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     “No, I’m not okay! Turns out that defender on the other team caused me to get a broken leg.” I whined.

“That’s terrible! You’re still going to come to cheer on the team when we play next, right?

“Ava, you should know me better. Soccer is my life. I will be there at every game to support you guys.”

“Thanks Emma, I have to go now, I hope you feel better.”

“ Okay, we’ll talk later.”


   The next morning, I got up early to go and cheer on my team. I slurped down my fruit loops, and gathered some  snacks for my team. As I was loading all of the snacks into the car, struggling very much, I remembered that the night before, my Dad went to the store and bought some blue flags for me to hand out at the game. He didn’t tell me where he put them so I had to search for them. It took me about 10 minutes to find them. They were up in the cabinet behind a stack of papers. Who knows why they were up there, but it doesn't matter because I found them.

My parents were up and getting ready. When they came downstairs, we left.

We entered the over-crowded crowded parking lot and had to park in the grass. There was a game being played on the field where my team was supposed to play. The  players looked younger. I scanned the huge crowd looking for some of my teammates or my coach. I couldn’t find them though. As I was running down the field with the soccer ball at my feet, I could hear one of the other players hard breathing behind me trying to catch up; but I pushed myself to move faster. Time was running out. The crowd on the sidelines roared with excitement. All that was between me and the keeper was grass and small patches of dirt. It was now or never. I pulled my foot back and swung as hard as I possibly could. The last thing that I saw was the ball flying to the top left corner of the net. I fell to the ground. I could hear the crowd cheering, then I blacked out.

The next thing I know, I’m waking up in a ambulance. My Mom and Dad were kneeling down next to me. The sirens were so loud, it gave me a  headache. It felt like the bed that I was laying on was spinning. We didn't stop once till we got to hospital. My Mom and Dad got out of the ambulance quickly and helped the workers get me out and onto the ground. They rushed me into the hospital room and pushed me into the bed. They put the curtain around me for privacy. The bed was not comfortable at all, it was cold against my back. This really wasn't an emergency. The doctors just wanted to see if anything was broken. They did some tests, and left the room leaving me all by myself scared and frightened. It took about 20 minutes for the doctor to return, but to me, it felt like an hour. The results were in. Let me just say, I was not at all happy about what they had told me. When my Mom and Dad came into the room again, the doctors told us everything that they told me earlier. I soon realized everything that I couldn’t do with a broken leg.Thirty minutes into the movie, we arrived in the Madeira High School parking lot. It was very crowded because this was as huge tournament. Thankfully we found a parking spot. I took my headphones off and carefully got out of the car.  Unfortunately we were far away from the soccer fields, and we still had to find out where my team was playing. It took even longer to find the field since I was still getting used to wearing crutches. I was moving a little too fast and I had fallen a couple of times.

If I wanted to get to the game on time, I would have to pick up the pace. I didn’t want to let Ava and my team down. I kept stumbling over rocks but I kept moving. Turning around, I saw my parents gathering up the chairs from the car. They were slow movers. While my back was still turned, I heard cheering.I whipped my head around as the cheering was coming from my team’s field . People on the sidelines were jumping up and down. I could definitely tell that this was a huge deal.

I was upset with myself that I missed the goal. But I still didn't know who scored the goal. It had to be coming from our field. The cheering started to die down as I was still making my way to the sidelines.

Then I heard the referees whistle blow. I was hoping that it was the end of the third quarter instead of the end of the game.

Thankfully, no one was standing up to leave. Finally, I got to the field. I made my way to where my teammates were standing on the sidelines. The whole team was in a huddle. I overheard coach talking.

“Ava, Emily, Maddie, Julie, and Jackie, you will be the first five to take the penalty kicks.”                             

If we are still tied by the end of the penalty kicks, I will tell you who will be taking the kicks in the end. I don’t want you to get nervous.”

“Hey guys! I finally made it,” I said joking around. “Do you mind if I stay over here with you?”

Ava ran to give me an enormous sweaty hug. That girl always works hard in our soccer games, even when we are just playing.

“It took you long enough!” Ava yelled in a nice way. “I was getting worried about you!”

“Okay, okay!” I said after being shaken to death. “You don’t have to worry about me any more, you should pay attention to the penalty kick you're going to take.”

Three minutes later,  my team was were lined up in the middle of the field, including the other team. Soon, it was down the last two penalty kicks. Everyone jumped when the girl on the other team missed the goal. Now it was up to Ava. If she scored, we would move on to the finals. I could see it in her eyes that she was really nervous.

Everything happened in a blurr. All that I really remembered, was Ava’s powerful shot; and we won the game. We all screamed and cheered. The parents on the sidelines were going crazy. My whole team ran out to Ava and lifted her up into the air.


