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The Fall From Glory


Some people say that a god created everything. I can understand where they are coming from, but why create dominant life on other planets, why create humans such small insignificant beings in the infinite? If humans were this “heavenly beings” plans, why make us so small.

But there isn't any time to waste. No time to pray or believe. No time to have faith. You wanna know why? It is because we woke them up early. Now they’re angry, and they are coming.

A boy woke up, the stench of garbage and rotten flesh stinging at his nose. The “Great War”, World War 3, whatever you want to call it, has been raging for over 20 years. Scientist predicted we’d run out of resources before the 22nd century, but they never thought it’d take such a short period of time. They boy spoke, “My name is Lex, I am 15 years old, it is the year 2093, and my family is dead”, he sounded as if he was trying to remember something. Lex lived in London, a once pretty and beautiful city, which was decimated by nuclear missiles. Lex was the one survivor. This is because he wasn’t killed by the radiation. Lex looked around him, corpses laid out in the street, the sound of bugs buzzing around him.  Lex retched, the smell still unfamiliar to his nose. He looked over towards a big tree. The tree that survived, just like him. He laid next to it as the missiles bombed London, killing all but the tree and a small patch of grass. He looked inside the ruins of his old house, there were three corpses he missed all too well. Lex’s parents and little sister were killed in the incident. The pain in his chest was still new. Lex’s parents died at least a month before. He was with his little sister right before that dreadful hour. Her smile, innocent and happy still fresh in his memory. His lasts words to her were “You stupid girl,” he did not have a chance to say goodbye, or say he loved her. Lex pushed aside his guilt and started preparing for a new day of survival.


The sun was out, burning his already burnt and cracked skin. The sun just added on to the glare of the land before him. Pollution stank up the air and waste was laying everywhere. Even though there was no one to pick up the trash, other than himself, the amount of litter was a bit excessive. Lex got up, stretched, and reached for his water bottle. “Empty”, Lex’s expression explained his bottle. Lex knew he would run out of water, but he never thought the day would come so soon. Tiredly, Lex threw the bottle to the cold ground, sending dust flying into the cold spring air. Lex walked up to a bucket lying outside of his little hut. It was filled with water collected from overnight. Lex washed the soot and grime from his face, the cold water relieving his dry skin. Lex bent over, picked up the bucket, and brought it backed into his hut, set it on a small stove, and started heating the water. As the water began heating, Lex went over and grabbed a cooler with many empty bottles. He placed the cooler on the floor next to the stove, and walked over to a old tv radio and turned it on. As the screen buzzed to life. As a frequency was being picked up, a  female news reporter popped up. “great, more bigoted news reporters” mumbled  Lex. The women on the screen spoke, “While drilling on the distant planet of mars, Russian astronauts found strange alien ruins beneath the surface of the foreign planet. The ruins seem to be encrypted with some strange hieroglyphs. We have scientists trying to translate the language, but they have had no luck yet. What will these ruins say, and will we ever know, find out at 9:00 pm with Channel 53 news. In other news, District 3 A 2 C is being burnt down to reduce radiation. We advise that anyone within a 20 mile radius to vacate.” The screen darkened as lex picked up the radio and threw it out the window. “Damn it, Damn it!” Lex yelled. He grabbed as many bottles as he could, filled them with the water, and threw them in the his backpack. Lex grabbed his backpack, shoved some food in it, and ran out of the hut. Lex did not know where he was going to go, but he ran. He ran as fast as he could, not stopping to look at any of the signs. Lex grew tired after a while, sat down, and looked up. There was a sign planted on the ground. Lex looked at it. The letters all jumbled and mixed. “Danger” Lex read. The letters he could read made no sense in his mind. He stood there for hours on end, or at least he thought, trying to comprehend the jumbled word.He disregarded the sign, open a can, and started devouring the contents, forgetting about the shortage of food he had. Putting the can back in his backpack, Lex took a bottle and took a swig from the still hot water inside. Lex decided to rest where he was. He woke up, the sky bright red as the sun rose. Lex’s heart was racing, which surprised Lex. He reached for his pack, and Lex’s hand touched sweet nothingness. Lex bolted upright, looking around for his pack. As if his gut was punishing him for his carelessness, a jolt of pain ran through Lex. Despite his pain, Lex decided to keep walking on. Lex walked for hours on end, ignoring the stinging pain in his abdomen caused by hunger and who knows what else. Lex followed this pattern for many days, walk, rest, walk and sleep, until one day, the pain grew too much for Lex to handle. He laid there, the pain taking over his body. The nerves in his body tingling like a bunch of electric shock. Lex looked at himself, his body like a strangers. Lex’s once smooth skin was now cracked and pale, his nails were now a bright yellow, and he could see the bones through his frail body. He couldn’t recognize himself. It’s like he went over years of change. But it had only been days, maybe weeks. Lex could feel his heartbeat slow. He looked to the sky, tears filling his eyes. Lex closed his eyes, feeling his conscience slip. Lex opened his eyes for the last time, a light in the sky brightening. “Mom, Dad,” Lex said weakly. And at that moment, Lex slipped into the afterlife. His poisoned body filled with excess radiation. As Lex’s cold body laid there, ships flew above him. A symbol that would’ve been all too familiar to Lex was painted on the side of all the ships. The Scottish Militia was doing a rescue mission. Lex’s uncle jumped out when the plane landed. When Lex's uncle, Sam,  saw his dead nephew laying on the ground, and tears started to fill his eyes. “My last relative, dead.” Sam said sadly. The light up in the sky grew brighter and brighter. “I wonder what that is” said a soldier behind Sam. Sam looked up, the light turning a sickly green. “I don’t know but it doesn’t look good.” Sam said worriedly. Sam picked up Lex’s body, carrying it over to the plane Sam had arrived from. As soon as the planes were ready to leave, a beam of energy burst down from the heavens. Huge war ships came down from the heavens, launching an attack on the land below. The Alien invasion had begun.

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