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Mr. Hale's Speech

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We give today the concluüing portion of Mr. Hale's speech in the N. Hampshire Legislature. Every body ought :o read it. It has one peculiarity that reminds us of Gidding's speeches : he means something by his words, and tells so clearly what he means that it cannot well be mistaken. Thoughts clothed in this style malte a strong impression upon hoarer or reader. Mr. Hale has since spoken in Maine, in several places in Mnssachusetts, and he lately addressed an overllowing house in Faneuil Hall, Boston. He was received ihere with great applause. It is said th'n Jie well sustains his reputation as an uble and popular orator. CJ The California expedition has a last sailed from New York. The Com mander put off in great haste to avoid a posse of civil officers, leaving behind 30 of his men. These are to be sent by th store ships. The men were v ery reluc tant to embark without thei r six month advance pay, The expedition was sup plied by government, at heavy expense with tnachinery for saw-mills, grist-mills nd many othar fixings for a permanen