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Poetry: Patience

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Bc patiënt, O be patiënt ! put your ear against ■ the cnrtli : Listen thcre how noisclessly Oio germ of seed lias birth ; How r.oiselcssiy and how gently it upheaves is lit'.lc way, Till it pnrts the scarcely broken ground, and ilic blade stands up in t!ie duy 1 Be patiënt, O be patiënt ! the gorms of mighty thought Muil 1i;;vj thcir silont und'jrgrowih,musi undcr ground be wrouglit ; Bul as surc ns llicro'sa Power that niakes the griiss nppear, Ottr land shall be green witli Liberty, the bladelinie shall be here. B patiënt, O bn patiënt! go and wntcU the wheni ears grow ! So ïmpercoptibly that you can mark nor change nor throc ; Day afier d;iy, day afterday, till the ear is fuüy grown ; And thon, agnin, day alter day, uniil the ripencd fi.:ld iá brown. Bo patiënt, O bc patiënt ! though yet our hopes ure g:een, The iiarvcst fields of Freedom shall be creunod with the sunnyheen : 13a ripening ! be ripoüin ! r.jature yaur eüeni way, Till the wholc broad land is tongued with fire on Frcedj'ii'a harvest H.iy.