understood to necd rehearsing. Sufficeit to ey,,th,at toíh'e eouth, where they mise , corn easy, ad worth p.erhaps 10 cents pej-i.lyíBhel, they think jt an object to thjia feeding corn and coljb mcn,,' and tliat too where they give (rom. .to J .for ' for grinding ehber for feed or distillation. Onle, tv(n or. tJirre competent salesmen wantcd-toise!l xights to said machine in this ,State . and Ohio, nd tpseilrighis to ' licing maqhine ja this.Stníe; ihe .bestow iq' use. : J. T. WILLSON. Jackson, Mayph !?, I8-1G. , 2G0-fim