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26 Arrested For Homosexuality

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All Picked Up In Campus Restrooms
The Ann Arbor Police Department announced today that three plainsclothes officers working on special assignment on the University campus have arrested 25 adults and one juvenile for homosexual activities in the past six weeks.
All the adults have been charged with gross indecency between males or attempted gross indecency between males.
Of the 25 men arrested, 14 are University students, one an associate professor, another is a former Ypsilanti area school teacher, several are University employes and others are townspeople.
Detective Lt. George Stauch called the work of the three plainclothes men who made the arrests "remarkable."
Lt. Stauch said all the arrests were made in men's rest rooms in University buildings on the campus.
"This announcement in no way means the investigation is completed or closed," Lt. Stauch said. "We plan to continue to push this special investigation until there are absolutely no more such arrests to be made."
William F. Delhey, first assistant prosecuting attorney, said his office has "checked thoroughly" the facts of the 25 adult arrests.
"There is absolutely no question of entrapment of these suspects," Delhey said. "These are all good arrests and we feel they will hold up well in court."
"Entrapment" is any practice used by police officers which tends to lead a suspect to commit a crime.
Of the 25 adults charged, 4 have been bound to circuit court after municipal court examinations before Judge Francis L. O'Brien. Five others have waived examination, two of them pleading guilty to the charge in circuit court. The others await municipal court examinations.
Dean of Men Walter B. Rea said today, "the University's policy has always been clear. It does not tolerate activity of this kind."
"We offered to co-operate with appropriate authorities when the possibility of an investigation was discussed a year ago. Our first knowledge the investigation was actually under way this fall came when the initial arrests were recorded.
"The University, of course, does not pre-judge its students. Any action we take will be based on a review of police and court records and our own investigations. Each of the students involved will be considered individually. We understand that several of those involved are not students."