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 Summer night. The air was moist, not a clouds in the sight, just stars and stars and more stars. Ten years ago the government raided everyone's houses and took away any one that was eighteen and older. All of the children were taken to a place we called “The Base”. We were trained to find anyone that was not a child and take them to the base. When they got there we were told they were flown to Mars where all of the children's family members were making Mars suitable for everyone to live once Earth got destroyed.


“All right everyone, wake up! It's time to wash up, and get dressed. Meet in the cafeteria at 0700” (7am) Captain Walker said. Each child lives in a dorm with mixed age and genders.


I live with four different children named Jinyoung, Habiba, and Parker. I have the biggest crush on Parker but I could never let him know! The government says we shouldn't focus on useless things like love because all we need to focus on is getting to our family. That's not true! They wouldn't know how love felt even if it hit in the face.  Love is just as important as seeing family.


Narrator speaking


“ugh, can't we just sleep a little bit longer”. “Jinyoung said hiding under his blanket. “Jinyoung get up! Captains says- “ Habiba says as Parker cuts her off. “Captain says, what he says is always right blah blah blah! That's all you say. Break rules for once”. “Habiba is right Parker, we need to get up and follow captain's orders before we get in trouble”. Jasmine says getting dressed. “Yeah we have a really busy day ahead of us. Our physicals are today and tonight we have to train for Friday's adult search”.


They all get dressed and meet in the cafeteria.  “Okay it's time for child count! Everyone get with your dorm groups. Dorm leaders need to do a headcount for their dorms”. Cadet Mason says. Time passes and Cadet Mason begins the child count. “Ethan Monroe! Where is Ethan Monroe of dorm Z? Dorm Z leader Julie Zou, have you done your full headcount”?

She looks up at him timidly. “Yes sir, I've done a full headcount….B-but Ethan is rely sick so I let him stay in bed today”. “Bring him down now”! Cadet Mason said. “But Sir, he really is sick and shouldn't be around the other children here”. Julie said avoiding eye contact. “Fine. Captain Walker we have a sick child on the base...what should we do”? “Find him. Kill him.” Captain said. The other Cadets go to dorm Z and drag Ethan out of his bed bringing him to the cafeteria.


“What are you doing?! He's just a kid ”! Jasmine says. “We can't risk to have any children get sick. This is to protect everyone else”. he says holding Ethan down. “Protect us? You people are sick! How can you just watch this child die all for being ill? What is wrong with you guys”? Jasmine says. “'s best you just stay out of this and keep your mouth shut. This is just how it goes, you get sick you die. I know it's cruel but that's just how it has to be”. Parker says. “Mr. Smith is right, you better just keep your mouth shut or else! Now move aside Jasmine”.

As Cadet Mason loads his gun Jasmine hits it out of his hand. “Ethan run”! Jasmine yells. Ethan runs as fast as he could. “Jasmine Khalif you just assaulted a Cadet”. Cadet Mason says. A tall boy with black hair came behind me and grabbed my wrist. “Assault? She didn't even lay a finger on you! Are you stupid or just wanting trouble”? Parker says shoving the cadet. He grabs her arm and they both run for the door. “Find them now, and lock all the doors and windows”!

Captain Walker said to the cadets.


Jasmine speaking


Is this even real? First I do my first rebellious deed and now...I’m with Parker Smith! This can’t be real life. Okay, okay I need to snap out of it right now! My life is on the line. “Jasmine, we need to find a place to hide quick okay”? Parker said with a shaky breath from running so much. “Oh...uh yeah we do. let’s go in this closet for now”. I say taking him in the closet with me. I know i’m supposed to be worrying about the cadets finding us because we have a 50/50 chance of getting killed but I can’t believe i’m alone with my love. He covers my mouth to make sure I don’t make a sound. “Stay quiet. I hear them coming near”. He says. As the footsteps get louder and louder the more I get worried about the huge mistake I made of opening my big mouth. I hear low voices but cannot tell if it’s another child or the cadets that ran looking for us. The door knob begins shaking. Beads of sweat started forming on my forehead as the door slowly opened. “Hurry we don’t have much time”. A boy said. I’ve never seen him at the base before.


He was kind of tall, brown eyes, and ragged black long hair. He looked a bit dirty, and smelled like old raw fish. “who are you? how did you know we were in here”? Parker said reluctantly going with him. “My name is Kira Takagami age nineteen. I came to help you”. “Your nineteen? How is that possible? They send anyone who turns eighteen up to Mars with their family”. I ask.

“I’ll explain later. Go in this room, they won’t find us in here”. Kira said entering the room. We weren’t alone in that room. There were three more children in there.