After the doctors left, my parents informed me about everything that had happened. They said that the girl on the other team had knocked into me trying to get to the ball. I fell down pretty hard and blacked out.

“But you did score the winning goal, your team is moving on to the next round of the tournament.”, exclaimed my Dad.


“That’s awesome!” I yelped. “I can’t wait to play!”

“ No, Emma, you can’t play. Remember, you have a broken leg.” My Mom replied sadly.


I was saddened when I heard those words. “No Emma, you can’t play.”  I just realized that I wouldn’t be able to finish the tournament. My team needed me.

We left the hospital, and because I was starving, we stopped to get an oreo McFlurry from McDonalds. I guess that it was supposed to cheer me up because my Dad asked me how I was feeling. Well, it didn’t make me feel any better about not getting to play in the rest of the tournament, but it did fill my stomach.

Once we got home, I grabbed my phone off of the counter and called Ava, She was one of my soccer buddies. I wasn’t looking forward to telling her the news. I just had to. I dialed her number. It didn’t even take a second before she picked up the phone.

“EMMA! ARE YOU OKAY!?” she shouted.


“Emma, there’s been a mistake,” my Mom said quietly, trying to hold in the bad news.

Once I heard, “Mistake”, I got worried.

“What happened!” I yelled frightened.

“ you see, I just received an email from your coach. Turns out the game is in Madeira. I could tell by the tone in my Mom’s voice that she was nervous.

“Well, can we still go? Maybe we could make it there by half time if we leave now.”

“I’m getting directions from Google right now Emma. The game is at the Madeira High School. I have no clue where that is. Just be patient.” My Dad replied very calmly. He is always calm in this type situations. It always makes me feel good. Like I have nothing in the world to worry about.

One minute later, the most annoying voice came on. The GPS. I really didn’t want to be stuck in the car listening to it the entire time, so I put my headphones on and watched a movie. Sadly, my little brother Donny was watching “Cars 2” the other day so now I was stuck watching it.

The next day was very long. I spent all my time in the doctor's office. My mom and I had to wait in the waiting room for thirty-minutes since it was really crowded. Finally, we got into a office. They looked at my leg to see how it was doing. They said that it was slowly getting better, but I still had to keep the cast on for another month. I was really bummed.                       


When I got home, I called Ava to tell her the news. She wasn't happy. We were both excited that I could play a little bit in the finals; but we also both knew that someone can’t be healed in three days. We were just hoping, even though it was silly.

Two days passed, and that was when our game was. Sadly, it was at 8:00 in the morning so we had to get there at 7:30. I mean, I didn’t have to be there at 7:30, but i wanted to my team, I will be there for them.

The day before today, I was so bored from having to rest, I attempted to take a walk around my neighborhood carrying my crutches with me. It was hard, but I really didn't want to be out of shape when I could play soccer. I probably shouldn't have took a walk, I knew I was supposed to stay off of it, but I was just really bored, I was super tired of not being able to play a sport.


When we got to the soccer field, which was at our home field, I got out of the car and saw my team already warming up. So, I thought that I could warm up with them. I walked out to the field and started to stretch. I guess nobody knew I was there, Because when we all stood up, they all said hi to me.

After warming up, we all headed to the middle of the field to get our shoes checked. Then we headed to the sidelines so the team could figure out where their positions will be.

It really wasn’t fun sitting on the bench the entire game, but I really wanted to show my support for the team.

In the last quarter, it was really tense. Our team and the loveland team were tied. My voice was almost gone from cheering and yelling so much. The ball kept going back and forth, loveland is going to score, no, we are going to score.

It was coming down to the last minute. Maddie, which was playing defense, swiped the ball away from a forward on the other team. She pounded it up to Ava. Ava took the ball and sprinted down the field.


I could see in Ava’s eyes, she was trying the best she could to push herself to move faster. 30 seconds left in the game.

“COME ON AVA! YOU GOT THIS! KEEP RUNNING!” our team on the sidelines chanted.

Suddenly, Ava jumped way in front of the others. 15 seconds left. People were going nuts. Screaming, jumping, making so much noise.

Now it was just the keeper, and Ava. She pulled her foot back, and released. The ball went driving to the top left corner of the net. It went in.


Ava had just one the tournament for our team. Well the whole team had won it, but Ava scored the winning goal.

We celebrated the rest of the day at the skating rink. It was really crazy. I still couldn’t really skate though, but I did walk around the outside of the rink on the carpet.

The next day, I went around my neighborhood to jog, and it wasn't hard at all.  I knew that if it didn't work out, then when I could be able to play soccer again i would be really sore. So, everyday I would take a jog so I wouldn't be bored and I wouldn't be sore.

When the soccer season started up again, I felt great and I also made the high school soccer team.


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