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Old News Way Back Day: January 29, 1951

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 7:15pm


This month Old News travels back 65 years to [|January 29, 1951] and the [|grand opening] of [|Eberwhite School]. We found a wealth of material on Eberwhite so we've posted over 200 articles and photos all the way back to the original [|land swap] with the University of Michigan, the laying of the [|cornerstone] in 1950, [|construction], and the hundreds of events and milestones throughout the years. Many of the [|photos] we've posted were never published in the Ann Arbor News so we don't have [|names] to go with the [|faces]. We'd love to hear from the [|alumni,] faculty and [|families] of Eberwhite to make the history more complete.

There was plenty of other local news reported on the 29th. Fire destroyed the [|Riverside Bar and Bowling Alley] in Ypsilanti. The Ann Arbor Public Schools announced the first annual [|Bands In Review] program featuring bands from [|Ann Arbor High School] and [|Slauson] and [|Tappan] Junior Highs. On the sports front, Dave Dingman dominated the [|All-City Skating Meet] at Burns Park. The University of Michigan opened its track season with a meet that featured a mysterious [|missing lap] in a medley relay. While the Kiwanis [|thanked] city residents for their generous support of the fundraising Rummage Sale, an Ann Arbor News [|editorial] wondered why the citizens of Washtenaw county were failing to support the Polio Drive. [|Weddings] and [|births] were announced, [|plays] produced and [|movies] promoted. [|Television] replaced radio as the mainstay of home entertainment with shows like Kukla, Fran and Ollie, Milton Berle and Studio One. Our favorite advertisement of the day was the Modern Appliance Co. display ad for the amazing [|Spindrier] that featured several ladies dancing, celebrating and hugging the appliance.