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TI 1 13 Gein of LcLencr, The aml HclúruVÍ Jivèa j.. eral Science Li ;'"d Mcilui.ëuu Jfcpari.eui. PublM '"" MoniM: E. H. SANFORD, EDITOR. SECOXD VOLUMEThe present fiiciliiiis for and the increasing for Information 011 the abovc pnnciplee, have nd'uced an ENLARGEME.NT OF TUE GLM, and con.equei.tly !.e publicaiioii of one Volume in tico, Qmtrtu Fortn anrtfn NEW TYPE for reservado and buiding, wllh iri index and Se pago o" the oi the Vulu.... ■■ m x inonLüom the Irtü. of December, Io40. CONTENTS. Tlie content óf Üië Gen. ore probabiy more „t-resii-i" to ihc true lovrr ói Scièhee, und KS Sta ' -VWi., ....... ho-etf; ILY, will reruler it JoiiBly ntereatïng and [ohtablc' TEESSS. The Gkm or Scikncb is pogjgj TJJH CENTS forsix munihs. or OtfË DOLbAB.a year in adeance. A liberal dicU.,t w.U be made to Clubs and A-ents. fttwife d.s.rmg to subscribe, have only lo endose the u.nou.u .: ■ SANFORD & BROTHERS. Publishers oí tlie Gem of Science, Anu Arbor, Michigan. IET Editora who will give thia Prospectus one, two, or ihrce irwertwns, shall nave inir favors duly reciprocated. f,": Temper anc e IMouse! 1847. 1847. STEAMBOAT HOTEL. DETROIT, MICH. DANIEL BARNEY, havfog taken ihis well knüwn Stand, and llioroughl repnired it ihrouahout. is now txu-nsively prepared to nccommoüate bis frienda and tluTravellin.' Public wilh all '!iose cnveni.Mnt calculated tó make iheni comforuble, and wiih prices to suit the linies ! Meáis, S5 Cents. Eastern and Southern Stage Office kept al tijs House. TT Omnibus and BVggáge Wagon alwaya on and lo convey Pasáingors to nod Iro.n tho ll-mse freè of charge. 29b-6.n ATTENTIOM THE WORLD!! Free Trade and Tailors Rights. THE citizens of Ann Afbor and vicmuy, oí WasluenawCoiinty nnd Counües Biijoimngj informeel ihnt now is riirie to c-t comförlabiy CLOTHED ar.d FIXBO UP for a cold Winter. . The very best kind of Cloths and 1 nnri.ings üun be bojiht chenp in Ann Arbor,L'jwcr Town, andthoreTsa TA1LOR oppositö G. & L. Beckley'a Store, whocan'tbeoutdoneany where in thtsc pirts, , He is prepared to do work in tho most Fashonable Style, or follow the directions of his customers. nnd pófciesscd of a large ehare ot tlie Milk of Huma.i Kindness, his termsare estabüshed on the principie of "LIVE AND LET LIVE." He has a peculiar trait in his character which should be noticed, it i" simnse. vet truo a.s siranye,- He icill vol Viólale his Promis-.- Customera can have tbeir garmenis at the time in&edthat 11 Údot PRODUCE (excepi cabba"e) will be taken in exchange )or his services. "He cuis to order, and his garments are i sure toliiifproperlymadeup. spRAGlf Jnn Arbor? Lomown, Pee. 5. Id46. PEACE DECLARED, AND A TREATY PORMBD, WHEREBY S. FELCH can hold Fkee Tradf. and Commxrcè iw BOOTS, SHOES, LE.1TH er, and Findings of all kinds, with all persons, Naiiveb or Foreigners, on the followin? just and equal lerms. vil : Good Ariicles-Low Pnccs-liuidy Pay The flTbscrïer having fully teste'! the Credii System t his great loss. botti of confiience and cash, and having sufTeied mucli losa by fire ne cessitycbmpelshim to collect m pay - LJjrc harvest," as " AT.rm harvt and nextfall. very ol'ten come up '. missing.' leaving hun sadl,j in the Boot-hole. He hns come to the same conclusión ilial certain sensible gir Is did on n late occasion, {Ueto tal or m husband, rcady pan or no Shonmnktng ) ,x ni „,.„ All persons ihat can conform to the above treaty m do well to cali on S. telch, Ann Ar, bor, Lowc; Town, No. 4 Muro THock, where they will not be taxed for others work who ne7erpay-Ajl peraons indebted in any way to the 'subscriber, had betior cali and pay if they are honest and mean to keep so. 907 fim S' L1011' Ann Arbor, Lower Town. Jan. , 18-J7. FURNITURE & UPHOLSTERINg" WARE_R00MS. STEVENS & ZUCt, r the lower end of the White Ulock. directly Jopposite the Mickiöa fff}Sf hand a large ossortment of I-URMfVRL, o! íheir own manu actureJ which they w.U Lell very lThev Sfkcep expericneed Upholsterers, and . SSpïX to do all kmds of Upholstenng at theFS;íS.nof1S'kndímníe.o order of the best material, and Jf & ZÜG. nMrnitJtanuaryLlL1847. 7-ly -OWLAND'S best Mili Saws, 6, 6i, WlaanJ-87bestXCut Sawa, G GJ, and 7 feet. VnaÜRh C S. Pit Saws. bh and 7 feet. SpgÍLr AnTenc-n Mili Saw F.les, l ches For sale at the sign ot the Big Anv.l, Upper Town. HENRY w WELLF.S. Ana Arbor, Jan. 10, 1847. 2iid-ly HjNSEED OILf THE Suhscriber is manuracturing Linseed OU on an extensive scale and he ia able to "??]SlERCHANTS AMD PAMTERS, on terina more favorable for them ihan have ever beforo been ofiered In ihis country, and he i prepared to supply orders for large er email quantiticR at prices extremely low. (ET Communications by mail villbe prompt ly attended to. LATOURETTE. Long Lnke, Genescc Co. Mich. 283-1 y WAXTED, at Perry's Bookstore, 5 Tons clean Coiton and Linen Ra?s. 1 Ton Beeawax, and 3500 Dollars in cash, ior the largest assort ment of Books and Stationery ever oflered in this Village, and at bis usual low prices. Ann Arbor, Upper Village, Oct. 7, 184G. Ijü- tt JUST ARRIVED BY EXPRESS. THE Mzart Collcction of Sncred Music, b. E Ives Jun - concaining the celëwated Chrittusand Miserere by Zingarelli with Eng ■ liih words. . , ii j Teachera of Musie will picase cali and examno tho work at PSBUY S BOÖKSTORK. 