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It was a crisp June morning in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was walking down south main street. I was currently going to school at the University of Michigan. I’m the running back for the Michigan Wolverines, and I was getting ready for the last game of the season versus Utah. Everybody on the team was practicing for the game at 12:00 p.m. Now all the fans were packing in as we were going over our game plan. We had just finished our game plan when the announcer announced  “Now, here comes the Michigan Wolverines!” after we had been situated, the announcer said “Here comes the visitor, The Utah red-tailed Hawks!” coach came over to me and two other guys and said “Cody Rhodes you’re the captain, and so are you two you’re also captains, Today.”said Jim Harbaugh the coach.

So we went out on the field. We won the toss and elected to receive, and Utah elected to defend left and the game began. I waited in my own end zone for the kickoff, the kicker kicked the ball off the start of the game. He kicked straight to me and I ran for it, I was at “The 10,20,30,40,50,40,30,20 No ones going to catch him now! The 10, the 5, Touchdown Michigan! and the PAT is good!”  The Announcer announced.  Utah did not score on their drive, they called a timeout and then they punted the ball.  I returned that to their own 20 yard line, the Offence came out we then began our 1st drive of the game with 8 minutes on the clock.  We went with a run and no one touched me on my way to the end zone.  The PAT was made, so the score was now 14 to 0, us, with 5 minutes left in the first quarter. We kicked off to them and coach put me on the field on the left side for some reason. The receiver fumbled the ball on a hit and I picked it up and ran it in for the touchdown with the whole entire other team behind me and the PAT was good. The score was now 21 to 0, us, with only 3 minutes left.

We kicked off to them again this time they held on to it their drive took them 3 minutes so that ended the quarter. They punted to the 20 to end the quarter and I took a knee this time, so we started the 2nd quarter with the ball. To start the 2nd quarter we went with a run fake so I went out for a pass and the QB threw the ball to me and I picked up the first down and more.  I got to about to the 20 on their side of the field. The next play we did was a run, which I didn’t score on. I fumbled it on my way in but recovered it. they said the touchdown was no good but they reviewed it and the play was overturned the ruling on the field was now a touchdown.  We went for the PAT and the PAT was also good. The score was now 28 to 0 with only 5 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.

We kicked off to them they scored on the kickoff return and they also got the PAT. The score was now 28 to 7 with 3 minutes remaining in the first half.  They kicked off to us and I scored on the kickoff return.  The PAT was also good the score was now 35 to 7, and then the game clock for the 2nd quarter hit 0. Then it was halftime.  We discussed our game plan again and we took the field again.


We started the second half.  We kicked off to them they scored and also got the PAT on the kickoff drive. The score was now 35 to 14 us with 10 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. They kicked off to us and I took a knee in the endzone so we would start at the 20. We went for a pass and it turned into a pick-6. The score was now 35 to 21 us with 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

I did not return the next kickoff a senior returned it and he fumbled it and Utah scored off the fumble but the play was overturned because they thought that the ball broke the endzone line but it didn’t . The score was now 35 to 21 us, with 2 minutes left on the game clock in the 3rd quarter. I returned the kickoff for a touchdown then the PAT was good, the score was now 42 to 21 us. We kicked off to them and they didn’t score and we held them at the 40 of their own side of the field, time was at 5 seconds when they snapped it they went for a Hail Mary it was intercepted and time expired in the 3rd quarter.

The fourth quarter started we were at the 10 about to score and we called our first time out in the game because the play clock was at 5 seconds. We came back to the line a snapped the ball and we got the touchdown with a run up the center we went for 2 point conversion and we don’t make it , the score was now 48 to 21 with 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter. We kicked off to them and they made a field goal and now the score is 48 to 24 with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Utah kicked off to us and we didn’t score off the kickoff but we got to the 30 yard line on their side of the field. On the next play we got to the 20 and a first down with 20 seconds remaining on the game clock. On the next play we got to the 10 with 10 seconds on the game clock then we went for the touchdown and we didn’t get in we watched the clock tick down to 0.

The game was over the final score was 48 to 24 we won our last game of the season our game total was 12 and 0 which means we won 12 games out of our 12 games and didn’t lose one game at all. I went to the locker room as usual and took a quick shower and got into causal attire and went back into the conference room to talk with the team about what we did right and what we did wrong for the last time in my time as a Michigan Wolverine because it’s my Senior , but to my surprise the NFL drafters for the were there with the whole rest of my team was there to see if I would sign into the NFL draft and I did .

5 months later it was drafting day, I was the first draft for the Denver Broncos so I would be working with Peyton or Eli Manning the best part though was I would be  making $100,000,000.00 dollars wow! The one thing I don’t understand is what’s going to happen to $UH (SUH)  what team will he be drafted to? Why was I the first draft for the denver broncos and not someone else and I wonder if Suh will be drafted to the Denver Broncos too. Wow just the thought of it is awesome, Now I play for money wow and not the scholarship yes,yes,yes.

Training starts soon so I have to be ready for the day we start training for the season opener, And then the season starts and the road to the Super Bowl begins. Hopefully we will make it to the Super Bowl this year and we will win. I was walking home, from the most fun and eventful day of my life and that’s when my eyes met her eyes. I walked over to her and asked her “what’s your name cutie pie” and she replied

“Lily Ross.” She said “ do you want to be friends?” I asked her “ No, I want to be more than that” She said “ Ok” I said a bit creeped out “I mean I want to be your Girlfriend you silly” She said “ Ok, But why” I said back to her. “ because I’m your biggest fan” she said “I don’t play for the wolverines anymore I play for the Denver Broncos” I said “ok, But I still want to, so see you next saturday at 8:30 sharp at Papa Johns?” she said “ok… Wait what is your number?” I asked her loudly “ 1-734-743-8956, what’s yours?” she yelled back “1-734-896-9321.” The next day I got a message from 1-734-743-8956 that said “ My Brother John Is Dead” I replied “Meet me at McDonalds on Stadium street.”

At McDonalds, I waited for a while. Finally she showed up, but not alone. She had a gun pointed at her back. I knew what would happen if I  made one wrong move. She would be dead, so I called 911 and said “There is a man at the McDonald on Stadium street and he has a hostage.” In the next 5 minutes they we there and surrounding the building. He shot Lily she fell to the ground dead nothing mattered now I had to get my revenge on him. The gun-man tried to run away but he was shot in the leg and was arrested and taken away to jail, Lily woke up and I noticed that the shot that was fired was a blank.We all lived happily ever after except for the gun-man.

The End

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