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Everyday I tried to paint my pain away
With the blood from my veins
I choked and cried
Tried to say goodbye
But my time never came
And those pretty little scars
Started to fade
My masterpiece is finally finished
But I wasn't pleased with my work
I wanted to start again
So started to draw how I felt
But people started to tell
That something wasnt right
They didnt like my drawings
They would whispered and shout
All about
How I need to stop
But drawing was my addiction
One day my pencil went
Just a little to deep
And my drawing came to a end
I couldn't admire them like I use to
Yes you could still see my masterpiece

but it was slowly fading away...

locked away in others shame
But I'm afraid I wasn't finished yet
I still had one more to make
Except instead of my wrist
It would be on my neck
To make sure my painting's anf drawing's and I
Could all lye together again
This picture would be the pretties of them all
But it just so happens
My pencil was my knife
And my drawings were laying on my skin
And this one would mark my end today

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