1 OwbirT.m 238-tr1 I FmJtM tai MAMmBLfMBÍJP- ' .' .. 5 L.EATHËR! L.EATHÊR! LEA! HER! ELDRED & CO., No. 123, Jefferson Avenue, "Eldred's Block,:' Detroit, takc lilis opportunity lo inform their cuátomers, and the public generally, ïhat they still continue to keep on hand a full assortment of Spanlsli Solc Lentlier, AIso. Lnsts and Fcgs. Cunicrs' Touls, &c. Slaughiered do Horsc md Coltar Li-uüier, Heniiocli tanncd Upper Lcathcr, Cordbvan do Ouk 4i " '; Müi-occü Skin3, Krcnch tnnncd Cui!' Skins, Seal do Oak and Menilock t;inned do 'Goal Dinding, Heinlock tnnned Hnrncss and Cridlc Lenihcr, Ucer and Laml do ÖaK ': i White nd Colorcd Linings, Rag and Top Leailier, Printcd do Ski.-iiiiir. Philadelpliin and Ohio; Shoe Russet do iniüg'. and Kil oí all kinds. As the Subscribers are noiv manufacluring their own Leather, they are prepared to sell as low asean be purchased in this market. Merchants and manufacturers will find it to thcir advantage to cali and examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere. QCash and Leather exclianged for Ilidcs anc'Skins. ELDRED &CO. Detroit, Jan. 1616. 248-lyNEW GÖÖDS!. Cheap for Cash!! THE Subsoiibers beg leove lo int'orm their oid custouiers. and the public gsnerally. ifaat iliey are now reeen ing a Inrgc and sp!nWid nssnrimeiu ol English, American and Wtst india, GOODS, Crockery, Sha [f Hardware, Pains, Oils, Dycstujf's, Drugs and Medicines. Áfóo a general nssortment ot' 1RON. suitnble for íroning Wajjaons and Buggies, Nuil Itod s, Hoise Shoes. and Hoise Nails, Sbeei I.-on, 'J'in Ware and Tin JPlate - also a general assortment of BOOTS $ SHOTS. ih:ck and lliin sale work, ond cu9tom work to suir purcliasers. All of wliich t h -wiil se!l on ihe luwest possibíe lerms for Cash or Bautkk. Fecling confident as ve do, that we can makc it for the interest of all those wishing to purchase any of the above meniiuned Gom!, we do most earnestly solicit at h-ast an in vcsi guión f our Good3 and piiccs belbrc píírelíasirig elsewhere. JAMES GIBSON & CO. JVo. 3. JExchange SSlockAnn Arbor, Lower Town, Sept. 14. J846. 2a'2-tf CLOCKS AND WATCHES ! &&zL npHE Subscriberhas just S-=""S. - X reccived, (and s tüiijf% f jjsrantly reepiying) fta.ui fl IWew Yorlum elesraut ar.d Mi( "wSlS wj11 selected assortmeiit Jcwelry9 Clocks, "Wratches, ócc. wliich he iniends to sull as loicas ai any other establishment ibis side ol BiiHblo for rcudy pai only aniong wliicli may be found tlielollow n': a eood assoriment o Gold Finger Rings. Gold Breast pins.WrisiIets Guard Chnins and Keys. Silver Spoons, Germán Silver Tea nnd Table Spoons (first quality.) Silver and Germán do Sugar Tongs, Silver Salt.Mustardand Cream BpofiöK Botter Knives, Gold and Silver Pencil Cases, Gold Pens. " ' Pencils, Silver and Germán Silver Thinibles. Siivcr Speciacles, Germán nnd Steel do. Gogijlcs, Cloihes. Hair and Tooth Brushes, Lailer Brushes, Razors and Pocket Knives, i"ine Slieais and Seissors, Knivos and Forks, BritianniaTeaPotsandCasiois. PlDied, Braas, nnd Brittania Candlesiicks, ifniifinrs &, Trays, Shavin boxesand Sonpp. Ghaprño's Bear Ra.d ' '.and Morocco Walleis, Silk. and O Violins and Bow8, Violin ftnd : rin i:s, Flutes. fifes. Qfajjdueiï tia- Muiks Bor.l;s for ;h.' same, M m btp's. Sieel Pens and Tweezore. Peo c$es. SnuliaDd Tobacco bo.c8. Ivnry lt-ssii.i, Co.übs. Side and Bnck ont! Pocket Conibs, Neodlecnses. Stelelioes. WaierPainis and Brushes, Toy Watches, a great variciy of Doüs. in short ttie greatest variety of loys ever 'orought to market. Fancy work boxcö. cluldren's ten setis. Coloane Hair Oils. Pmellihg Salta, CouriPlasier, Tea Bells. Thermomcicrs. Germán Pipes. "Wood Pencilft, BRAPS AND VVOOD CLOCKS, &c. in fact al most cyery thing to please the fancy. Ladiee and Gentlemen, cali and examine lor yoiirsc'.vce. Ciocks. Watches and Jewelry repnirod and warranted on short notice. Shop at bis old stand, opposite H. Becker's brick Store, in the StOreOCCUpiedbyM-WhCAÍviNBLISS. N. B.- Cash paid for old Gold & Silver. Ann Arbor, July Ist, 1846. 27I-1y PIRE! riREü FJ. B. CUANíí wouid respecifully notify the citizeüB of Ann Arbor. and the eurrounding country, thal lio continúes to acias Auent of tho HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, and will insure Property af-ainst 'osses by Fire. at thelowcst rales, and wiih deepatch and accracy. The Hartford Insurnnee Coinpany is one of tbc oMest aid most Ktable in ilie country, and all lossessustained by (hem will l- aa they ever have been- pbosjpti.v paiu ! Fire s ;. (iangcrous element and not to be trillc-d wi:h: hercforc, mnke up your n)ind to gunrd ngninst. it nnd don' r uklay I A few hours delny may be your ruin. Mr. Crane's Office p in Crane s ncw Block, corner ot the Public Square, Aun Albor. TEBTH! TEETHf TEETII.'f MASTICATION and Articuiaiion, warranted by their being pruperly renlaced. S. D. BURNETT, will continue the piaciice of DENTISTIJY in all in vartouB branchos. viy. : Scaling. I'illing. and Insertingon gol-J or pnwrtBj rom one to an entire eet. Olü pintes or mi&fits ïemodled. and made equal 10 ncw. OFFICE over C: B. Thompson & Co.'s Shoe Store. Ladioe who request it, can be waited on at their dwelhngs. N. B. Charges unusually low, and all kinds of PRODUCE taken. Ann Arbor, Dcc. 5, 1846. 