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L - =g ■ ' ■ 'í til) PHE prcceding rvair is given to represen I the Insensible t'erapiraiion. Il 8 the grca ' racauion lor the iinpurities of the body. It will e noticed that a ;hick cloudy mist issues fron II points of the suríace, which indícales thai nis (lerspiration flows uninierruptedly when we re in helth. but ceases when we are siok. Lie annoi be sustnined without it. Il ia thrown off rom the blood and other juices of the body. nd disposes by this means. of nearly all the mmriiies within us. The blood. by this means mly, works itsell pure. The lnngunge of Scrip ure is, "in the Blood is :he Juife.1' It it over ecomes impure. it rhay be iraced directly lo the noppage of the Insensible Perspiration. It never equires any internnl medicines to clennee it, as talways purilies iiself by ita own heat andacion. :md throws olV a!l iho ofiendifTg hnmore. hrough the Insensible Perspiration. Thua we lee all that is nccessnry when the blood is slagiiant, or iniected. is to open the pores, and it relieves itself froia dl impurity instantly. lts own lieai and vimlitv are suificient, without oneparticle of medicine, except to open ihe porep upon thesurface. we soe tho lol ly of taking so mnch interna! remedies. All praeiitvoners, however, direct their efforts to restore the Insensible pcrdpiration, but it seems to be nol always the propvr one. The Thompsonian, lor instance steams, the Hydropnthist shrouds na in wet blankets, the Hoinopotli Bidente out iutinitissimuls, the Allopathist bleeds and doses us with mercury.and the blustering Quack gorges us with pills, pills, pillaTo give 8ome idea of theamnunt of the Insen sible i'erspiration, we wiil state that tho Icarned Dr. Lewenhouk. and the gieat Boerhaave,ascertained thai five-eighihsot all wereceive into the stonmeh, passed o tl' by this means. In other words, if we rat and drink eight pounds per day, we evneuate five pounds of it l the Insensible Perspiration. . This is none other than the used up particles of the blood. and other juice giving place to the new and fresh ones. To check this, therefore, is to retain in the sysiem tiv-eiahths of uil the virulent maner that nature demanda shouldleavc the body. Andeven when this is the case, the bbod ia of so active a principie, that ii determines fose particles to the skii, where they forra scab6, pimples, ulcers, and oiher spots. By a sudden trnnsilion irom heat to cold, the pores are stopped, the perspiration ceases, and disease hegins at once to develope itself. Menee, a sioppnge of this flow of the juices, originales so many eompiaints. It is by stopping the pores, 'nat ovcrwhelms mankind wiih coughe, colds, and oonsumptions. ■Vine-tenths of the world die from dise.ised ïnduced by a atoppage ot ths iKsensiblc Persptra non. It is casily 8een, iherefore, how necessary is the flow óf this subtle humor to the suriace. to preserve health. Il cannot be stopped; it cannotbeevcn checked, without inducingdiseasc. Let me ask now, every candid mind, what course seems the most reasonable to pursue. to unsiop ihc pores, after they are closed? Would you give physic to unsiop the pores? Or would you apply something that would do this upon the surfuce, where the clogging actually is? Would not this be coinmon sensc? And yct I kn-iw ol no physician who makea any external application to cflejt it. The reason l assign is, that no medicine within their knowledge. is capable of doing it. Under thse circumeiances, I presjnt to phyeicians, and to all others, a preparation that has this power in its fullest extent. It sMcAL STER'S ALL UEAUNG OINTMENT, orthe IVORLD'S SALVE! It has power to restore perspiration on the feet, on the head, around old sores, upon the chest, in short, upon any part ol the body, whether diseased tlightly or eeverely. It has power to cause all extemal sores, scrofuloushumors, skin diseaFes. poisonous wounds, to discharge their puir.d matter, and then heals theni. , , , It is a remedy that sweeps off the whole catologue of cutaneou8 disorders, nnd restores the entire eutiele to irs lienlihy funciions. It is o remedy that the ncessity of so many and dcleterious drugs taken inio the stomach. It is a remedy that neithur sickens. gives ïnconvcnlence, or is dangerous to the inies'ines. It preserves and defends the eurface from all dcranaement of its funciions, while it keeps open ihe chnnnels lor the blood to void all its impurities and dispose o( all its useless particlea The 8nrlace is the outlet of five-eifc.htli8 of th( bile and used up matter within. It is piereer w;h millions ol openings to relieve the Stop up these pores, and death knocki at your door. It is rightly termed AH-Healing lor ihere is scarcely a disease, exiernal or inter nal, thatit will not beuefil. 