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I had never seen a ghost, but like they say there’s a first time for everything. A young ghost is staring at me ‘Jodi, Jodi’, it seems too say, yet it does not use a mouth. As I take a step away, I trip over my brother, Spencer’s tombstone. ‘Are you afraid of me Jodi?’ it silently asks me. Guilt takes over and I scream.


“Jodi, Jodi’ It is a familiar voice ‘JODI WAKE UP.”

“Don’t shout, you could hurt her,” It’s a woman's voice, with a heavy accent, I open my eyes, two people swim around me, blurry like a frozen video.

“Jodi!” a small arm wraps around me as I struggle to focus. When my vision clears, I see Becky, “You’re alive,” she sobs

“Hey little sis,” I somehow manage to say “What happened?”

“Well,” Becky starts, but the woman next to her cuts in. I recognise her as Miss Westwood, the english woman that lives next to the graveyard.

“I was visiting my son when I found your sister looking for you,” Miss Westwood pauses then goes on, “We heard you scream,  and found you here” she gravely finishes. While she had been telling me this I looked around, there was nothing in sight.

A few days later I am as right as rain, but I can still not grasp what I saw in the graveyard. The ghost reminded me of someone, something and a tragic day.  

That night I had the same nightmare. It was a cold night, Max Westwood, Spencer and Jodi Lee were driving late at night coming home from the latest ‘Lara Croft’ Movie. Max and I were teasing him about his massive crush on ‘Miss Croft’, “Lara and Spencer sitting in a tree,” I start and Max joins in, “K-I-S-S-I-N-G”

“Stop,” Spencer says blushing “and Miss Lee, a 5 year old like you shouldn’t even be thinking about love.”

“How many times do I have to tell you,” I moan, “I am 12.”

“Yes you are.” Spencer says in an infuriating voice.

“Dude, keep your eyes on the road,” Max says.

“What’s that?” I say pointing to a ginormous hole in the road.

“It’s a sinkhole!” Max shouts, he pulled on the handbrake, it broke off..  Spencer opened my door and undid my seatbelt. “What are you doing?” I scream.

“Not losing you GET OUT” he shouted at me

“I don’t want to lose you either, I am not leaving you”

“Yes you are” Spencers replies for the second time that night, as he pushes me out the door. I see the car fall and I collapse in tears...


I wake up, covered in a cold sweat, according to my clock it’s midnight. Jazz is on the end of my bed. As I  grab her and cuddle her soft black fur, I sob, “It’s all my fault.” The accident had stopped his heart as well as my life. Eventually I drifted off around 5.00 am with Jazz on my chest.


I wake up to Jazz licking me on my nose ‘meow’ she purrs. “Alright, I know you’re hungry, I’m getting up” I grumble. Before I can move, Becky comes in with a plate of scrambled eggs covered in tomato sauce “I still don’t get why you like scrambled eggs with tomato sauce,  you are soooooo weird” she says

“I’m the weird one,” I say, “You like them with MUSTARD!”

“What? They’re nice” she says. While we argued, I finished my breakfast and made plans for the day. I was going back to the graveyard.


“NO, NO, NO,” Becky says, “You are not going back without me, what if you faint again?”

“I won’t, I promise” I answer

“Why do you need to go so badly anyway?” she asks

“Umm, I, well” I stammer not prepared for this question even though I knew it would be asked.

“Yes?” Becky prompts.

“I saw Spencer!” I blurt out.

“WHAT,” Becky exclaims, “He’s been dead for 3 years.”

“I know it is hard to  believe,” I explain, “but I did see him but before I could talk to him I fainted”

“You’re not going,” Becky says, as she feels my forehead, “You must have Paramnesia*”

“I do not have paramnesia,” I say indignantly,  “but too make you happy I won’t go”

In the graveyard I feel just a  guilty about lying to Becky, but I am used too that feeling. Beside the tombstone I call ‘Hello?, Anybody there?’ After a couple of minutes, I tried again “Hello?, Spencer?, Are you there?” This time I got a reply. “Jodi” He calls as he materialises in front of me.

“Yyyes,” I stutter.

“It wasn’t your fault” Spencer said softly.

“Yes it was,” I cry. “If I hadn’t argued and got out of the car when you told me to than you would have had time to get out”

“I wouldn’t have gotten out anyway, I would have stayed with Max.” Spencer tries to put his arm around me but it passes through.

“I miss you,” I whisper, “I wish I was with you.”

“No you don’t,” Spencer says in an low voice, “Than we would be leaving Becky all alone” Becky was only 5 when Spencer had passed and didn’t remember much about him.

“Is Max here?” I ask.

“Yes” said a voice, its body floating out of the darkness.

“MAX” I rush to hug him but run straight through.

“Still can’t get me even when I’m standing still” he teases.

A question strikes me “Can you both fly?”

Spencer and Max  grin at each other “That depends” Spencer starts and Max finishes, “Are you afraid of heights?”

I wake up in my bed, memories of last night flood through me like a  river. Max and Spencer had taken me all around the world, flying at almost the speed of light.

I have not had the nightmare for the first time in two years, and I doubt I ever will.

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