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Life is a blast! I just went shopping with my sister, the cutest boy in school just asked me out, and we’re going on a roller coaster together.  He’ll probably even kiss me if I’m lucky! Too bad that’s not my life; that life is going to get me a D in math because I wasn’t even paying attention. So, let me start from the beginning. My name is Sydney Gregerbit, it’s math class right now and we’re studying geometry. We are going to fill in a work sheet about shapes, but I’m daydreaming. All that stuff--going shopping with my sister, getting to go out with the hottest boy in school, and him kissing me, wow, I wish that was my life, but instead it’s Victoria Katina’s. She’s the cutest girl and the richest girl in school. Every weekend, it’s said that she goes to Paris with her dad to visit her mom, the most famous actress in the world, Miss Victalina Katina. But yeah, I said, that’s not my life even if I wish for it. I could wish on a star the rest of my life, and I bet you a million dollars that it won’t ever happen to me. My family’s not rich; we live on a farm and make barely enough money pay the city our taxes. It’s a hard life, especially with geometry!



Ugh, I hate geometry! It’s so annoying! I mean, honestly, who really enjoys geometry? Obviously the people who enjoy geometry are crazy! But hey, it’s not my problem, I mean, I’m popular and I wouldn’t hang out with them anyway!  Oh, duh, wait, sorry, let me introduce myself. My name is Victoria Katina and I’m the richest girl in my class. Oh, I forgot to mention the cutest too! Anyway, I was saying that I’m so excited to go on the ride with him; his name is John Flasik! When my sister was shopping with me we were picking out the dress that I was going to wear on the date and let me tell you this, it is the cutest! The color is a bright pink with a sash and bow. If you don’t know what I’m saying, here, let me tell you this, I’m going on a date with the hottest boy in school! I’m so excited for my date! There’s this girl in my class who thinks she’s so cooland it’s so annoying! She’s all cute and awesome, but then her name is so weird. It’s Sydney Gregerbit, I mean my name is way cool, but I think that John is hitting on her. Anyway, who cares, right? I need to go, I have to finish this geometry assignment! Who cares about geometry? Duh!



“Sweet heart?”

“What, what is it?” Mom was calling, probably for breakfast. Except there’s one little problem, to get to school at the right time I have to take the bus, and to be able to get to the bus stop on time, I have to skip breakfast. It’s Sydney here by the way, if you haven’t already figured that out. I mean it should be pretty obvious because Victoria would probably just take her limousine, not walk a mile and take the bus. Anyway, I better get started so I won’t have to walk the whole way to school.



Ding, Ding! There’s my alarm clock.  Better get up and start the shower. Yeah, that’s funny; I would never start my own shower! I mean, duh, who would? Honestly, people similar to that would be so out of my league, anyway, the dates tonight! You know, with John Flasik! I’m so excited! Nothing will ruin this night: nothing! I better get dressed though since I have to go to school! I mean that is so annoying, why go to school anyways? Bye, got to go, so excited.


“Miss Gregerbit, do you have something to share with the class?” Oops, got caught I guess. I mean I can’t help myself from daydreaming; this class is so boring!

I said, “No, sorry, Miss Hawkens.” Anyway, now back to me. I checked my grades and I’m still failing this class, which sucks. I just hope my parents don’t notice, cause then they’ll start asking me what I’m doing instead of focusing on math, and I just can’t them that I’m daydreaming, I just can’t! Plus, they would kill me if they found out. Well back to boring math for me, I don’t really want to be embarrassed in front of the class again. Bye now.



Hi, it’s Victoria here. What’s up?  You do know that was rhetorical, right?  Anyway, tonight’s the date and I just want to get out of this boring math class. My parents think it’s important to be smart, but I don’t. I mean, sure…learning different languages would be helpful for when I become a model. I’ll need to know how to say, “Don’t I look great?” in many different languages. But, I don’t need to learn math.  My math is learning how to walk down the runway and smile at the same time. This other stuff is boring and useless. Well, that’s all for now, wish me luck on my date; just kidding, I won’t need it.



Slam! That was the back door, I just got home from school and it’s my turn to feed the pigs, water the garden, and last pick up the cow poop. By the way, it’s Sydney. My life sucks, and I really wish I had Victoria’s!! It’s so unfair.  If Hinduism is right, can I please be reborn into a new life! Please, I just can’t take this anymore!

“Please God, I really need a new life! It’s just not fair, please send a star that I can wish on, please!” I know I said I didn’t believe that, but after today I really could use a wishing star.



“Bed time!” dad called up.

