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James N. BupfüM, in the course of an address at Lynri onthë first of August said i lid was invited ío the house of a distingiiished gentleman in Belfast, lreland, and noticing a picture turnëd to the wall, he inquired the reason ; said the gentleman, ' That frame contains the Dëclaration of American Iridepcnde'nce, I purchased it because Í lovéd its séritiments : but when I learned that you have 3,000000 of slavcs, I turnéd 'd to the wall, and there it musí rëmain till you set them f ree.1 At a nother house hc saw the po rtrait of George Washington with a black spot over hia heart. cThat,' said the owner, is because hé was a slavèholdcr.' He was ashamcd of his own country when in England, he was ashamed of it at home - it was becoming a hissing and a by-word among the nations of the carth. He found great diificulty in rep roving them for their extrava'gancc and dissipation. When remonsir'ating with their horseracing and gambling clergy, hc was tfn'iversally met with.' tlie answer ihat, bad as they were, they did not sell chil dren hj the pound ! On the Croydori fÈrigland) Atmospherie Railway, with a írain of four carriages,. including the piston carriage - which carries passenger?, and weighs about' twenty-three tons - a velocity of 75 miles per hour has been reached for a short distánce.■ - Caín to be Hanged.- A Quebec Judge has sentcnced a murderer named Caín to bo hanged. Surely he cannot claim divine authority for thaí, for the Lord only sat a mark upon Caín, that men should not kill him.- Chronotype. George Bancroft, of Masa. Inta Secreiory of the Navy, has been appoinicd Minister to Great Britain.