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Excessive Legislation

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Themericans are n law-making people. - Twcnty-nine legislative bodies annually meet in tliia country, and spend from three to fivc rnontlis in passing laws. Aa a matter of course, such an accumulation of statutPs wou'.d lead to a conflict between raanyof them, we re not tbc repealing power cxercised nt tbc snme lime. Tlu's creites confusión ;md obango - instability nnd uucertainty, wliich mafcès.a nocessity to keep in e.Istonoe intorpreters of thö lawp, as a part of the political system. - Stato and national legislatures should be made to confine tboir aotion to narrow lnni;s - to tliose goneral tfiings whioh are appltcuble to a nbolo peopjs - those universal principies which it is necessary to exiend over a whole country, But instead ot' this, every conceivabJe subject, from nn oyster up to the highest political or civil right3 of min, is lcgislated upon, und made the subject of statutory