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Direct Taxation

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A Washington correspondent of the Journoli of Commerce says, i4that the debt ol one or iwo hundred millions tliat wijl bc the consequente of iliis Mexican war, willeither drive u to direct mxaiion. or rentier imposs&le the permanent amelioratiun of the tnritf" system." W sliall hold up both our hands for " direct taxation." if that had been the mode of collecting thfl revenue, we" ehonld ncvcr have got nto tui abominable contest ; nnd when that system shall beadopted by the peopie they will be sure never to got into such anoihiT. Teil the laboring men of the country that in order to " svpport the Gjtcnimcnt," they must pay a few cents a pound more on their eogar, or their molasses. or iheir tea and coffle, and a trifie more a yard ïor the cloih fot their coats, or Uie si!k for their wives and dnughters- though they wiil jjrowl a little and cry hard times, they won't mind it much ; bui subniit to be pluckei that way as grocefully ns swana. Btit make out their bilis in due form, let tbem see the chsrgc against ihem in the Govermnetn UJger in Uii wise í Mr. Constant HarfiiJigger to Uncte Sam Dr. For hia prop. civil expense for the year 16-i6 $0,3? " " of cash pd. lo pensionen of tli' Mcxican war, 20 41 " of ci3h pd furcannon, shot, nnd aliells, . ]t5O " ♦ of csh paid ior musfcets, Brords, uud comp equipage, J,50 '. ' of cash for anny and navy s'ores, l(00 " " of cash pd. to ofiïcera. soldiérs. marines-, and saitors, 50 ' of cash pd. on accuur.t Of sundrie3 stolen, 50 T.ftal. 55,53 WiH Mr. Constant IlardJigger, or any other werking man, be vcry likely te be oo fooliili agnin na to vote for mensures and men t'rrat wilt get ü(t a'war that Iras no other effect tban to injure Iiisbusine3s, and tax him besides Five dollars and sevtnty cents towards snpporting it ; more ihan ten times as much a his due proportion, for all the civil expenses of ihegovernmcniT We tiinik not. nien how elwil woevcr be oblo to gel up anoihcr war ?