“W-what is this place? Where are we”? Parker asks. “A place with no rules”. One of the children said. It was a girl with long straight red hair and big bright blue eyes. “Name”? I said. “Unknown”. The girl said. “Well that’s a pretty dumb name for a place you guys act so secretive about”. Parker said. “The name isn’t “Unknown” moron. We have no name for it because we don’t need one. It’s just a place so we can get away from sick people that don’t care about our well being. I’m not gonna follow their rules if they don’t even have an inch of respect for me”. Kira said. Parker just stood there in silence for a while.


“You seem like a cool guy and all but can I ask one question”? I ask. “Sure”

Kira replies. “How are you still here if you should have been flown to Mar with your family”? I ask. “I got here ten years ago and ever since I've had high hopes that one day I would finally see my mom. Every holiday and birthday I would write a letter to her and give it to Captain Walker to fly it to her in space. I did that year after year and nothing. No reply ever. I lost hope of her even being alive still at age fifteen. I became smart enough to know this place isn’t what the government is wanting us to think. Something is going on. There’s a reason they don’t want us seeing our family. So on my eighteenth birthday I ran away from everyone.

I needed to be alone because I knew if I would have stayed and let them send me to space my family wouldn't have been there to see me”. “How do we know we can trust you? Just because you tell us some sad story that could have been made up does not mean we feel bad for you so don’t get any wrong ideas okay”! Parker says. “I’m not asking for your trust. I just want to keep fellow rebels safe from the government”. Kira said. “I think it's amazing that you're helping us Kira. We need to hurry and find out what's really going on with the government and our family, we need to know the truth”. I say. “Kira has been keeping us safe for a while now. We only have a few rule here. Disobey the authority and keep this place a secret from anyone. If you're joining us you have to forget anyone out there, you can’t trust anyone that’s following the government anymore okay”? One of the girls said. “Fine”. Parker and I both say at the same time. “Well I guess if we are going to be living together we should introduce ourselves.


I’m Jasmine Khalif, born September 15th, 2057”. “Parker Smith born March 8th, 2057”. “You already know me. I’m Kira, these are the brains of our group Anya and Sanjay Khan, and this is Victoria Murphy, she knows all about the Base. Every worker that’s ever worked, child that has ever stepped foot here, and where every room is in the Base. Then there's me, I lead them to make sure everything goes as planned. So...what can you guys do”? “I’m good with anything dealing with mechanics if that’s any help”.  Parker said cocily. “Good! How about you Jasmine”? Victoria asked. “uh...actually i’m not sure what i’m good at. I really don’t do much”. I say. “That’s okay for now. You’ll probably find out sooner or later, everyone has a talent”. Kira says smiling at me. His smile, voice, and those all seems so familiar to me, as if I already met him. Like I know him.


Date: August 15th, 2074

Time flew by as we were all together. It was like we were a real family. It’s so hard to believe that in exactly a month I’ll be eighteen. I can see my family. My mom. It’s been a few weeks, about two and a half since I met Kira and the others. We’ve all gotten pretty close, but I still feel some tension between Parker and Kira. I’m almost positive they are both in love with me but don’t want to admit it. How tiresome! A love triangle is so hard for me to deal with. I don’t blame them for fighting over me honestly, I would fall in love with me too. Oh! I almost forgot to mention the twins and Victoria. Sanjay is a mute and blind, Anya doesn't speak a word of English. It’s really strange because somehow they can still communicate with each other. Victoria is so fun to be around, plus she is the cooking god!


“Group meeting everyone”! Kira said. “What is it Kira”? Victoria asked. “Tonight's the night. The anniversary date of when the Base was formed to “save” us”. Kira replied. “So?” Parker said snarkily. “So mister wise guy, that means the Bases from all around the world are having a huge party here tonight. This is our opportunity to finally find something out about this Hell hole guys”! Kira said. “Is that safe? What if someone gets hurt? It just sounds a bit risky to me”. Parker says. “I hate to say this but Parker is right. We have never done anything like this before and if the Base leaders are as mean and bad as we think than we could get really hurt doing this. If they find out we escaped our dorms then who knows what they would do to us Kira”. Jasmine said. “I thought this was what you guys wanted! Don’t you want to know what happened to your family? The government is obviously ,hiding something from us”. Kira replied.  

“Well we don't know for sure! We have no proof. Why would the government protect us if they were trying to kill is all along? I know you're sad about your mom never replying to your letters but maybe she's dead….I'm not trying to bring you down but it seems like you're just trying to blame the government to cover that fact that you're in denial about her death”. Parker said.

“In denial? That's what you think this is? r sorry but and this is the thanks I get”? Kira said. “H-hey...stop p-please”. Anya said. “Anya? Did….you just talk”? Victoria said. “This is amazing! I had no idea you knew how to say..well anything”. Jasmine said. “When I come to I am here and….so I learn little bit too”. Anya replied. “Say more”! Kira says. “uh….H-Hello I’m Anya”. She said laughing nervously.


