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Hannah Fulgenzi  

Short Story Contest

Good versus evil,

“Ariana” my mom yelled to tell me we were leaving, “ I don’t want to go” I yelled back. “well to bad everything is ready”. I finally decided to get in the car I’ve never been to the new house I’ve heard it was a big house but I don’t trust what I hear, I go by you have to see it to believe it. I told my mom a few weeks ago that the house wouldn't be as great as she said it was. We had a large argument about who was right and who was wrong I ended up losing and getting grounded and like always she won. I hated getting in arguments with her. She always wins because she is a grown up and i’m a child. I told her she cheats in our arguments because she is an adult and she had all the information about what is right and what isn't right. I told her to stop it with all the stupid life advice she said they help me get through life. I told her that that not everyone needs her advice because sometimes her trying to help makes everything worse, and that sometimes people don’t want to hear it, so that she should stop trying to help. After a few weeks she finally stopped it took awhile but she finally did it. I was so happy when she did there was a long line of peace and quiet, until my dad died she didn’t care what people say she cared about moving on from her loss and moving on with life, instead of sitting at home and being depressed. I was unpacking and my phone started to go of, it was my friend. She told me that she misses me and she can’t wait until summer break when we get to see each other. We both started to cry because we haven't seen each other in forever. Then summer break came I was so excited to see her, Then my mom got a call it was my friend Bobby's mom, she said there has been an accident and Bobby died I was so upset. Bobby’s mom came she told my mom if she were to stay in her house she would cry and cry and cry. We decided to let her stay with us since we have known her for a long time, we thought it might nice to give her a place to sleep and eat. The next morning I went into Bobby’s moms room I found her on her bed with a knife in her chest. I called for my mom to come upstairs she wasn't as upset as I thought she would be. I asked my mom if we could go to the funeral she said no, I really thought that my mom was happy that Bobby and her mom were gone she was all happy after they died while the rest of us were sad and depressed. It was a few weeks after Bobby and her mom died I was in my room and I heard my mom and my step brother who just came in because his college was on break for a month so he decided to come stay at our house, I heard them talking about killing Bobby and her mother, I was in such shock that I couldn't even move. My dad yelled for me to come downstairs for dinner I didn't come downstairs he came upstairs to see if I was okay, he found me on my bed laying there on my iphone. He told me that if he calls me down for dinner I need to come downstairs, I told him what I heard my mom and my step brother talking about he told me that they would never do something so mean and evil. He may not think that they are not capable of doing something like this but I know they are. I went to the funeral anyway I knew my parents would get mad but I didn't care it was my best friend and her mom of course I was going. When I got there everyone was upset they were all asking what happened and why did this happen to them, they were nice people. I told everyone that was there that I heard my mom and my step brother talking about the murder they were all surprised after the funeral I promised all the people at the funeral that I would confront them both I was scared but I promised. I went home to see my mom and my step brother waiting for me to get home, “ where did you go” she said, “ I went to the funeral” I said, “we said you cant” she said " i went anyway I know you killed them'' I said know crying " yes we did know its your turn" she said the cops came right on time, I was already bleeding to death. The next week I died in the hospitl from a failed attempt to save my life it ended bad.

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