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The Hampsli-eHerald says that the "slaveholders and their Northern tondicn havealways been noisy about interlerence" witb tbe South ern Instilutions by foreiguers, or even by the citizens of the free Stales, while none are more forward than they ii thrustmg themselves into the "domestic affairs" of other nations. Souti America, Greece, Naples, Poland - al can tcstify to this. Lately a Polis! Sclavonian Society has been formed in this country, in oider to aid in emanci paling the Poles from the dominion o Russia, of which John P. Berrien, a slave-holding Whig Uniled States Sena tor from Georgia is President !" The London Pictorial Times, of June Oth, contains an article relativo to the skve Pauline, nccompaniod with a pie ture, representing the officers of the law, armed with clubs and whip1?, in the very act of tèaring her new-born babe from her bosom, prepnratory to her execution.