“Hey I uh...have to go and get something. It' my dorm”. Parker said. “Dorm, Why would you go back there? You would get killed out there”. Jasmine said.

“What's with this sudden need to get something? The dinner with all of the Base leaders is going on now I bet”. Victoria said. “Great! Let get ready to prepare for our attack on them”. Kira said. “Attack? I never agreed to any of that. I said I wouldn't do it okay”?! Parker said. “Let's just do it. We either die in here due to lack of food and water, or we could have a 50/50 chance of living by fighting the people who pretty much kidnapped us. Your choice”. Jasmine said. Parker takes in a deep breath and sighs. “I know you miss your family, don’t we all? I want us to finally see our family and escape this world where the government is basically controlling everything! How we think, what we wear, and how we live. I’m going with or without you guys….If you want to come then let’s go now”! Kira said. “No! Not without me, I’m coming with you”. Jasmine says. “Me too”. Victoria said. Anya and Sanjay both nod their heads in agreeance. “So, how bout you big shot? You comin or what”? Kira said. “No. You can have fun doing what you want but i’m staying here. I’m staying safe”. Parker said. “Fine. Let’s go guys”. Jasmine said. They all leave and Parker stays in their room.


At the dining hall in the Base

“It was so nice of you to invite us all here for dinner Captain Walker”. The leader of the Base in Britain. “I can show you around if you want. All of the children are in their dorms sleeping”. Captain Walker said. “Sure, let’s go see”. The Captain of China said. They all walked around to a secret room looked down for only the Base leader. Kira and the others followed behind them. “Okay, we have to stay quiet. I will go in there and get a map to the Base. Stay here guys”. Kira whispered. “ will you get in there. The door is locked and you need a-” Victoria said until Kira cut her off. He put a key to the room in her face. “ really are amazing” Jasmine said smiling. Kira opened the door slowly and went in the room. As Kira walked in the room all of the leaders looked at him. “Who the heck are you”? One of the leaders said to him.  “O-oh… I’m one of leaders. I just came late but I was told that you all were in here”. Kira said. “Oh great! We were just  talking about one of the children here. Names Jasmine Khalif, her birthday is tomorrow. Captain Walker said. “I see...well what do you plan on doing with her”. Kira said. “What else? Float her. Shes turning eighteen so we have to let her go” A captain from Spain said.

Outside the room

Jasmine’s ear was up against the door listening in. “Jasmine what is it? What are they saying”? Victoria asked. Jasmine was to paralyzed in fear to even respond to her. Her mind all went blank. “Jasmine”! Anya said shaking her arm. “What was that sound”? Captain Walker said. “Oh… uh it must just be in your head. I didn’t hear anything”. Kira says nervously laughing. “No I think I did. Hey what base are you from anyways guy”? One of the leader asked. “um…..I-I'm from Japan's Base”. Kira said. “The Japanese Base leader said he couldn't make it today”. Captain Walker said slowly walking closer to him. Kira runs out of the room. “Guys let's go! Now”! Kira said grabbing Jasmine’s hand. “W-What happened in there”? Jasmine said. He took all of them in a closet hiding them. “Don't worry about it. We have to plan a way out of here quick before they come and kill us”. Kira said. “Did you get...uh the map”? Anya asked. “Of course I did”. Kira says pulling it out showing them. “yes! Now we gotta find a way out of this place”. Victoria said. “Show us the map”. Jasmine said grabbing it. They all look it over. “Wait a sec”. Jasmine said. “What is it”? Anya said. “There… isn't an exit on this map”. Jasmine said. “What? How is that possible”. Victoria said. “They really don't want us to leave this place do they”? Kira said. “What do we do? How will we leave without an exit”. Jasmine said. “We make an exit”. Kira said. The sound of loud footsteps roamed around the hallway and the voices of the men panicking looking for them. “guys everyone quiet down”. Jasmine says covering her mouth. The door slowly opens. “There they are”. Parker said. “What's going on here” Kira said. “What are you doing here”? Jasmine asked. “Parker how could you do this to us”. Victoria said. “I have to follow father's orders”. Parker said. “Take them away now”. Captain Walker.  “Execute them”. Parker said. The leaders took them to a room filled with cords and a bunch of machines. It was where all of their parent's had been executed as well. “You were right all along. We never sent your family to Mars. We floated them to space to kill them off. Since your going to die anyways it's best we tell you this. Jasmine Kira was the one who brought you here. Anya and Sanjay you were shipped her on a boat a few years ago from India. Victoria we found you hiding in your house without. family….and Kira, your family actually sent you here and left you in our hands. The leader started the rocket to send them to Space. “3, 2, 1” as they started the rocket the whole Base blew up….

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