1 have used il fo; the last fourieen years, for all discaees of tin chest, consumption, liver, involving the utmos danger and responsibility, and I declare befon Heavcn and man, that not in one single case lini it failed to benefit, wlisn the patiënt was wuhii the reach of mortal mcans. . I have had physicians, learncd in the profession; 1 have had ministers of the Gospel, Judgeaon the Bench. Aldermen and Lawyt-rs. gen tlemenof the highesterudition and multitudes o the poor, use it in every variety of way, nm ihere hnsbeen but one voice, one united, univer salvoice, eaying, "McAlisier,your üintment i goodl" CONSUMPTION. Tt can hardly be crcdited that a salve can hav any effect ujion the lungs, seated as they ar within the system. Bat we say once for all, tha this Ointment will reach the lungs quicker thai any medicine thnt can he given internally. Thue if placed upon the chest, it penetrales direcily d the lungs, sepárales ihe poisonous particles tha are consuming them, and expelo them from th system. . I nced not ay thatit iscurmg persons of Con 8umption con-inually, although we are told it i loolishness. I care not what is 6aid, so long a [ can cure several ihousand persons yearly. HKAO A(HK. This Salve has cured persons of the Head Acln of 12 yearB standing, nnd who had it regularl] every week, so that vomiting of.en took place. Deafnc88 and Ear Ache are helped with th( like 8ucce8s. as also Ague in the Face. COI.D rjSKT. Consumption. Liver complaint, pains in tin chest or side, folling of the hair. one or the olhe always nccomnanies cold feet. It is a surc sigr of disease in the sysiem to have cold feet. The Salve wíll restore the Insensible Perspi ration and thus cure every case. In Scrofula, Erysipelas and Salt Rheum, nn other dieeases of tliis nature, no interna! remed; hos yet been diecovercd that ie ao good. Thi snme may bc said of Bronchitis, Quincy, Son Throat, Piles, Spinal Diseases, Uroken or Son Breast, &c. And as for the Chest Diseaees, sach as Aath ma, Pain. OpprcsBion nnd the like, it is the mos wonderfnl antidote in the World. F'ir LiverCcmploint it is cqually rflicacious for Burns it has not has its equal in the World liso, Excresences of every kind, surhas Warts Tumors, Pimples, &c, it makes clean work o them all. SORF. EYEB. The inflammation and disease always liesbacl of the ball of the eye in the 6ocket. Henee thi virtue of any medicine must reach the scat o the inflamntion or it will do littlo good. Th Salve, if rubhed on the temples, will penetran directly intotheaocket. The pores will beopen ed. n proper perepirntion will becreated and tin rüpease will soon pnss off'o the sur'ncc. PIMPLES ON THE FACCf FKECKI.KS, TAI, HASCULIHK 8K1K, CJIOSS SUKFACt. iMfintBtticD huí) all hamov, Itwi)'t cease drawir.g till ihc face is frec Iruui any T atier ihat mny be lodged under th Bkin any X equenlly brcaking uut 10 the 6urface. lt tlien :.ils. When there ia nothing but grossneBS, or ï'l repulsivo surfnee, it begins to solten und ilten uatil tlie skin becomes as smtMtti and i'eliue aa a child'e. lt thruwa a freshness nnd ushing color upon the now wlmc. transparent iin. that is porfectly enchanting. Some times i cose of Freek les it wiil iir6t stort out those int huve lain bidden and scen buiseldom. Puruu the Sulvc and all will soon dieappear. WOU MS. If pnrents knew how fatal most medicines were - o children taken inwardly, they would be slow 0 resort to ihem. Espectally "mercurial lozono' es." called "mediented lozunges," pills, Vc i'he truth is. no one can teil, invnriably, when vorms ore present. Now let me suy lo párente, if hut this Salve will always teil if a child bat li vorms. It will dnvo cvery vestige of them as vay. This ib a simple and safe cure, i There is probubly no medicine on the face of h theearih at once so Bureand so safe in the exe julsion of worni8. lt would be cruel, nay wicked, to give inter8 nal. doubtful medicines, so longos a harmlesa, extcmal one could be had. T01I.KT. } Although I have satd little about it ns a hair c rsstoraiive, yet I will stake it ogainst the World! They mny bring their Oils (ar and near, and 1 mine will restore the hair two cases to their one. Ol.U SORES, MORTIK1CATIONS, ULCERS, ETC. That some Sores are an outlet to the i tie? of the sysiem, is becnuse they cannot pass off through the natu-al channels of the ! ble Perspiration. If such sores are hcaled up, i the inpur.ties must have some othcr outlet. or it will endanger Ufe. This is the reason why it is impolitic to use the cotnmon Salve of the day in such enses. For they have no power to opeu i other avenues, to Iet off thin morbid matter, and the consequences are always fatal. This Salve will always provide for euch emergencics. U1SEASES 0' l'IIM-]HK. How many thousands are swept off by giving internat medicines, whsn their youngbodies and tender frames are unable to bear up against them? Whole armiea aro thus sent to thuir graves merely lrom pouring nto their weak stomachs powerful drugs ond physics! It is to such that the All-Healing Ointnient tenders se safe, pleasant, and harmless a cure Such can 8e8 as Croup. Cholic. Cholera Infantum, Worme, and all Summer Complaints. by which so many children die, the Ointment will remove so speedily and surely, that a physician will never be needed. Mothers! throughout all this land. wc now solemnly and sacredly declare to you that the All-Healing Ointment will save your children from nn early rtve if you will U9C it. We are not now actuated by the least desire to gain; but knowing as we do that