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In heaven we are God’s helpers. We watch over everyone on Earth and I believe that’s what I do best. My name is Castiel and I’m an angel. I always follow the rules and never get in trouble. God gives everyone jobs. For example, my friend’s job is to answer phone calls from Earth and give the message to their loved ones here in heaven. My job is to take care of the ones in Earth. I get assigned to a human and take care of him or her for a few years until they die. It has always been this way. That’s until I met her.

“Castiel, I have a new job for you” God told me “You have to go to Hell and bring back someone that doesn’t deserve to be there.” he continued.

“I thought angels couldn’t go to Hell” I asked. I was scared but I didn’t want to admit it.

“This is a special occasion, there’s somebody in Hell that wasn’t supposed to die and you need to bring him here” God explained “His name is Kenai”

I followed God instructions and now I found myself in Hell. It was a very hot place and I could hear people screaming from far away.

“Welcome to Hell, can I help you with anything?” A lady who I assumed was the secretary said. She was dressed in all black making me feel weird in my white attire and wings.

“I’m looking for someone named Kenai. I’m here to take him to heaven” I told the secretary. She typed something in her computer and then called someone on the phone. I was waiting awkwardly in front of the desk when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around.

“I’m Amy and this is Kenai, I will accompany you and him to heaven” She said. She had the bluest eyes I had ever seen with midnight black hair and she also was wearing all black. I then noticed that a man was standing next to her; he had brown eyes and hair and was about the same height as me.

“Let’s get going then” I said. I couldn’t wait to leave this place.

We reached some stairs. And after what felt like years we finally reached a door which I opened. Inside the door there were tall buildings, busy people walking and cars honking. It was then that I noticed that this place wasn’t heaven.

“Welcome to New York” Amy said from beside me “To get to heaven we have to find Gabriel, he’s an angel and works disguised as a CEO in that building” she said pointing to one of the many skyscrapers.

“Why is she even coming with us?” Kenai asked. I shrugged and we both looked at Amy who rolled her eyes and said “I have to make sure you two make it alive, I’m just following instructions from the boss”

We went into a thrift shop to find some normal clothes; people were starting to look at us weird. I don’t blame them, Amy was wearing all black and I was wearing all white while Kenai was wearing bloody clothes from when he died in a car accident. After finding our new modern clothes, we caught a taxi.

Soon enough we reached the skyscraper, we paid the taxi driver and got out of the car. We went inside the building which looked as impressive as the outside.

“Um excuse me? We are looking for Gabriel…”  I didn’t know the last name so I looked at Amy and she whispered “Halo”

“Gabriel Halo” I finished

The secretary looked at me weird “The CEO? Do you have an appointment?” she asked skeptical

“No but he is expecting us. Can you just let us in?” I said hopefully “No I’m sorry but if you don’t have an appointment you must leave the building” she said

“Okay but I can just go to the bathroom really quickly?” Amy suddenly said

The secretary rolled her eyes but agreed anyways. “What is she planning on doing?” Kenai whispered to me, I replied that I didn’t know.  Kenai and I were sitting in the waiting room when we heard running and looked to where Amy had disappeared a few minutes ago. She pointed to the elevator, Kenai and I looked at each other alarmed but ran to the elevator anyways. The three of us got in the elevator just before the guards could catch us.

“Now what floor do you think the CEO is in?” Amy asked

“The CEO is always in the top floor” Kenai said and so Amy pressed the button with a 40 in it.

We got to the 40th floor after much awkward elevator silence and soon enough found a door that said Gabriel Halo: CEO. I knocked on the door, Amy and Kenai patiently waiting behind me. Soon someone said “Come in”

“Excuse me? Um Mr. Halo?”  I asked

“Yes. Amy, Castiel and Kenai, I have been waiting for the three of you” he said looking at us one by one. “Jesus just called me asking for all of you. Wait for me here, I’ll ask my secretary to call him back. You know how sucky the reception is in heaven” Saying that he left.

 “He has a rolling chair!” I heard Amy exclaim and soon she jump on the desk chair that Gabriel was sitting on a few seconds ago.

“Amy! Get off the chair, we’ll get in trouble” I said

“Live a little” she replied. Her blue eyes seem to be daring me. I just stared back, not knowing what to reply.

“Wow okay the tension is too much for me to handle” Kenai suddenly said.  Amy and I were still staring at each other but we slowly started leaning in to the point when our noses were almost touching.  I shook my head trying to come out of the trance she left me in.

“You blinked, I win” She whispered her pink lips turning in a little smirk. She leaned back in the chair and sighed out loud. “I wonder what these guy keeps in here” Amy said after a few minutes and started to open all the cabinets in Gabriel’s desk.

“Does he have any food?” Kenai asked Amy. He went to the desk and starting searching too. “Here some chips” Amy said giving Kenai a bag of half eaten chips.

“There’s a button in the bottom of the desk” Amy said looking under the desk, she then looked at me. Her expression changed to one of malice.

 “Don’t you dare press th-“

“Too late” she replied. And then Gabriel rushed in the office

“Who pressed the button?” he asked trying to keep his cool. We all looked at each other until Kenai said “It was me” Amy like me looked shocked but didn’t say anything when Gabriel grabbed Kenai and took him out of the office.

The next few hours we spend looking for Kenai. Amy seemed really upset at herself for causing this and although I was upset about Gabriel taking Kenai, I couldn’t make myself be mad at her. We didn’t find Kenai but we did find Gabriel later on. He told us that he send Kenai to heaven with another angel because of his behavior on Earth. And that I should go to heaven too. To Amy he said that she should return to Lucifer. And so that’s what we both did.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months, but I still couldn’t shake the thought of Amy out of my mind.  Angels fall in love really quickly but I don’t know if devils are like that, I doubt it. I thought that as time passed the memory of her eyes and laugh and the way she made me feel would disappear but it just grew stronger.

“I think I’ll go to hell today, I need to see her” I told Kenai who is now one of the receptionists in heaven

“You can’t do that! You’ll get in terrible trouble” Kenai replied worriedly

“I don’t care” I said. Kenai reassured me that he would try to keep my guard and with that I left that same night.  I sneaked in hell and somehow found Amy in one of the tortured rooms. Before I could change my mind I went up to her.

“Amy…” I lost my breath the moment she turned around and all the words that I wanted to say weren’t there anymore. She was even more beautiful than what I remembered.

“What are you doing here?” she asked surprised

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you, I had to see you” I said still in some type of trance.

“Really?” she said with what sounded like hope and relief. “Of course” I said and we just stared at each other for a few minutes. I admired the color of her hair to the way her lips were so pink.

“I love you” It was a thought that escape my mind, like a bird escaping a cage. I didn’t expect her to reply and I think she almost didn’t. But then I heard it “I love you too” it was so low and delicate, that if I would have taken a breath I wouldn’t have heard it.


That moment we forgot who was good and who was bad. Because all that matter was that I loved her and she loved me back. And so we escape heaven and hell and lived in Earth. The rest of our lives we loved as angels and sinned like devils.

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