20:5-1 CLOVER MACHINES. THRASHING MACHÍN ES and Seperators are made and sold by ihrir Machine Shop, near the Paper Mili, Lo#er Town, Ann Arbor. KNAPP & HAVILAND, Jan. 19, 1846. 1T ftonn Arbor TfJE S ufase riber baring purebased liie intercsis of J. SI. Rockwell in ihe Marblë HusincRs. would fnfoiw he iihabíttHMs 'tif this and adjoininc comie3. ihnt he will continue the ;usine s at ihe oíd sianö, in the Upper Tmvn. near ihe Presbyierian Cuurch, and manufacture 10 otder : Monument?, Grove Stoncs Paint Slone, Tabiets, $ Lc. Those wraiftlng looiii.iiii nny nriicle in hisline of business will lind by oilling thai iie hns an assortrntnt of Whiie and Vanaind Mm ble froni ilio Ensiein M;irtle Quorries. whïéh will be wrouslit in Modern sivlo. and Bgid oteastern p.ri. üe. deling (rdpsportsion only. OnJI nnd gei the proof. VV. F. SPAULDfa Ann Arbor. Jan. 30. 1847. 272 y THE SUBSCRIBER has received his w, nier yioclv. wliicli lieoil'ci's lor Uosh. al greaily roluced [::es. The Public .'iré ihviied to cali, examino, and Jiidge Por theinsclvt's. Now on hand, and dtiVy adüTug. SOFAS oí every varieiy and jiatiern. .nul Lbo liiiesi i.isliion. pneeti (rom $?0 ard ujwofds. DIVANS, OTTOMANS. LOUNGES. BUREAUS, of all kinds. Iroin .-$1 and up. Cemre. Caid, Tea, Drcss. Pier, D'inifrg, anü Nesi Tablea. Vash. Car.dle. and Toilet Stands. - Mahogany, Maple, and Wilnut. hom iy"2 and up. Piano Fortes; Piano Covers ; Piano Stools. Doublé aud ting]c Miireeses oi hair, shuc-k, palm leaf, or siraw. Doublé and single Cot Bedsteads. do dt) Writing Desks. CIIAHiy. - The best assortment that can be fuund west of New York and the cheapest ín this city. Windsor Chairs, a good artielo, at 2 50 ihe sett. Mahogany French ('hnirs. hnirscat. a first rate ariiele, ai;d vei finithed (at $3 50. Cash only. Muhogany ltotkiü: Chairs, hair cat aad back. warraned god, at the low price of 12, lor the cash only. Flag nml Cnne Sent from Cs. and up. liird Gages, pUiin ind gallery : Bird Glasses, Hobby Uortics, ttöa.Toy 'vVhcelbnrrows, fbrchildren ; Pulent Shower and Hip B:iths ; Boston Bath Paus, Camp S'pofó, Unibrella and Uat Stands, Fanc Jju'lows. Fout Scrapers, Gaae ?eat Counter and Bout Stool. Curtain material, Tahiti covers. Patení Post-Office Balances. Pie tuic Franics. Wülow Wasons, Cradles, Chaira.. Clorks. and Baskets ; Biittannia Tablo Castors. very cheap. Mahogany nnd Iloscwood Venceré ; Varnish andJupnn : Bronze, Mahogany Knobs, Locks. Giii' Curlcd IJair. and Carie Seáis. Also, a larga pEsottncnt of American Castors, expresíly tor Cabinet Makers, very cheap. Cas and the hjgheét íiifirkcl price paid for any quantiiy of Waínut ood Clu;rry Lunibcr. 1 will abo contract for any quontjiy of drs1 i.-itp Wdlrtiit i-unihcr. lo bc sawed to order, and deiivered by the Ist of June next. J. W. TiLLMAN, No. R7, Jellbröon Avenue. Detroit, Jaauary 1, 18-17. 1 y THE LIBEaTY MINSTRELOi; HUNDRKD COPIKS of tho iifth cái tion of lilis liihly popular wrk are ior sale at the SI nal office at 50 centí single, or 1.50 f)er dozen. Terina Cnsh. Now is the timo for Lilierty choirs to supply themselves. vn. s. browiv, A t lor ii e y fy Counselor at ha ir, ANN ARBOR, MICH. OFFICE wiíh K. MfMiV. IC8(i. 297-1 y G VITAR, BHASS VJOL, ANDVIOL1N STiLVGí?, just rcceivcd by Dec. lí), 1816. 296 C. BUSS.'JM-IE prccedmg ligare is given to represen the Jiisen.-sible l'erspirulioil. It is ihe grei cvacu.itioii tor the impumics of the body. Jt wil! oe notieed tbat a ilneU. cluudy mist issuee fr.uin uil poi nts of the suifuce, whicii indícales' ihoij t il r perspiraiion flows uniulcri t:pledly vii;ii wej 1 urn in beallh. buiceases wlicn we ne sick. Li e j cannol be etfstuincd wiihoiu it. Ji is tlirown o 11 : froni tii'j bloed aml oihu1 jniues ni lie body. and disposes iy lliia rneaus, o) poarljj all ilie impnniit uiiiini us. Tbè binad', bv this meuns un'v, woiks itsêll pure. Tho Injlgaage of Scrip turoiö. in ilio lilood is :he Lik-." li' it evi becwncs unptiie. t muy be ifacetí c'irectly 10 Üie ülüppae 01' ilie I dm-ü.sí'iIo líerspiraMon, 11 never requires iiriy oièi.iVtil medicines to élenjisè it. pe it always piirllk's iit-olf liy h; ovvn beat nndiietion. .-uid llirows oil' a!l iho ofiendin hnino's. , i!)ioiih iVe Insensible I'ersptiiiun. Tuh ue sec ;iü ilial is tü-eessary when iho bloo'd is stagiiant, or inlucted. is to open !!ic pores, andiuelievea itsell froni uil iippjirity insiaotly. ltsown heai and vimhtv urn puUicieiu, wíihoíít oneparuclu of iitdiciiio. eicept !0 open the pores upoti ihesurface wo f(,e iho foUv.or taking so I iiinch intenial remedies. All ïraoinioners. , over, direct llicir cfforis lo restore the Insensible ; perspiratioh, hut it to be not alw.ns the ; proprr one. Tho Thompsonian, iWuisiancej ajeams, ile Hy.drophthiat sluoiuls n$ in wv blanki is, ilie [lotnopdiii st déáls ut inñniúsñímals, ihc Allon.iilrst bleedsand doses us wiili nictcury,nnd the clustering (uuck yorgeá us wlil) puls, pills. pil Is. To s'.ve spmo idea of tlicnmnunt of the Iiisen sible l'erspiraiion, we wil! state that ttialeörnéd Dr. Lewenb,ock. nnl the giat Boerhaavo.iiscertoined ihai fivè-WigUüia oí u wereoeivc intoihe -io!n;nli. pnssed 6ff by lliis niuans. In otber woid-5. if we cat and drink eight pounds per doy. we evncaat iive pounds pf it by tbc Inaensible Perspra ion. 