vnst bodiee of inlants and children die early; which is 6ippo8ed to be inevitable and impossible to prevent, we hold up our warnins voice, and declire in the fnce ol the whole world, CHILDREN NF.ED NOT DIE MORE THAN OTHERSÜ But it is from the want ef proper nourisrrnent and the constant drugging they undergo which mows Uietn down ás the rank grass fallsbefore the 8cythe. Mothers! we repent again. and if they were the iast words we were ever to utler, nnd ot course pnst the reach of all interest, we would say. "ueethc All-Healing Ointment for sickness among children." RHEÜMATISM. It removes al.most immediately the inflamación and swclling, when the pain of course ceabes. FEVFRS. Tn cases of fover, the difficulty lies in the pores being Iocked up, so that the heat and perspiration cannot pass off. If the least moisture could be starled, the crisis ia passed nnd ihe dnnger over. The All-Healing Ointment will in all cases of fevers aimost instantly unlock the skin and bring forth the perspirotion. FEMAI.E COMPLAINTS. Inflamation of the kidneys, of the womh, and itslalling down, wonkness. and irregularity; in short, all those difficulties whi.h are frequent with female8, find rendy anl permanent relief. We have had aged ladies teil us they could nut live 8ix months without it. But to females about tobecomc mothers, if used for some weeks ante. cedent to their confinement, very few of those 1 pains and convulsione which attend them at that period will be feit. This fact ought to be known the world over. SCAÍ.T) HEAD. , We have oured cases that actually deficd everything known, as well as the ability of rifteen , or twenty doctors. One man told us he had . spent $500 on his children without any benefit. when a few boxes of the Ointment cured ihem. CORNS. , People need never be troubled with jhem if they will us it. As a FAMILY MEDICINE, no man car ■ measure its valué. So long as the stars rol : nlong over the Heavens - so long ns man treads the enrth. subject to all the infirniities of' the tlesh - so long 06 disease and sickness is known . just so long will thifl Ointinent be used and esteemed. When man ceases from offtheearth, - then thedcma.nd will cease. and not lili then. To allay all apprehensions on account of ití 1 ingrediente, in possessingsuch powerful proper- ties, we wiH state that it is composedof some ol - the niost common ond hnrmless herbs in existence There is no mcrcury init, asean be leer e from the fnet that itdoes notinjure the kinon( I pnrticle. while it will pass through and physü - the bowels. JAMES McALlST'ER & CO. B 168 South Etreet. N. York. Solé proprietor of the above Medicine, tf - whom all Communications muet be addressec r (post paid). Price '5 cents and 50 cents. e II As the All-Ileoling Ointmenthns been great e ly counterfeited, we hnve given this coution t( p thcpublte, that 4no Ointment will be genuine n unless thc ñames of James McAlister, or Jame McAlisier & Co., are wrilten with a pen upoi - every lubel." The label is a steel engrnving - with the figure of "Insensible Perepiration" oí I the face. " Now we hereby offer a reward of $500. lo bi 0 paid on conviction, in any of the constiintei :- courts of the United States., of any individua 8 counterfeiting o-.-r namc and Ointment. MAYNAR'D'S. Ann Arbor, Wholesale Agents; Smjth & Tyrell, Clinton: Ketchum S e Smith, Tecuni8eh: D. C. Whitwood, Dexter e H.t Bowcr, Manchesier; John Owen & Co. II Deroit; Harmnn &, Cook, Brooklyn. 11 Dec. 18, 1845. 244- ly 3. ; On Han 1 Again! THE Subscriber would respectful!} nosify the public, that he is located once e more in the village of Ann Arbor, and is pres pared to accommodnte the community with .-. choice and wí II íelected nortment of NEW GOODS, e consistins of Dky Gooüs, Groceks. IIard ware, Boots and Shoks, Crockrt &c. Jkc.. which he will sell for READY PAY as cheaj '" :is the same quality of Goods can be had at any other store in town. Persons who wish to make purchnsesfor Cash, e at Cach Pricei, will do wcll tu cali before purcha,j sing L'lsewheie. , By keeping tho first quality of articlps, by selling at stnall profits, and by a fair and honorable L cotiree in business, he expeets to merit a liberal sliarc of public patronage. rf Most kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE will y be tiken in pnymetit for Goods. e O" üon't forget tlie place, - on the East Side 0 of Main strekt, a few doors south of the Public ,. Square, n the same store with C. Bliss, Jeweler. Al. WHEELER. j. Anu Arbor. Nov. 24, 184C. 2U2-tf FIRE AND DISSOLUTION. NOTICE is hereby given ihat the Copnrtnership herctofore exis'ing between the Ij Sul ecril)erg, ia this day dissolved by mutual con sent All persons ndebted to eaid tlrm. nre reqtiested to cali forthwiih and settle, as our !os$ ■ by fire tenders it ncessary that imniediate payment should be made. The accounts are left e. with Sabin Felch, at the olil stand. 1 SABIX FELCH, c KMANUEL MANN. e Ann Arbor, Nov. 14, 1846. e N. B. S. Felch will continue in the Boot. Shoo, & Leather Business, os usual, where hp - Impi's that all his old patrone. nnd the public generalljr will iavtr bim with ihfir patronage. u 301-3 gABIN FELCH.