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“.....And with the new toaster feature you can make breakfast fast and easy too! But wait,there's more! we are giving a free bot to everyone! And only for two thousand dollars more you can get another one with a driving feature!”  My brother turns off the T.V and gets up, I look up at him as he stretches. He's sixteen and very good looking I chuckle to myself thinking of one of my daily tasks, I have to close the shutters every time he gets home from school so his stalkers won't watch him all night. “That’s a stupid idea,giving everyone a bot”, he says ,“its a waste of technology and time!” h e laughs and walks away. I mumbled, “Yeah, maybe you're right”


“NO! NO!” I scream as I see my parents being dragged away from us . “Please ,no!” I cry out. Tears rush down my face as I see my mother cry as well. “Stay safe!” my father screams . My brother holds me tightly and I bury my face into his gray cotton shirt.I hear a sniffle and feel a tear drop on my neck, I look up to see Eitan,my brother was crying. He never cries. He ruffles my bright red hair and says, “It will be ok in the end, it will all be ok.” His voice gets drowned out by a scream.  I woke  to the sound of gunfire, I forgot where I was. “Wake up Levana,” My brother Eitan says. I have been having the same dream for weeks. My mother and father were taken captive by the bots.I sit up and rub my eyes, “What time is it?” I ask groggy.  “Early enough, now hurry!” my brother grabs my hand and we fly down the stairs to the basement. I didn't protest. My family did this all the time. It was the year 2050 and the third world war has been going on for the past 8 months. The Bots have taken over the world. They were capturing the human race.  My brother and I spend so much time down in the safe  room that I keep all my favorite things I can't live without down there. For example, I have to have my favorite book, a pillow, and my spare pair of glasses  As we run down the stairs I heard glass shatter and I scream. My brother puts his hand over my mouth. He gave  me that look big brothers give when their little sister is being annoying. I nod my head to say I understand  we couldn't get caught. Our parents were already captured and they told us to keep safe.He leaves me to lock the door from the inside and I keep running down the stairs carefully not to trip over my nightgown. I reach the bottom and I instantly change clothes because who knows how long we would be down there. I put on the black tee shirt and green pants, the standard safety clothes  and I sat in  the corner. Fifteen minutes later my brother runs down the stairs and we hug. I look at his neck and see blood. He covers it with his hand and says “glass”, I nod. I’m Fourteen and I still get scared from the attacks. My brother changes into the black tee shirt and green pants. After about an hour of sitting in the dark he turns on the small oil lamp and puts it in the middle of the room so the lamp lights up the whole room. I look around, I haven't been down there in a week. While I was at school Eitan stocked up the room. He bought a cot, more food,Sabbath candles, matches, and blankets. I draw my knees closer to my chest as I  hear the bombs go off. It hurts my ears and I wince every time I hear a scream. I don't know how many hours it has been since I was rushed down here, but it feels like a long time. The oil lamp flickers and then goes out. I take in a breath. I’m afraid of the dark. I fall asleep for about an hour or so and my brother shakes me awake. “ Levanna,” he says, “I'm going to look around for some


Before It All Happend page 2

food.”  I mumble, “Ok,” and then I go back to sleep. I wake up and I'm lying on a cot, I didn’t remember getting up there. I roll over and I see Eitan trying to cook something on the instant

cooker. I smell burning bread and I get up to help him. I put my red hair into a tight bun and start to knead the bread. He moves out of my way. My brother knows that if he gets in my way it would just be trouble. After a long silence my brother gets up and says, “I’m going upstairs to see if its safe now.” “No!” I cry and hug him. He pulls away and he smiles his crooked smile and says, “See you soon Levana.” He runs his hands down my face and kisses my forehead. He walks up the stairs and disappears and I hear a creek. after a few seconds I hear the hurried slam of the heavy oak door, a mumbled conversation with robotic voices , then gunfire, and finally a scream.

My world stops, time stops I slide down the cement wall, a tear falls from my cheek. My brother was gone. My sweet sweet brother was gone from the world, from existence.I was shocked, I always knew Eitan to be a fighter, and not surrender so easily. Maybe  my parents could have been gone this whole time. I just hugged my knees and cried and  sobbed. I hit the ground in anguish, I also started to pray, and pray,and pray. I pray that this would all be over soon and my parents are alright, and that Eitan isn't dead, and the bots haven't taken over, but I guess I’m asking for just too much. I wipe my tears and tuck a kitchen knife in my boot. I run up the stairs and open the door. I see Robots all over my house and then I attack. I kill three bots but the rest attack me. I dodge some shots, all but one. One of their poisoned bullets can take me out. I can see Eitan slumped on the floor with a bullet in his head

“Its over girly” I hear a robotic voice say. “No!” I say “Not yet”. I hear a whoosh sound and a tear comes from my eye. I felt it before I saw it. I put my hand to my arm and I pulled my hand to my face to look at it, blood, lots of blood. I slump to the ground and I see all my happiest moments. I see me and Eitan cooking. I see my parents taking me to the library for the first time. I see Eitan graduating grade school,me graduating grade school, my Thirteenth birthday, Eitan’s thirteenth birthday, the first attack, the first bot that was supposed to make life easier. My life flashes before my eyes. My world goes white. The last thing I see is the bot. I grab my knife and lazily throw it at it, bullseye, I smile to myself. Then I close my eyes. I see Eitan and I grab his hand and I am with him in heaven. I just died. I said those words over in my head,  I smile at Eitan and I hug him. I am finally safe. I look up to see my parents and I run to them. My dad ruffles my bright red hair. Everyone is here. My grans, Eitan, my parents. A tear falls from my cheek and I look up and see all the happy faces of all the teenagers seeing their family again.

“I am safe,” I say out loud. “Yes you are kitten,” my father says. Then, I turn to my family and  accept my fate. I smile then look around, no bots,no war,no bodies stacked in the town. This is peace,this is where i’m supposed to be.

The End

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