                  “Really, it’s only, 9:00 dad!! Can I stay up a little later? Please?”  

“Nope, time to go to bed and that’s final.” Dad said. After he came up, I looked out my window and hoping to see something entertaining I stared out into the bland darkness.  I knew I was tired, I mean, it’s exhausting to be so cool, but I was bored of being cool. It’s boring after a while with people practically bowing down to you. I want to be normal, not have a famous mom who lives in Paris and makes me the popular one.  For once I want to live in the shadows!

So then, when a shooting star came, that was exactly what I wished for. “I want to be normal, not popular, in the shadows!” After that, I went to bed, ready for the boring, but usual, day tomorrow.

It’s today, and some things wrong, I can already tell. My sheets have little Barbie princesses on them and my room is totally full of garbage, science and stuff. Immediately I thought of the answer, last night when I wished for my life to change, it had and now I was stuck like this forever!! Well, I thought, I’m not going to deal with this  Picking up a photo, I looked to see who I was and fell back onto the bed surprised. I was…Sydney Gregerbit! Of everyone I could have switched places with, it had to be Sydney!!! No way, this was crazy, and now it was serious. I couldn’t even imagine her in my room, or worse, in my bed!! Argh, this was so horrible! I ran outside, forgetting I had pajamas on. I was about to run to school. Fortunately, I did remember and didn’t make it that far.  I dug through her drawers to try and find something nice to wear. Luckily I did, a cute t-shirt and adorable, (I hate to admit), the most adorable shorts ever!  Anyway, I grabbed her backpack and took the bus to school, keeping my head down the whole way. Well, bye for now, I have to go figure out her combination for her locker.



Oh my, am I in the popular girl’s bed? I think I might die, but not of being mad, of being so excited! No way, this is so crazy, I mean how did this even happen? Wait a second, did this happen because I wished on a stupid star last night? That was impossible, or was it?   I ran to get dressed and was shocked to see how much clothing she had. I mean, wow, that girl can shop.  So then I got dressed and ran to the bus stop. Except for there was one problem, she didn’t ride the bus and she didn’t even live close to the bus stop. Well, that meant I was going to run to school.  At least I’d get my exercise for the week. Bye now, I have to run to school before I’m late.



Once I finally got to school, I ran to my locker, which I soon realized might look a little weird. I wasn’t me, Victoria, I was Sydney Gregerbit, and she didn’t know my combination. So, as I stood there, looking awkward, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Ah! Who is that?” I yelled.

“Hello, it’s me Sydney; or you, should I say? What are you doing? I ran to my locker and realized that I was you, and it would look so weird. Anyways, we need to switch spots for the day, I need to be popular, or you, and well, you need to be me, a total loser. Oh my, I can’t believe I just said that!”

“Wait a second, why?” I asked confused.

“ Hello, because we’re each other. I figured out that, I know it sounds stupid, but we must have both dreamt on a star last night and dreamt about switching places. It’s the only plausible explanation.”

“Fine,” I said, “but I’m not going to be happy about this.” So there, that’s what happened. The whole day went on, with her trying to act popular while I sat in the background. Finally at the end of the day, we met at my locker, or temporarily, hers. She said,

“Okay so here’s the plan, we both wish on the star tonight and at the same time. Got it, this is really crucial for us switching back.”

“Yeah sure,” I said, “It’s a deal.” We both left to our, or each other’s, respective homes to get dressed and wait for the shooting star that night.         



Okay, so that night I kept my promise and looked out the window. Just like the other night I saw a shooting star and wished.

                  “I wish that I could be myself, nobody else but me.” After that I fell fast asleep because let me tell you this, being somebody else is exhausting.



Okay…as I promised, I looked out my window and waited for the shooting star. Finally it came and I wished on it, just like I had the night before.

                  “I wish I was myself, only myself, and forever myself. Nobody else.” I fell asleep, into a deep long sleep, and the moment I woke up… I was myself, only myself.   I am glad I am not somebody else.  I would much rather be me, but I think I might be nicer to Sydney after having spent a day in her life instead.



As soon as I woke up, I looked down. Yes, no silk lining sheets, just plain little Barbie sheets, thank goodness!  I was myself again, only myself. I ran down stairs to see my dad at the table, reading the newspaper.

“Hey, how was your late sleep, you were up for about an hour later last night than usual.” I couldn’t say anything; all I did was nod my head. Finally, feeling that it was a little awkward I ran to hug him. Sure, I didn’t have jewels or servants, but I had a wonderful family and a great life so… from now on I’d be a lot more grateful.

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