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It was hundreds of years after World War II had ended. The Nazis were taking their hourly patrol around the shanty houses that everyone else in the world called home. We are all known as the inferior race, simply because we’re not Aryan. Ever since Hitler and the Axis Powers won World War II, it had been this way. It looked like the United States was going to turn the tides of the war, but when President Roosevelt died, the US lost all hope and wasn’t able to carry on with the war at the same pace they were before. That eventually led to the downfall of the allies. Roosevelt’s death left the Russians virtually on their own, with the United States nowhere near 100 percent, France always being on a retreat, and the British having already virtually been taken over. Germany’s sheer firepower overwhelmed the Russians and they had no choice but to give in to the Germans. The Nazis controlled the world.

Hitler spread his hatred of Jews throughout the world and the religion was no longer practiced. The penalty for practicing Judaism was death, so no one dared attempting to. The current dictator, Douglas Knox V, had the most hatred toward the Jews of any dictator since Adolf Hitler himself. He was not liked or respected as a dictator, no one was even quite sure of how he gained the power in the first place. No one dared to question him just out of fear of the Nazi army. However, there are swirling rumors of some sort of rebellion against Douglas from the inside Nazi party.

There was one person who everyone tended to avoid in very run-down town in northern Illinois. He went by the name of Joseph Salit, and he was convinced that an revolution would rise up at some point in the near future, and he proclaimed it daily. Most of the people disregarded what he said, for he was incredibly old, he was over 150 years old. It was a wonder that he was still alive. He even claimed to have known Douglas Knox I, he said he was an awful person, even worse of one than Douglas Knox V. Everyone disregarded Salit as if he was crazy, except one member of the Nazi guard whose family had once been close to the Salits. His name was, Johnny Frolorerro. Johnny was one of the Nazi members who thought very badly of Dictator Knox. He had only joined out of fear, he just wanted a better life.

One day, Johnny told the other members of his patrol that he would take the patrol in the Northern Illinios sector, where Salit lived. Once he got there, he made his rounds ridiculously quickly and got to Salit’s house. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door. He heard Salit’s footsteps coming to the door. Salit opened the door with a sudden jolt and said, “What do you want”, with his words slightly slurred together. At first, Johnny had no idea how to respond.

Finally, Johnny muttered, “Mr. Salit, my name is Johnny Frolorerro, I believe you knew my family?”

“Frolorerro eh?” Salit muttered under his breath, “Come on in”. Johnny entered Salit’s home not knowing what to expect inside. Inside, the house was fairly normal, however Salit seemed to have a large amount of drumsticks and flannels. Salit started talking in a slow, slightly untrusting voice. “Have a seat’”, as he gestured to a chair.

“Mr. Salit, I have heard that you are against Dictator Knox V and most of his actions”, Johnny said tentatively.

Salit interrupted quickly in a very paranoid manner, “Where did you hear that? That’s outrageous, I have no idea what you’re talking about”.

Johnny realized that he was still in his Nazi uniform, “Mr. Salit, don’t worry, I agree with you, Knox is out of control”, Johnny said as he took off his uniform shirt so that he only had an undershirt on. He then threw the uniform shirt to the ground and stomped on it to prove his opposition of the Nazis.

“Okay kid, I get your point,” Salit said as he relaxed in his chair, “First off, call me Joey, not Mr. Salit”, Joey extended his hand out for a handshake, “You said your name was Johnny, right?”

Johnny shook Joey’s hand and responded, “Yes, Johnny Frolorerro”.

Joey continued, “Second, why did you join the Nazis if you are who you say you are, because every Frolorerro that I ever met, not one of them would join the Nazis”.

“I did it to try to make my life better, I was in a bad jam and I needed the money to live”.

“Okay, I see, so why are you coming to me now” Joey asked

“I want to start a revolution”, Johnny said very bluntly.

“Are you crazy?”, Joey asked.

“No, no sir, not at all, I’m completely sane”, Johnny answered very quickly.