'l'liis is none otber th;in the used up pnrtic'es of the blooi). and other juiec giviny place to ilie new and iVesh ones. To check iho. tlierelore, is to reiain in the s ysrem ffoveigJithq of-till iluvirulent mutierthai nature denninda i-lmuld leavt['Iie'üöcly'. And tven whè'n t!is is the case, me bljod is of so active a principie, (hal it determines t'iose pniíieles to Ibe skii, wbeic tbey forni scibs. pimples, ulceis. and otber spots. ]y a sudden unnsiüon hotn heat to cold, the pores are stopped, the pcrspiraiion ceases, and diseüsebegiiis at onee to developeitself. Henee. n ötopp-ige of ibis flow of tlie juices, originales so rnany eonipiaints. It is by stopping the pores, hat overwhelms man'iind witb coughs, Coíds, and oonsumptions. Nine-tenibs of the world die frotn dise:se3 ïndaced by a stoppage ol the Insensible Perspira tion. Jt s ensily scen. ihercfore, how necessary is the ilow of ibis subtle humor to the surfiice. lo preserve henlih. Jt cannot bc stopned; il 'jannot be oven eheekedj without nducing diseasc. Let me a&U nbw, every can. lid inind. wbal course seoms the most reasonable to pursue. to unsiop the pores, a.ier ihêy are cfqsedï Would you give phyaic toitns;op the pores? Or wou'ü yon applv sotnething ihai woulu i tiiis upon the surfoce, where the clogging aciually is? Would nol ibis be cominon sensef And ytlkfiowof no physictad who any exiei nal applicaiion to efle:t it. Tlie reason 1 ass;'n is. ihat no medicino wiihin Iheir kñoivladge; is cnpable ol donig il, Under tlífse nicutntpnceS; I piesant to physa-ians. and to all oilicis, a preparauon ihai hüS this power n i:s ioUesi R.-cient. it sih-ALSTM'S ALL HEAL1NG OINTMENT. oc t!ie WOn LD' S SALVE! libas power to restore perspirmion on the leet, on ihe bead. around oíd soies. npon tho chest, in short, upon unypnrtol ihe body. wheiher diseased slighily or severely. Jt has causa all esier.ial sores, scrofuloushaniors. s!;in disca.-es. poisunous wounds, i.o discharge thcir piur.d matter, and then bcals ibeni. , , , It is a remedy tbat sweeps o(T the wbole catalogue ofciitaneous disorders, and restores ilie eruire eutiele lo ;s henlitiy iiiRCtions. It is a remedy that the neecssity of so many and deleieiious drugs taken into ibestoinaeb. It is a remedy that neitber sicuens. g'ves inconvcnlence, or is dangerous to the;ines. It preserves and deiends the aurfnee Iromall derangement of its functions. wbile it kecps open te chati neU for the blood to void all its impuiities and dispose ol' all iis useless paineles. The snrfuce is the om lei of five-eUJ'ths of ihe bile and used up rnbftèr wiiliin. (t is picreed W h rnillions ol opening to lelieve the intes.tes. Stop up these poi es, and deatb knocks at your door. It is rigluly termed All-Herilini;. lor ibere is scarccly a disease. exiernal or iniernalj that il w.ll not beucfii. 1 have used il for tlic'last fownoun years. for all disoases of the chest. consumption. liver, involving ihe utmost da'nger urid responsibiliiy, and I declare hcfore Heaven and man, thatnoün one single case bas it failed to benefit, when the patiënt waa wkbio ihe rcach ol' marta] moans. [ have liad phystcians, learncd in the profession; 1 have had iniivs:crs of the Gospel, Judgson the Bench. Áláermeri and Lawyers. gen tlemen of the bigbeet erudition and multitudes of the poor, use it in every variety of way, and there hnsbeen but one voice, one united, universal voice, saying, "McAlisier, your Ointment is good!" CONSUMPTIOK. It can hardly bc ercdited that a salve enn have any eflect upon tho Iungs. seaied as tbey ore witbin the system. Rat wesay once ;ill. (ha) this Ointment will reach the lunga unieker ilian any medicine that can be given intenuily. Thus. 'lï 'placed upon the chest, it penetrales directly lo the inz. sepárales the poisonous paruclcs that are consuming thetn, and expela thein froni the syststn , I peed not cay that it is cunng persons of L-onsumption coniinuaily. although we are told it is loolishness. I care not wint ie said. so long as [ can cure eeveral thousand persons yearly. HKAÜ ACHK. This Salve hasciired persons of the Ilead Ache of 12 yeais standing, and who had it regularly every week. so ihat vomiting often took place. D'oafness and Ear Ache are holped with the likc sueecss. as ütso Ague in the Face. cold kei:t. Consumption. Liver c.omplaint, pains in the chestornide, falling of the hair. one or the other alwaysaccompanies cold fcel. It is a sure sign of disease in tbc system to have cold fect. The Salve will restore the Ir.sensiblc Perspiration and tbus cure every cafe. In Scrofula. Erysipela3 and Salt Itheum, and olhcr diseases of this nature, no interna! remedy bas yct been discovcred ihat is so good. The same may be said of Bronchitis, Quincy. Sore Throat, Piles, Spinal Diseases, Broken or Sore Breast. &c. And as for the Cbest Dieeascs, euch ns Asthma. Pain, Oppression and the like, it is themosi wonderful antidote in the World. For Liver Ccmplaint it is equally eilicacious: for Burns it has not