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After getting home, Ann opened a box of macaroni and cheese and poured it into a bowl that was already in the stove. Exhausted from work, she went to her bedroom and changed to her pajamas, returned once again to the kitchen and stirred her dinner. She turned on the television and started to eat. She had a very hard life, starting with all the stress from school and her job. She had to study in the mornings and go to work in the evenings. When she returned late from her job, she had a little time to do her homework. After she finished dinner, she took her heavy books and started to do homework. Around eleven thirty she was falling asleep and she just closed her books, went to bed and when she was starting to sleep again, she heard that there was a lot of wind outside. Everything was quiet inside the house, when suddenly a wave of air opened the back door. Ahhhh! – Ann shouted.  She was so terrified, that she didn’t want to get out of bed and close it. There was too much wind and there was too much noise outside.  But with all her courage, she got out of bed and went to close the door. She locked the doorknob again and locked the locking bolt too. The night was turning cold, so she went back rapidly to her bed. The noise was still outside, she could hear some steps too close to her house and she could hear that people were talking. She was getting scared even more, when suddenly she saw the silhouette of two persons from her window. She was in shock. She didn’t do anything and didn’t want to make any noise. The shadows started to go away from her window and suddenly there was no noise. It was a very creepy night for Ann.

            The next morning she woke up late, it was her birthday. She took a shower, changed her clothes, and ate breakfast. It was a normal day for her, there was no difference at all, she just knew it was her birthday but nothing changed the day. Ann got to her class just in time and had no problem in missing something. Her homework was still not done, so she did it in class and gave it to the teacher. Her two best friends gave her a present and every one of her friends and her class told her “Happy Birthday”. When she got out of class, her cell phone rang and when she answered, she heard the voice of her parents that were calling her to congratulate her. Her parents didn’t live where she was studying so she couldn’t see them. Her day started to change and she started to feel way better about that. She was receiving congratulations from people she wouldn’t expect. After her phone call with her parents, she saw a man standing at the other side of the hall that was wearing black pants and a black shirt. He stared at her, which got Ann kind of disappointed. She opened her locker and when she turned back to see that guy, he was already left. Her friend Ashlyn went with her to talk. Hey Birthday girl! – she said. Hey – Ann answered. There was a creepy guy staring at me standing at the end of the hall. Who is he? – Ashlyn asked again. I don’t know Ashlyn – said Ann. But he had a mad look. You are just dreaming Ann – Ashlyn replied. That day, she was free from homework so she had more time to have lunch.


            Later that day, she got to her job like any other day and nothing else happened. At the middle of her turn, all her workmates and her boss gave her a hug and said happy birthday. Her boss told her she couldn’t miss work because that was the day they had more people coming into his building, but she was going to receive a good pay for that. When she was getting out of the boss’ office, she saw the same man from the morning. She was worried because she had seen him too many times. She just had her job done that night. She returned home, and it wasn’t by coincidence that she saw the same man with his black outfit. She tried to quickly open the door, which she did pretty fast. When she got in, she noticed something was wrong inside, something wasn’t like she left it in the morning. Ann was looking for anything that was out of place in the bedrooms or the living room. She found nothing. And she just didn’t wanted to make up things and make herself be afraid, so she just let it go. She went into the kitchen and turned on the light. “Surprise!” was heard in her home as she walked to her kitchen. Her parents had come to visit her along with her two young brothers. There were her two best friends too. They had dinner and ate cake, and then they had like a little party in her house which she enjoyed too much. Her best things in life were there so she had a great time. It was Friday night; she didn’t have to do homework so they stayed up late. When the party was over, Ann went outside to take the trash to the trash can. She saw the man again, but this time he was on his cell phone. Hi! – said the man. Hey – replied Ann. They talked for a while and she noticed he was his new neighbor; she wanted to know her more. She asked him why he was going wherever she went, so he replied that he wanted to know more about her, even though he didn’t know how to do it. All her fears disappeared and she made a great friend in her birthday. 

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