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Township Elections

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In aboui ihree weeks the election for Township Ofïïcers will be held al] over the State. We would say a lew words to Liberiy men in reference to what we conceivo to be the path of duty and of wisdom on this occasion. 1. Liberty men cannot uniic with the proslavery partios by voting for proslavery candidates, without bearing falsc witnessto their professed principies. Such nction on the part of Liberty men, would notonly be direeily conirary to the first principies of the Liberty party, but would abulish the principie of all political oppoiiion to Slavcry. All action of this kind has been ba ed upon the posilion that an advocate and defender of Slavery as it is, is not worthy of the vote of an antislavtry man.2. Such a courso would be suicidal to Liberty men. They are toiling to secure anti-slavery tetion on the one hand : on the other, they vote for the supremacy of car.didates and parties who are opposing the objects they seek. Victories thus acquired by the help of Liberty men, will be heralded as a " Great Demon-atic Triumph ! " r as on u Unparalleltd W hig Victory ! " In these triumphs, Liberty men will make about the same appearance that the captive kings and generáis did ín the triumphal shows of the Roman commanders - they will merely svvell tho splendor of the pageant. 3. Such acourse would give the impression that Liberty men had entirely renounced thtir principies. If they could be induced to vote for a proslavery man for Supervisor, hy would they not support' the same man for Senator or Representative % 4t. The truc course is to get together in season, and nominale tried antislavery men, and give them your cordial support. This will show that you mean to be mnnly and consistent ; and the bare nomination of the ticket will be a testimony to the estimation you place upon your anüslavery principies. 5. In those places where a full ticket cannot be nominaied, the least that antislavery men can consistently do is to withhold their support f rom the proslavery cand dates. If theyennnot act positively, here at leaí-t they can show their faith by a refusal to support the avowed enemies of those principies they most highly value. 6. Defect ion f rom antislavery principies at the township elections will prepare the minds of Liberty men for further defection at the election of more important officers. 7. EfForts will be made to draw antislavery men into the support of this or that candidate on Tem-perance grounds. or for the purpose of defeating the election of notoriously bad men. Our own opinión, although opposed to that of some of our friends, is against any such amalgnmation. Tobe consistent and successful, we must adhere to our principies : and the great principie of poütical antislavery is to suitort no pro-slavery man. This ' One Idea ' is a right one, and we shall find our success and influence, and our own solf respect, will be best promoted by invariably adhering to it.(C5 We think of commencing next week the publieation of Senator Corwin's Speecli on the Mexican War, as re visee by hirhself. It is rather long, but it takes maiuly the grounds occupied by the liberty papers - thnt the war was unneces8ary and unjüst, and iherefore should immediafely come to an end by the voluntary wilhdrawal ofour army and fleef, and the consummation of peaco on the mos! iiberal principies, indeed, this is the ground of the whole Liberty party, nnd in advocaling it, in the face ofgreat opposition from his own party, Mr. Corwin is entitled the support and commendation of Liberty men. Qr The íast Era brings us a correeled speech of Senator Cilley on the Mexican War. It does not vary essentially from the report we gave last week; and goes strong for a powerful invasión of Mexico next year, provided peace ennnot be made in the mean time. Mr. J. G. AVhitier, in the Era, expresses a strong disapproval of it, as does also_the Liberty Press, (tj5 Gentlemen who have writlcn us respect;ng the irregularity in the reception of iheir papers nre assurcd that tliey ire punctually mailed, and the fault lies wilh ihe postmesters. We shall use every ixertion to discover the origin of the evil, ind have it rectified.


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