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The Case of the Missing Collar


Once upon a time, there was a small penguin and right now she was in a very intense case.  “So you said you saw Bob the bear sneak into your house,” she asked him. “Yes and then he stole my shell polish!” Herman the turtle replied. The jury gasped. She knew Bob had no motive to steal his shell polish and after a while they learned Bob just snuck in to get his jacket while Herman was sleeping and trying not to wake him up. Herman just misplaced the polish (like he does everything else).  And so she happily skipped hopped back home, not knowing one way or another this would be her last case at leopard law firm…   

The next morning she awoke to her boss's ringtone. She sighed and got ready for work. Of course she stayed up late last night doing extra research on her next case. “detectives these days,” she mumbled. She drove her little light pink car to Leapord law firm to find cats scrambling across the cubicles, snail speed sliding to the secretary's desk (in a very fast manner for snails,) and Lisa leopard standing in the middle of it. “Ahh, Beth Anne you are here! Take this case,” she said and frantically shoved paperwork into Beth’s hands.

She sat down in her beige, cramped, little cubicle and started reading. Her eyes got big and she became paler than usual. She gasped, “Someone stole Krista Cat’s ruby red collar, and I’m defending the culprit!” It seemed to her this company was always on the wrong side but she loved being a lawyer not necessarily working for this company.  She sighed and got back to work now knowing why everyone was so jumpy.

On her way out she ran into Lisa “Hey Beth Anne, who's my favorite employee?” “Uh Joe?” Beth replied “No silly it’s you! Would you be a dearie and be the detective for this case? We don’t have enough in the budget” she asked. “Uhhh,”she tried to answer no. “Ok thanks!” Lisa said without her answer and shoved a trench coat, fedora and notepad into her hands.  “I don’t think it’s legal to have me be a detective and a lawyer,” Beth said to her. “Well tough cookies to Judge Jellyfish,” she said with a “no biggie” kind of look even though it was a big biggie in Beth’s opinion. She slipped on her uniform (coat and hat) and then remembered how poorly the detective did for her other cases and decided to try to do better.

It was a short walk to Krista’s house-well palace!! It was snow white and had a glittery dome on the top with columns just for decoration not contributing to the structure of the house.  Nervously she rang the doorbell which sounded beautiful and especially recorded for Krista.

“Hello,” she said “and you are?” “Beth Anne, I went to school with you for like 4 years but then skipped a few grades,” Beth replied. “Oh yeah I’m also the new detective,” “Oh, go ahead” Krista said and Beth walked into the palace. The inside looked better than the out! It was also white and sparkly with a few accents of red here and there showing those were her favorite colors. She started with the living room and looked around a little. “Where did you last see the collar?” Beth asked her. “It was in it’s case on my dresser,” she replied.” So Beth walked into an elevator and on the top floor there was her room. She looked and found the case (which was much like a retainer case but for her collar and bedazzled) and stuck in between the the two halfs was a small shred of graph paper. It was covered in flour. “hmm..” Beth Anne said aloud but quietly and stuck the paper in between two papers in her notepad and wrote down the flour thing.

“Was anyone else here when you noticed it was gone?” she asked. “Daisy, my assistant,” she replied and she quietly led Beth to the kitchen to find Daisy scrubbing the floor. She looked more like a maid, sadly. “Why hello there! I’m Daisy the wallaby!” she said in a spunky sounding mood. “I’m Beth Anne, the new detective,” I replied. “did you find anything suspicious, going on or anything weird.” “No, I didn’t, I’m sorry,” she said and Beth decided to head home for the day. She went home to start working on the lawyering half of the case. “Let’s see here, Krista claims that Daisy stole her collar!! Why would little old Daisy steal her collar?” She said and quietly headed to bed.

The next morning she awoke and headed straight for Krista’s house, she rang the doorbell and Daisy answered. “Good morning! Come on in,” Daisy said friendly. Beth stepped inside and started in the kitchen. She looked around and didn’t find anything until she stepped into the pantry to find a world's best… apron hanging on the door. It said world's best.. but the rest  was covered in brown sugar. Beth quickly took note of this in her notebook. “Have you noticed anything weird lately?” Beth asked Daisy. “Well, yes we are short some raspberries and blackberries, and also we ran out of soap in the bathroom which was weird because it was half full earlier.

So they went to check out the missing berries in the refrigerator.  Yep, there were missing berries and paw prints in purplish blackish color on the container. She took note of this and headed to the bathroom. The soap container was empty with and piece of eggshell in the sink which was very weird. Then now thinking she had enough to put the pieces together for the case (Even though wallabys don’t have paws shaped like that.). She headed back to leapord law firm.

She drove over there and walked into the door to be greeted by Lisa. “There is my favorite detective!” She said and Beth realized she forgot to take off her fedora and quickly took it off. “Here is a razzleberry pie for you!” Lisa said and handed Beth Anne a pie as she headed for her cubicle. Beth sat down and then her eyes widened and her mind went back to last years Christmas party. She remembered Lisa handing out cookies wearing a world's best boss apron!! Beth quickly grabbed the apron out of her bag and wiped it off,” Yes!!” She said ready for the case the next morning.

She and Daisy quickly hopped into the court and took their seats in the front. Finally after a long speech by Judge Jellyfish it was finally her turn to talk!!! She was on the edge of her seat the whole time. “I call Lisa leopard to the stand!” The crowd gasped and Lisa’s face turned white with nervousness. “Where did you get the ingredients for the pie you made me?” she asked. Judge Jellyfish scowled thinking this is a waste of his time. “Umm… Walmart.” she said. “Ok where is your receipt?” She patted her pockets and sighed. “I don’t have one,” she finally said. Beth nodded at the owl sitting in the back as he turned on the polaroid picture of Lisa in a World’s best boss apron with Christmas 2014 written on the bottom part onto the monitors. Beth held up the apron and announced “Is this yours?”  “Yes,”  “and were you at Krista’s house Wednesday?” “Yes.” the Judge and the rest of them gasped. “ I claim that Lisa is guilty of collar theft because she needed the money for the law firm!”


After a few more arguments the judge said “I found that Lisa Leopard is guilty of collar theft with evidence of graph paper, an apron and a pie!” He said and banged his gavel on the raised desk or bench. After that case, Beth quit her job at the soon-to-close law firm and Daisy quit her job too. They started a detective company together, Krista got her collar back and they all became good friends. That was Beth Anne’s last case at the law firm and the best one she ever had.


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