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Summer Camp

by Aria, Talia, Thompson 2-24-15

The busses air was like a desert, and it tasted like cinnamon. The sun beat on my face with it’s fiery light. But lucky for us the shades on our windows saved us from the scorching sun. I was smart and brought my mp3 to help deter the boredom thats was taunting us. I shared it with the girl next to me; and she had hair like a thunder storm! I can’t remember what color of hair she had I think it was blue.

She looked at me and said, “Thanks for bringing music, I don't know what I would have done if you haven't brought it.”

“I’m glad I could be of service” I laughed smiling then we bobbed our head to the music in tune.

Camp had always been fun, I mean what's not to love? The hikes, the zipline, and not to mention the amazing food! But this year of all year was uneke! It would be my first year at a junior high camp! My sister said almost everything about this camp would be better. There would be more freedom, better music, not to mention louder kids (which may not be good for some, but still.)  

We had six hours of weaving around roads and attempting to entertain ourselves, we finally arrive! the sun glared at us as we trudged our way up the hill in which the cabin we were to stay in laid a top of.  

“I can’t wait to swim in the lake! I want to go on the blob so bad!” I was referring the mechanism “the blob” a giant air bag that sat in the lake, it would propel you in the air and then gravity would drop you down into the water with a finally of splashes!

“Me too it seems so fun but I’m a little scared to do it” Ashley said as we both unpacked our bags.

“Oh well theres only so much time that you can fit all you need into one camp if you know what I mean,” she said.

That reminded me of that tormenting feeling that I always get at the end of trips. You know the one that makes wish that we could stay in you happy place forever. I thought with a tinge of anxiety, “ What will I ever do when I get back?”


After dinner we had chapel we sang along to a great band one with nice interments (better then my church, or maybe just talent.) Then we sat for an hour or so listening to “what we have to do after camps out and focus on the big pitcher.” The pastor would say. Similar feelings flooded in, I surprised them though. Overall it was a great cermin, the pastor was good.  He was charismatic and joked a lot!  he would have us inter act with his cermin. Lots of funny stuff that relates like,

“It’s friday but Sunday's coming!” and such and so forth.

When the cermin was over, we all would meet in a small group in our cabin sharing about our lives; the stuff you wouldn't just go up to a person and say. It was kind of like a mini counseling session, lots of kids would cry. This made me feel guilty for ever being sad! These kids were: abused, had parents die, or just run out on them! it was so depressing! Also, this made me think we are having the time of our lives here, but when we get home we most likely won’t be. which is sad. If only there was a way to cherish the good times!   

Mornings were a pain to say the least! It wasn't that early only 7:00 pm, but the problem was, every day we would scream our hearts out and run and do everything we wanted. So if you add that to the fact of we got to bed late, you could infer that it wasn't exactly fun to get ready, if you know what I mean. We would take long time to get ready for the day. Even though it was camp we still did our makeup and hair you know the stuff that doesn't matter because we’re kids and we’re going to be swimming by lunch so we have to either re-do it or just look like zombies for the rest of the day cause the mascara ran down to my cheeks. We would joke about it but we all do it. Also in the mornings we played mini golf. It was a nine course to, with a little pond/river running through it and it was close to the water. thats where I got stung by a bee.

The camp had bees you wouldn't believe! Everywhere there were bees! Once I was just chilling out and I felt a little needle penetrate my skin. I looked at my arm and I saw a figure stuck to it; all yellow and black. So I pulled it off, and said to Ashley,

“We have to go to the nuce.”

“why?” she said.

“I’m hit,” I said pointing to my arm which was reddening by then. Immediately she knew what it meant. So we scooped up our clutter and headed on to the nuce. On our way for some reason every one ran in to us, and each interception had at least five questions to add from random campers.

“What happened?”

“Your not crying?”

“Why would a bee do that to you?”

“Did you tant the bee?”

It was like they we phakic!   

Why did this bee have to ruin my day! Couldn't my life just be perfect? How cruel is life! don’t good things last forever! Then it hit me. Good things don’t last forever. good wouldn't even exist without bad, which is why we need to enjoy life while we can! nothing lasts forever you just have to stick it out till tables turn and good things come back.

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