has its equal in tho World: also, Excresences of every kind. suchas Warts. Tumor3. Pimples, &c, it inakes clean work o) thetn all. MRE EYK8. The inflammation and diseose nlways liesback of the ball of tlie re in the socket. Henee the virtue of any medicine must reach the scatol the inflamation or it will do little {rood. The Salve, if rulibed on the templea, will penétrate dircctly into the socket. The pores will beopenod. a proper perspiration will becreatcd and the diseasc will soon pnss ofF'o the surfnec. PIMPLES ON TUK FACK. KKKCKI.KS, TAN, MASCUI.l.NK SIUNr GIIOSS SURFCE. . Ttsftrst action to cxoel humor. Itwillnot cense drnwir.g lili the Itice 8 freo frórn nny nauer ihot may be lodged under lift skin any 'requent'y BreaKiiig üui iu ihe, surln.ce. it Uien ïeuls. Whon ihere is n'othing biVl grossness, or iull rcpulsivu suriaco, il bègine lo golfen and joiiun imiil thèakin bt-Ciimca as sinooth nnd tVrlicaio as u thilxTa; li thrbws a fresluicss uiul blusliuijí color ujjon tlie now white, irnnspareiii skin. ili.u is poricctly encuaniing. Soiye üinep in case of Frocklea it wiil firsi start out tliosc thal havo lai.1) hulden and sten butseldum. Pur suü ihu Salvó and all wíl) soon wókus; Ifpnrents l.ncw how fatal most medicines wei e to cliiliiren laken inwardly, tliey would be fclow to resort to iheiti; ÉapeoHHly "mercurial lozent&." callcd "nicdiciiied lüzènge,'' pllls, fcc. Thetruih is. no one cjn teil, nivariably, wh'pn woims au present. ÍS'c.w let mêscy lo pjrenlB. ili.u ilus Salve wil! nlwiys teil fa chüd ha ronus. li will drive cvery vestigt of tliem away. Tliis is n simple and sale cure. There isprobnbjy no medicine on ihe face of ihccanh ot' ohee'sb'éure.ánd so safe in theespulsión oí" wotms. It would bu cruel, nny wirked. to give intoiVÉ nul. !ouiu!ii medicines, fo iongas u haru;lcss, exicinai one could be bad. tok. kt. " AMinush I hnvO said liltlc nbout it na n li;i r J iKPioiitiivc, yet 1 wil sial.e itftgoiftal ihe Woi'd! I Tln-v tnny biTng i liei'r Oilé lar and near. and ■ mine wííi restore r tic hnirtwo cases to iheironc. DI.O (J('.K. MOHTiriC.V! lofiS, Ul.CKPS. KTC Tiiat sonic Soics aro nu ouJei lu tiio impuritioj of ttie svsiem. is bècaüsü ilicy caniVo'l pass ii (F ; nroii _ii ilie naiu il cii.-injieU o." the lnsensib'o Per)irniii)ii. Jfsucii sores are heiilcd i'i, ihe impöritiés niustlinvesomc oiher biillèl, oi il wül pndarcr Tliis is ibe ronson whyitis impoüiio to usc; ihe cominon Salve of tlie day in sncli cuses. Fir (hey have no power lo open oi!ie avenues, io Iet olí' lilis inoibid m.mcr, nnd I i li o conéèqüonccs me iil'wnys fajal. TJi is Salve will al vaya provicio for snelt eMieraencics. DISF.ASES Ol' ( ini.liliK.N. How mnny ihousiifdá nie swepl off hy givinp ritotnn) n;edicnes, wh'óñ tluir yotingbóflies und tender i;nnies are unable to benr up againsl i them? Wiuilo arinies oro thus seni to tlieir graves meie'y trom pouring inio their wcak , stiimachs powerful druga oinï phys'ce! it is to ! sucl i'nat ibe AH-UeSliiig üintiuent icnders ec saTc, plcïsanl, and liarmjess n cuie Sncb con .rs as Cmho. C!nl:t:. Cbolcra Infantitni. Vorms, and nl! Slimmer Coniflainie, by wliiob so mnny clwll:en die, tbc Oinimcnt will reinove so specdi'y andsuicly, iba: a physicion wi'l never be needcd. JVIotlicrs! tbrotijihoui all this land. we now solèninly iirid Ëiitrcdly declare to yon (fiat ihe AH-Heaiinc Oinnncnt will save your cbildren from an carly if yo will use it. We are not now actualod by Uu1 least desiio lo giiin; but knowing os o do ibat vast bodies oí inianis and cbildren die early: wbicb is suppoíud lo be inevitable and impossible to prevent, we hold up our warnin? voice, onfl tlocl.ue in ibeface of thewliole world. C il l LUREN ffFJËb OT DIE MORE tiian othe:hsü But it is from tbc want ef proper nourisbment an'd ibe constnnt LÍfugrgi:rig they undérgo wbicb mows ilicm duwn us ihe rank gruss falls bciotc ibe seytbe. Moiliers! we repen ( ágairi; and if ibey were tbc lust woi-ds we were ever lo utter. ond oi course past tbc icacb of all inierest. we would say. ;ust'. tiie All-lleaüng Ointmeni forsickness aniong cliüdrcn." KIIKI.M TISM. Jt removes olmost iminedialeiy tbe inflnmntion and suelüng. wlien ihe pain of course ceabCs. FKvrns. Tn cases of fcver, the diificulty lies in Uupores being locked up. so that the h?it and perspiraiiou cir:nol pass oil". Il ihe teast moisture uould be stnned, ibe crisis ia passed and the dnríger over. The AH-fJealing Ointment wiil in all casesof fovers nlmosl instantly unlock the bk'ti and biing iorth the peispiraiion. {■KMAI.K ('ii.Mi'I.AINTS. Influinaiion of tbe k'dticys. ol ihe womb, nnd itsialling down, yreokness. vnd iioulniiiy; in siiorr. ili (iiose difiiciilics wbich oré fiequeni u iili leiiid'ei. (ii)(i readv and permanent relief. ffü luive had aed ludies ie J I us they cnuld ffu.t live'six monihs wiilnuu it. lui to "emnlot; aboiit lobecome moibtis. 