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The New Pope

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Fius the Ninth has granted the pfcrrñÍ83on bis rodëcvèaöra refused for the conspuction of ■ailvaya i" ho Popal Siaics : he negotintes the remies of cornnierce with other Guvirnments : inil is inirotiucin oitlur and economy into ihinances. lie oífdrs a welcomc to ilic genius and carning of Itnly. os reprcsemed in the Scienütïc Junjrross ; he lias rël-ixe i the sevetity yt the censürsliip ; and bas gradually got nd of ihe corrnpt pólice of his jnfideccesors, and put bcttcr nen in ineir places. A letter from ilomc, Sepl. 16, pubhshftd in the Xorembsrg Corrcírpjntícn?, statee that a soldierlatcly presemed t the Pop5 a loat' of bread of the worst qiralriy, osa sample of the bread diatribiued- among the soldier. Next morning tb Mrawtor of War was invited to breakfaat wiib hia Holiness.. arxi fe-and a píate of soldier's brend m before hrin. The minister turneci pal and could not touch it. Fius IX, thea safd t liim, " You do not cat f you find the bread too bad t an-J yet it is the same as givcr to wy foldiers. ' The Alifiister declared ho was gnorant f tho fact. '; But I kiow t," replied the Pope.- 'I know thatthecornpíaint oftho aoldíers at not listened to because the officera are corrupt." The Munster withdrew in consternaiion. Aa inquiry was instituted, The friend of Count N. ho had the distribuiion of the bread, ihe coairacior, and the bnker, were arreaied and taken to the castte of St, Angelov To-day," gay ilie wriier, Si evory soldier had loar bejocchi given him.tobuy hisown bread; nd thiaintob contlnued uiKi! fanherorderd." From anothor source we learn that the money is charged to tha account of the ofTendincr porties, arxf that th Pope has extended hia special . protecuon to th soldier who made theappeal to him, io that tb. man mnj nat be exposed to aay bad consequeoces.