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Chapter one

(Emmas Pov)

It drove me crazy in the dead of the night. It would always go,




And only at night, never in the morning, Only when I'm trying to lay down and sleep. It stopped at exactly dawn not two minutes before dawn, exactly at dawn. It seemed to want me awake at night, never asleep. Like I had to hear its crys. I always just thought it was a rat in the

walls. Crawling around,looking for rotten food. Well, thats what everybody said

it could be. But, I dont believe them, at all. I think its more than that, way more. It would almost always be like that, sometimes it would get faster , sometimes slower, sometimes it stops all at once and finally lets me get some piece and quiet.

But, I guess it was not letting me do that tonight. Heck, it rarely does that, to be honest.

I had told my friends about it too but of course, they didnt believe me. They

never believe me, of course I was new to this town, but All i wanted was some

friends. I couldnt tell my parents, for they would say to come right back home to michigan. And, I had an active imagination, so that could be it too. I dont think they dont believe me its just that there afraid to believe me, yeah thats it.

So I invited them over for a sleepover tommorow night. Then I will prove

them wrong. I couldnt wait to see there faces when I do. They would be shocked, but then of course be scared. But, then i wondered if I want to prove them wrong, how?

I mean, there was rituals We could perform. But, they would think of me childish. Well, there was another thing I could try, A Ouija Board. Maybe that would work, They would think im just playing a game, but little do they know its not a game at all.




There it was again, I sat up looking at the clock. It read, 666 am. Wait, that can't be right, there was no such thing. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. 3:45 am.


Ok, good. Thought I was going crazy for a second. I layed my head back down glancing at my doorway. It looked as if there was a dark shadow standing there. It was a faint outline of a little boy. I kept staring and it stared back. It was almost as if we were having a staring contest. I lifted my head up, and squinted to see if I could get a better look.


But, as I blinked it advanced in on me. It came slowly though. Step by step. Breath by breath. It got on all fours, coming slow still. I heard my breath catch. I did not want this thing coming close to me. All of a sudden it went fast. But instead of crawling on top of me it went underneath my bed. I could hear it rumaging around down there, doing something, then I heard its breathing, soft and raspy.


It was definetly not a little boy, no it sounded like a grown mans breath.


I tried to be silent but my heavy breathing, I could not help. I slowly layed back and covered my mouth. I was on the verge of tears when something took hold of my foot. It tugged. I gasped and felt a tear of fear slide down my face, I was terrified. I kicked and pulled my feet back. Covering my self with my covers, I grabbed my phone, ready to call 911.




But then I though about it, what would they say? If i explained everything thats been happening, and now i think theres a monster under my bed? I know what they would say, Im crazy and I need help. That is exactly what they would tell me if I called.


Then when I thought it was all over I felt a tap from under the bed. I started crying again hysterically. There was something under my bed, and it still hasn't left yet.




"I want you to leave, now!" I yelled, in between sobs. I tapped even harder.


"Leave!" I yelled. It started rumaging again. Then it all went silent. Was it gone? Did it listen to me? Was it really gone?




I would never know if I didnt check. I did what all the blondes do in the horror movies these days, I looked under the bed. What I found, was nothing. There was nothing there. Or so I thought.


I swung my body back towards the top of the bed just to see it on my ceiling. I screamed. And screamed. The thing just looked straight at me twisting its raggedy head back and forth in a very questionly way. My screams stopped leaving my throat dry. We were bac in the staring contest mode. Only this time I really had to blink.




Though before I could do anything a wide grin spread across its face showing me sharp white teeth. That wasnt the scariest thing, the scariest thing was that it kept twiting its head to the right until it did a complete circle bones cracking within it. I quivered with fear.




It lowered down from its spot on the ceiling until it was right in front of my face. I could smell its rotten warm breath as it flew from its mouth and across my face.What this thing was I had no idea. I didnt even now if this was real or if it was just an illusion. I hope it was an illusion and I was just imagining this terror.




As it breathed on my face It whispered, "She's Coming"




 Then I suddenly drifted off into blackness.




"C'mon Kailia" A little girl in a red plaid dress whined, "Come play"


Their was three little girls in plaid dresses. One white, one red and one black. The suppose Kailia was in the black plaid dress sitting and playing with a baby doll that had half of its yellow yarn hair cut off. I wondered who would do such a thing to a poor little doll.


The little girl shook her head,"Mommas Coming"


"Oh, you and your momma crap" The oldest looking girl in the group said, "We know it aint true"


'Oh lindsay you dont need to be so mean" The girl in the red dress said, "I believe you Kailia"


"I'll believe it when I see it" The snobby girl said.


Kailia and the other girl began to quiver. From where I was I couldnt see what they were afraid of but by the change of mood I could tell it was something big.


"Mommas here" A unregonisable voice said. From there on the snobby girl bagan to scream and their was sounds of hitting going on. I wonder what was going on. I needed to see this.




So I attemped to peek out of the box I was in but with my type of luck I tippe it over causing whatever was going on to stop.




"Well, well well" Mommas voice ran out, "Shes coming"


I sat up panting. What was that? Where was the monster? Where was I?




I got all of my answers straight away. One, that was a nightmare, two the monster obviously escaped my room through my window because it was wide open and three I was in my room. Nothing made much sense though, I mean why would this happen to me? Of everyone, why me? And to be honest I didnt now the real meaning behind it. Or why this would suddenly happen. Some people say that things happen for a reason. Though this thing didnt quite have a reason behind it.


If this was truuly over, I guess I could say goodbye to that Sleepover.





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