'sed forsome weeks antecedent io liieii coofinemont. y.cry few puins nnd co.ivirlsions which altend treñi at thai pciiod wil lio fel t. Thiefact ought to beknown the woild over. scr.n hkad. We have cured cases ihat nctunily tlcfirdevcryih'ng known,,aa wel) ns the ibility of fifieen or tweniy doctors. One man lold us bc hnd spent !;5()0 on h's chilciien wiihouiauy benpfit. when afewboxcsoi' the Ointnieut curcd them. COHNS. People necd nevcr be troubled wiih iliem if l'uey will use if. Ás a FA.VHLY MF.DICLVR. no mnn cr.n measife iia value. So long ns the sters ioli ulons; over ihe Mcavens - so lonar as man l rea de ibe eartli. subject io all ihe iniirrniiits of ihttiesh - o long ns disease and sickness is knowr. ust so Ipngwilf ibis O'iihr.eni 'oe used and csteemed. Whcn min ce;ieós from oïï'the eonh. lien ihei'ernnnd will cense, and no lili ihen. To olluy a'l spp;ebens;on8 on necount oí itf ■ in possess-insi'ch poweriulproper pe?. we wMIstiMc ibnt ii is componed of 6ome of ■ the rnosi comipon nnd hm micss hcil'e in ei'isiene Theie s no m'èir'ciiry in il. as can be leen : from ihe inci (dril itdocs notinjyro the skin one I pnnide. white ii will pnss '.hrnucli anl pbysic ■ iheboweis. JA MES McALISTER CO. ICSSoiiih street. N. York. i So'e proprieior ot' the above Medicine, Ij whom nll communicai'ons must be addtcssed r (posipaid). l'rice Vücenib und óO cents. Ap tbc AH-.Ilenüng Oinimcnt lias been grcal; ly counterfeited, we have given ibis caution to ' i'he public, i bat ;no ÜiiUment will be genuine ' unless ihe nnmes of James AicAIisier, or Jamcó McAlisier & Co., nre wn'iien wiih a pon upon evey label." Tho tabel is a sieel eogrsvjng, wilb ihe ílguio oí ' :iJseneible Perspiiaiion" on , ihe lace. Now we liereby offer a rewnrdof $500, to 'ne pnid on conviciion. in any of the coñétitutec courts ol' ihe Unilüd Staies. of any individual ' counierloi'.iniï o';r riome and Oinanent. MAYNARD'S. Ann Arbor, Wholesale Apenis; Smiili &. Tyrell. Clmion: Koicbum & Snriith. Tecuméeh: D. C. Wbitwood, Pejcie.r'; " H.r Bowcr. Mancliesier: John Osvert &, Co., Deroit; flaiman &. Cook, Brooklyn. 1 Dec. J6. 1845. 244- Iy Oía Uaná Again l rjTTHE Subscriber would respcclfujly JL noiify the public, that he is locuted ónce 5 niorc in the villago of' Ann Arbor, umi ts pres pared to acdörnmodafc tho cominunity with a choice and wcll aelectrd eiéprtmöni of KT22W OOOBS, consistin of Dn y Goods, Ghockkus, Hard' wvrk, ]Joot8 and Shoks, Ckockj r.Y. Sec. A,c.. whieh he will feil for READY l'AY n chap ' as the same qualiiy of Goods can bc had ai any other siore in town. Persons who wish to mcike purchnsesfor Cash. i at Cash l'rices, will do wcll to cali bcfore purchar sinsr claewhere. By keeping lbo first quality of anieles, by solí ing at small profils, and by n fair and honoiabl . course in business, he e'ínects to nerit a liberal shorc of public patronoge. 1 Most kinda of COUNTRY PRODUCE will f be tuken in paymeqt for Goods. b O" üon'l '. forgtit llic place,- on the Easl Sidt: l of Main ptrect, u few doors south of the Public i Square, in theeamoetore wiih C. IJliss, Jeweler. M. WIJEKLER. Anu Arbor. Nov. 24, 1846. 2l)-2-tf FIRE AND DISSOLUTION, NOTICE is hereby given that the Copnrtnership herctolorc cxieiing bctween the j Subgcribers, is ibis dny dissolved by mutual con sent. All persons indebted to said ilrin. nre requested to cali foithwnh and setile. n our loss by tire renders it nccessary thnt immediale pny'' inent should lo made. 'i'ho accounts are left l' with Sabin Felch, at the old ptnmi. BAI5ÍN KELCÏI. RMANÚEL MANN. r' Ann Albor. Nov. II, 1846. B N. B. S. Felch will continue in tbe Boot. Shoc, & Lenther Business, ns, whnre be - hopes that nll bis old patrons, nnd tbc public cenrrally will favor hirr. with their pn'ronnc l 2ai-3m SABIN FELCIJ.BOOKS! BOOKSü; AT PERRY'S BOÓKSTÓRE. TO THE PUBLIC'! THE undersigued hoving returhécj frn:n New York wiih a ncw, laige and vahuible atock ir Books, Stalioncry and Paper Hangings, is now icac'y to scli for C;sh, any ijijngin l)ie line ai his Jiew stand on Main streel, opposiic H. Bci-.ker's Brick Slore. Fíe wili s:iy to Cook purchasers. tlmt. bj' hts ffris last ('all ón his reiurn from New Yerk, t lic oí nearly every tbing in bis line his been sokl loss tlian hefeiofore. ntid bad it not been lor bi.n, purchasers would have cunlinucd lopay tbe piiceahcieiofói e cha t geil. v -. He can say nlso. thnt his sales have been bovond bis mosl sanguino e.xpectations. übowmu COnolustvelv llia't a public benufactor, ;ilthough ever so mail. wül nol go unrewurded in tlnsenligiijenéd oonvniunijy, He 3 lliOnk'öl í-t ihe favorsalrcady bestowod, ond would vespectfuüy solicita cönrf nuance of' ihe Wade; and ie would tay lu ihose wlio nevcr havo purchased bööts' ofhim, ihnt ho wili show ihcm nnielea and prices wiih pleisure n any time ihey niay cal! whoiher tbey wish to pu.rchase or noi. . Cash orders Trom iho country wül bc attended to. ond the booka paci;ed as wel! as if the persons wcre piesáni lo altend tbe purchase. I J c wili uko fceil to childca as chenp as iheir p.irentc. I'urohnscrB wili do wcll to examine Iris stock ond iiices eiure purclnsing elsewlieie. Don"1 1 f orgel Ihe place; bc sure youcnll et PERKY'S BOOK STORE, om Main Streel, a few doors South of the Public Square. WM. R. PERRY. Aun Arbor, June 27. 78l(i. ÜGU-tf TH RESH1NG MACHINES, TUK unclersignéd would in foren tbc public that !ie mnnulaciuies Morse Poweis n;ul 'i'lireslnng iM;u-bines at Scio, oi a superior iünci invinioil by jiiinseH'. Thess Purera und Machines are pnnicularlj adnpted i tlíe use of Pihfiicrs wno wish o vutlieiu lor ttiiesliin ibeir uwn '!!,■ pow01. ilütbber nucl li.'auicb eau all be loaded iio n eominon sizc(i wagon box and diavn wiih oóe Pjiir of horjus. 