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"the Ann Arbor American."

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- Thiss the titlc of a new weekly paper ju.-l commenced in this villnge, devoted to the cause of Native Americanism. The object of the party teems lo bc n repeal of the Naturalizaron lavs,and the prevention of migration to this country, unle-s the emigr.ints be of good character. This paper presents the case tbus : "Those who now live in foieign countries have no righl to come here nnd occupy our lands, (which we shal] soon want for our own childron) nor vote for our public servant?, fwhich the majority ofthem are not i)ualiried to do uudersiandingly,") nnJess we give (hem that right ; aml will it be for our own gfod, or theirs eilher, to give thern a right, thp exercise of which wülruïri us, and t'tcm Ukewisc?" The paper is well printed at Si, 50 a year, Thorton andSanford, editora acd propr&ton.