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Wonders Of Mesmerism

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Wonders of Mesmerism. Prof. Bush, of New York, well known as an excellent Hebrew scholar, is out in the papers with a full endorsement of Mr. Davis, the celebrated clairvoyant. Of Mr. D. he says, - "l can solemnly affirm that I have heard him correctly quote the Hebrew language in his Lectures and displays a knowledge of Geology which would have been astonishing in a person of his age, even if he had devoted years to the study. Yet to neither of these departments has he ever devoted a day's application in his life. I can moreover testify that in these lectures he has discussed, with the most signal ability, the profoundest questions of Historical and Biblical Archaeology, of Mythology, of the Origin and Affinity of Language, of the Progress of Civilization among the different nations of the globe, besides an immense variety of related topics, on all which, though the style is somewhat faulty, the results announced would do honor to any scholar of the age, even if in reaching them he had the advantage of access to all the libraries in Christendom. Indeed, if he has acquired all the information he gives forth in these lectures, not in the two years since he left the shoemaker's bench, but in his whole life, with the most assiduous study, no prodigy of intellect of which the world has ever heard, would be for a moment to be compared with him. Yet not a single volume on any of these subjects, if a page of a volume, has he ever read, nor, however intimate his friends may be with him, will one of them testify that during the last two years he has ever seen a book of science or history, or literature in his hand. His daily life and habits are open to inspection, and if only one is prepared to gainsay in any point the statement now made, I will pledge myself to make a recantation as public as I now make the statement." But this is not all; I say moreover; "In this state I do not perceive that there is any definable limitation to his power of imparting light on any theme of human inquiry. He apparently discourses on all subjects with equal facility and correctness. The range of his instructions appears to be well nigh boundless." - Indeed I am satisfied that, were his mind directed to it, he could solve any problem in any science."