'J'iiny au; dosined to bd ifeeci wi-li four borses. and ae a.bundanily siiong lui uut ntMiiber. and may be 6D!'ely uséd wiih ei.x 01 ejghl ixjfbcs wiih proper caie. Tbey work wijii less sireiiiith oi' borses according lo iiic piriotni oí business done tbnri any mhor power, and wili generally about 2(Q tushels wheat no, (ï.iy wTtli four lior.--es. Jn one instante Jö!? busbels wbeat wei e tlircshed in three houi = w'n h lour hoises. 'J'bis Power and Machino contnin all the ad vaniacs necessary to hfaké thern protiiab'lé to ifio piircluser. They are etrong nnd duinblc. - Thuy .tic eiiyily rnoved Irom ono place to onoili). The work of ihe norsèë is eosy on tiiês poweis in conpaiiaon to oiliers. ani.' the pnce i LOWKIt than any ut Kor power and hjabiné. have ever been sold in the State, ncfordiftg tó ilie real valué. Tbc ternis of payjnent wili be liberal fur notes that yrc known to be ub6oluicly good. I have n number of Povvcrs and Macbjijes now ready for sale and persons wishing to buj are invited co cali soon. CLEANERvS. I expect to be prepared wihin n few days ti meke ClënnèrS for those who niay wnnt iheni. The uiility : tjd advaniages of ihis Power and Machine wili appear evident to all on cAaniüiiii: !he iccornnnjiKiaiions lielow. AU persons oio couiioned ajjninst mukííjp these Powers and Machines,; ihe undersigncc hoving ndopted ihe necussary nieaniuee í'or secii tinï Iciiers patent for ilie satne wiihin ihe umi rc-ijuned by law. S. W. FOSTER. Scio, Washicnaw Co.. Micli.. Junelb, .J-iCKECO.M .MEN DATIOKë. Durinir the ycr !' !5. c.'ch of ;be Gndérsïgnerl pnrehased and used eiihc-r inriivUanüy oi joimly witb otbers. ot:e of S. W. Fositr's new'iv in vented Horae Poweis nnf ifiiesliing nincbines. nnd beüeve they are beinT ndañed 10 the u#é oi Farmers who wunt ïovyeré Bod Mucbihcs to, their own use than any other power lihd i!i,e.s!tof wjihin. purknowledgp, They mo calcuhufi' io bc used wiih four horses and are of ampie 1 s.fngih lor ihat nutiiber. They aiipear to hi 1 coostructed in such n manner as to icno'er ikflo'i " vory durable wiih Ifirte liabiliiy of geuinij oi't ol order. They ai e eisily moved trom one p'nct 1 to anoshor. Thoy can be ivorkéd wiih niy mim berofhand8 fröiii i foiir to tiht, aod wili ihresli ■ ab(H't 200 busiu-ls per diy. J. A. POLHKMUS. Spiq; VVashienaw co G. BI.OOD. " T. R1CMARDSON, " ' SAMUF.L IIFALY, S. P. FOSTKR, " " i N. A. I'HKLPS, " ADAM SMITH, M J. M. HO WEN. Lima. ÏÏM. WAI.JCKR, Webster, THOS Warren. 'f Ü. SMALLEY, ;,odi. ' I thresiiod laat fnll and winter one of S. W. Foeter'is horse powers, mme tlmn fifiecn iiiuusand bnahols gniin. The repaiis bostowed - npon tio power amouuted to only C% cents, and ) t was in good puler wiien I hud 'dont: thrëiliing. '■ 1 ihvarióbly useJ sx borses. AAKON YOUNGLOVE. i Marión, June fi, 1846. ■ I purchased one oí S. W. Foster's horec 1 powers last fait and have'uséd it for'jiíififtíg, ] have used iiiany diilereni k:uds of pitweia and ' believe ihïa is ihe best running power I have evoiscen. D. S. BENiNET. 1 Hamburg. June, 18-1C. We purohased one of S. W. Foster's Horse ; Powers last iaUJ and have uscd it and think it ib a firat ratc Powor, JESSE HALL, DAMELS.ilALL, REUBICN S. HALL. Hamburg, June, 1846. if "ÜÖÖKTHERE ! ! '■ EOiSTOH OASS STOEE: Ni. Q ExcUange Btnldingj One Door SoiUh of' the Excnansre Hotel. Uipvr Toicn 4NN AilliOR. MI VIL JUST rercived ond opc kil1, for saie Cheap foj Cash, being ONE OF the best aesorti7K:nts o!" DRY G O O D 8 ever before of(ered in thie Market - siuh na - BROADCLOTHS, CARSIMERES, SATINKTS. PRINTS. SIÜRTLVG AND SHEET1NG, VESTÍNGS.PX.AIDS, SHAWLS. A LARGE ASSORTAIEJN'T. &c 1 and nlmost every tbing :n the Dry Goods line. loo nnmerous to meniion - all o wliieli aro i! ibe laiesi and most FaiHionallè Siylts, The publicare invitcd to on 11 and examina 1 lus STOCK OF GOOBS, , ond to judL'o tfteniselves. Gooiis wili be sliown at all time, and every aiteniion paid to those whovisit the Boston Cash Siore. Don't forgët the number. No. 2. Exchange Building, Upper Town, Boston Cash Store. MAINS, M'DOWELL & CO. Ann Arbor, Januory. 1647. 2U8-tf TO COUNTRY MËRCHANt's." THE Subseriber bas constantly for sale good assorlment of heavv ; VOOLEN CLOTHS, well adapted to tho country inarket whici hc wili sell at wholt-s.ile or retail. vj'.ity i.ovv. Culi und sec idem at the Mmhtun Store. W. A. RAYMOiXD. 275-tf ïïrrtroit. ] fï CLARK, Attorncy and Counselor, S nnd Justiec of the Peaco OiKce. Court House, Af.n Arbor. OOtfThis excellent coinpound for sale by iuq roprieioi's Agcnis. MAYNARDS. 263-1 y . STORE. Sign of the Big Anvil, Third Store sovth of the Square, on Main Street. npi-JE Subscribcr. having recé i ved Iiis winter .1 stock, WfulJ respectfully invito tu it in_ speciion Country Dealers, Mechanics. iind Farmers, conficlfiit tíiíii thcy wíl] lind thu assortment ns general lind complete, anti the priees as !ow (with ihe additjonal charge Cor Iransportation ou heavy goods) as at uny estabüshincnt of the kind in Detroit. ÍJis stock is compiised in part ol tho following uiticles FOR BLACKSM1TÍ1S. Jnniata. Swedes, and Olil Snble Bnr Iron ; JuniBta and Perú round oi.d square Iron, from :l-l(iil)8 lo 3 Helles ; Bind,Joop. Stake, and IloiseShoe Iron. ail sizes : jNorwegian and Oíd Sable Nnil Piüds ; American, Swedes, English Biistor,Geiman, artel Cast Sieel6, Albany Spring Stee!, Albany iv.ui'a Wagón and Sent Springs, Wagon Bo.xes, Sleigh and Cuite." Shoes, Moú lëable C.