“Wrong answer” Joey said with a slight chuckle in his voice, “If anyone is going to take down the dictator of an entire planet, they’re going to have to be really crazy. You can’t do anything predictable, if you’re predictable, you will die”.

“Oh, I see what you did there, that was clever”, Johnny said breaking a smile.

“We don’t have time to compliment each other”, Joey said almost aggressively.

“Time!”, Johnny exclaimed as he looked at the clock, it was almost time for him to report back to the base, “Oh my god, I need to leave so I don’t seem suspicious, thank you for all your help Joey, I’ll see you tomorrow” Johnny said as he put his uniform shirt back on.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then”, said Joey waving goodbye to Johnny.

Johnny got back to the base on time making sure to look as normal as possible. He was always expecting to be questioned about his patrol, but he never was. He was high-strung and paranoid for the next few hours, but after that, he was able to calm himself down. He layed in his bed later that night, just staring at the ceiling and thinking of what is and isn’t predictable. He did this until he eventually fell asleep.

Over the next few months, he went to Joey’s house everyday, when he went there, Joey told him all of his words of wisdom and Johnny told Joey what he knew about the inner workings of the Nazi Party. Together, they came up with a plan to overthrow Knox and the Nazis. They had the plan in place, but now all they needed were people that would be willing to put their lives on the line to overthrow the government. So for the next few weeks, during Johnny’s patrol, instead of making sure nothing was going wrong in the sector he went around door to door finding every able body that he could to help. People willing to volunteer were anything but short to come by. So many people had the same attitude of, “dying while fighting for a cause is much better than just dying of hunger or natural causes”. Johnny not only did this in the Northern Illinois sector, he did this in every sector he patrolled. Johnny knew that just a few sectors on his own wasn’t going to cut it. So one night, he got together some of his fellow patrolmen and told them the plan, and to his amazement, all of them agreed and told Johnny that there are others at the base who were talking about starting a revolution, but, unlike Johnny, none of the others had taken any steps to actually starting one. Johnny may have convinced the patrolmen of Illinois, but he wasn’t sure how much success he would have in other states. His ultimate goal was to overthrow the Nazi party as a whole, but he knew he would have to first just take back the United States.

Johnny worked with Joey to convince the leader of his base, Ron Alcatraz to keep the revolution a secret. The leaders didn’t really have much of a choice, Joey and Johnny had an entire state backing them up. The leaders of all the states had a yearly meeting coming up, there it was Joey and Johnny’s plan to have Ron, go and discuss the idea of a revolution with other states and if any state was on board with one, to tell them that one was in the making, and that they would be a great help to it. Of course this will have to be done outside of the actual meeting, so that the central government doesn’t become suspicious of Illinois.

It was the day of the meeting of the states. Joey and Johnny waited impatiently at Joey’s house, trying to see who they could and could not trust, the suspense was killing them. Neither of them were saying a word or wanted to. They sat in silence all night, waiting for Ron to return. Then they heard the car enter the neighborhood. Both Joey and Johnny’s hearts were pounding in anticipation. Ron pulled up by the house and came in, “We have a lot of support”, Ron said as Johnny and Joey let out a sigh of relief.

Still trying to catch his breath, Johnny muttered, “Who do we have”.

“First off, we have almost every other state on our side”, Ron replied with a sense of amazement. “Everyone I talked to told me that they would be willing to help. However, I didn’t dare talking to Maryland or Virginia, they are pretty much the central government and I don’t think that we can trust them”.

“Good, that was a smart call, the last thing we need is for outsiders to know about our movement”, Joey said, he seemed to have calmed down.

Ron continued, “But they won’t be any challenge to us because we have the rest of the country on our side”.

Joey and Johnny were at peace, they knew they had started the revolution. Over the next month, the revolution grew more and more. The revolution took over Maryland and Virginia with ease, the revolution overwhelmed the capital of the former US. Johnny was elected to be the leader of the revolution. Johnny started the revolution, but he was nowhere near finished. He will not rest until he knew that Knox couldn’t hurt anyone ever again.



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