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A Proclamation: By The Governor Of The State Of Michigan

A Proclamation: By The Governor Of The State Of Michigan image
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As the close oía year signaüzed by great pros perity approaches, ii becomes thc citizena of our state, u a moral and religious people, to present the incensé of grnteful hearis and to joiu in cheérfol praisc and thanksgiving, to AL.MK.iirv Gou. The eeasnn oí llowcrs has yielded the blossom, und tlie time of lruits has filled thc granary of ihe liUb'unndniaii. Iu thc various pursuiia of industry, toil hassocured its won'cd comforts and rcvards. The liüht of knowledge ha3 shone brightly round us, to dispel the darkness of the human niind, and to elévate the moral being. - Tho labors of tho wise and thegood, in dissotuinating moral science, and tho prccepls of v'rtue and icligion, have heen continucd, and we trus'. have been blesscd with ncreased sucecss. The cuuso of the people and of humanity, undcrour (ree institutions, has becu viudicated by the npproving 8inile of Heavcn. The blessings of social lite, the kindly fcelins of love and friendsliip, and the bappnesa of ihc doniestic hcarth, havo 8till exerted thcir cliccring influences. - From pestilencc and famine, from tyranny and oppression, from mternal convulsiona and bloody revolution8, tho care of oor Heavknlt Fatiikr hotli protected us. Over out wholc Union, Gou hal! showered blessings, liko the'feriilizing min.h is meet ihen, iliat as a Pooplc, we should rcndcr unitcd tlinnkgivings. I have, thereforo, in occordance with cstablished usage, appointed Thurstluy, the tweniysixth day of Norctnbcr nxí, as a day of Pubi.iTuankscivixo and Pkater ; and I do reco.nmend to the good people of ihis Stalc, the observanco of that day, atthcir firesides and n their solenin assembhes, as a seison of devout thanUfulness for tliegreat merciss vouchsafed to usby our Divink Bknef actor. In testimony whercof, I have causod the Great Seal of the State to be affixed to these presents, and hnve signed the same l. s. wiih tny hand. at the City of Detroit, this sixth day of Octobcr. in tho year of our Lord one thousand cight hundred and fortysix.G. O. WmrTEMonK, Secretary of Stnte.