-stings of every possible foim, Hurse Naïls, Bórax. Borse Shoe Simpes, lusg Bands, Ar ni i tape Moiise fióle ur! Wriglit'a Anvils, Cotucl Keyed V ices, Wesi'a Bellows, Sled'gta and latid JJaminers. ílollow Augers, Files and liases of every shnpe and size. FOR CARPE.NTERS, A full ösjsort'menl of eastern Bentlt and MouU ding Toiild ; Phme Irons ; Millwriüht, Framing, Comer. Duck JJill, Piroier, and Tunin Chih-. el6 : Milhvriglu, Turning, and Firmcr Gougen ; GoricavCj Cor.cüvc Niu. and Common Augers; Augef-lípped, Centre. Spoor.-. Gouge, nnd Gm.b!ct Bitin ; Hand, Panel. Bnck. Corijp'nps, índ Keyliolc Üuwa ; Steel nnd Iron Squtues ; Try Squares, and Bevels ; Spiíit Jevels ; 2 and 4 oíd Rules ; Broad. Ha.d, and Narrow Axes ; Ati'.es, liainniers. Setis of Biíices and Bilig. FOR BüfLDERS. Cut Naüs from 2il to 60á, VVrought Nailü, Broad hcad and Kicislung Naüe, Cut BrifdV, Dry and Mixed Lead, Linsí ed Oil ; '"Bi-lleverjuin" Glaeslroin 7 by 9 tu lü by 14 ; Ameiican and Norfolk Lmches ; American and Knglish Ritn, Morüse, nnd Cotaj:c Locks muJ Lutuhes, witl ttosöwooil. Brnss. Mineral, and Plmed Knobs ; Casi. Taiifl', and VV-rouglit Bnti; Sert-ws, Bolis, DüOT Bella nnd Furnituro, BrasB Knockers. Cttern Punips. TUE FARMERS, vyjll fi id every niensil ilivy lequire. Axe?. Maiiure ;md Pitch Foiks, Iron and Cast Sieel Shov. e!a and Sondes, Grnss and Cradfe Sythes. Grmn Seuops, H'-es. Grubbinc Hdoh. Siiüw Knives, Crowb'afs, Pecft Ases, VVool and Hoise Crdi, Fiorsc Brui-hes iúd Curry Combe, Log, Trace, Coil, Wrapping, and Halter Chaina, IJOUSEKEEPKUS, can select from liie most SpIennTd assorimcnt of unifican and English Tulip Cntlery, Shear, Scisffors; Pon and Pocket Knives; Butter Knives, Iron. Bíitt;innia, Gennnn Sifver. nnd Í'Iuícií Tea .iiid Tablc Spoons ; Bn'nnnnia T:a and Coíl'ee l'ois : Brasa, Iroii. and Biitra:m'a Cundlesiicks n.( Janips. Smí!(Ms íjiiJ Traya, Tea Tray, BiaíSünd Jron Audirons, Shuvcls, and Tonos, Brnss Ketili-s nnd P.üs, Sad Iwaí, &c, &e., oelhJér vviiíi a arge aésortment ot Álbnny Cmt ' COOK, PARLO Ps & BOX STOVF.S, i'íof whicli. fjuviiiu purchttsed Tor Cush, he will )fi'or at moot reaSiUnnble lírms. ÍÍENHY V. WEÜfÜfes. A nn Arbor, Dec. % I.i!. 2J:Uly SELECT SCHOOL, MISS .1. B. Smiiii. aseisicd by Mies P, F:t:t.i), aniiou:;cos to iie ptlb'ltc tlint íhc ís l).-é).irëd lo receive young louies tito li r t-cdool iii ibebSiTuent room oí thc Episjupa! Chureh. - For ([(arifrof l'i weeUs. for Knglislí biaqchesfiym .' .vó; Fiench md Latin e.ti $::'Aiia tf.ü'gojliervHK :he Englihh suui.cs. or s('i;i;a(cly. n") ëoch'; 1 lie school will be luniithud wiih a Pbrlofippliical appara!is: írñd ocfftíóiiiil leciuree givcu on the fíotuwl Seiehci'8. Mrs. Muplis will ?ve nstrr.ciion lo nll wiio ;!esire ii, in Altlsic. Dííiwib'g, Paintingund NccdíeworK. Miss Smiili referg to the followingyenlienien: Professors Williiims, Ten Irook, and hecdon of the University; Hev. W. S. Curtí?, Rtv. Mr. Simons, Rcv. C. C. Taylor, ílon. E. Alun(!) , Wtri. S; iMavsi.'ird Efq, ' Ann Arbor. Ápnl 2í). 1,M6. 2í!2-if MICHIGAN LAÑO ANO TAX AGENCr. II. D. POST, Masón, lngham Couiity, Michigan. WILL atíend to the pnyment of Toxes, exaruinalióh of Tules, parchase and sale of Lands. ÍL-c. &c. Ahy buéineésentrúéicd tohim will be tranencted wiih promptness and aecuracy - Addrets bv niail. É$fefences, ("" pervi issiori . ) C. Hurlbui, Detroit, J. C. Hearit, iirotlitr & Co. WiKlcrA: tínow, 5 lr0VWoodbury. Avery & Co. ? ,r v . R. G. Williams, $ New Yorh' CHISAP STOVES AT Yl'SILAXTl! QÍK COOK1NG &PARLOR STOVES, - jtist roceived, by the Subeciiber, (mostly from Albany) making a gond assortment of thc late?l and best pailcrns. wiiich -v i 1 1 be sold at Loio Pitees! not to be undcrsokl this eide Lnko Erie! Also, Copper Furnilure, Cauloron Kc::Icp, Moüow V.'are of all sizce, Stove Pipe, Sheet Iron, Zink, &c. TIN WARE! Manufaníurcd, and conetantly kept on hand whicli will al$o h sold ver}' low. P. S. - Purchuscis will do well to cali and examine for their own satisfaction. J. M. BROWN. Ypsilanti, J:-ne 20. 1846. 27lt FOR SALE CMEAP fok CASH, or every kind of country Produce, Saddlcs, BridIes,ITarness, Trunks, Valises, Trunk Vatisés, Carjict Bags, Sfc. Also a 00a assortrnent of VVhips &. L.íshes, whicli will be suld very low, nnd no miatnke, at (;OOK & ROMNSOxVS. Ann Arbor, August 12, 1846. 277-tf E. G. BURGER, Dentist, FIRST ROOM OVER C. M. & T. W. ROOT'fl STORE, JRANK $ JKWETr'fi BL0CK 2fl-tf ANN ARBOR, íí A R MITA GE Mouse fióle" Anvii. J '-Wiiaht'e" do. Coitcrel Keyed Viccs. We.m's beat Bellows', [i(] to 3(5 inchess. Sk-dics, Ilanii IJonimers, FiKs and Rnsps of eve'v Icih'd, can be found at thc Iron Store, sign of the Big Anvii. IIENRY W. WELLES. Ann Aroor, Jan. 10, 1847. 2Í8-Jy


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