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It was a very cold winter morning where the roads were slick with ice, but what was coming up around the curve would surprise Filip Riddle who is 18 and his family. As Filip’s dad made the turn, a car coming from the opposite direction in the same lane as Filip and his family swerved into the other lane, but tapped the Riddle’s car just enough that it went swerving over the edge of a cliff. It landed in a 10 foot pile of snow which broke the fall but sadly Filip’s dad, mother, and his little brother Jake Riddle, who was 6 years old, died. But Filip and his sister survived.

1 Year Later

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana, by Groucho Marx, just like that,a stupid man flying around that corner took the lives of my parents, and my little brother,” I said. Just as I said that, bullets went flying through the room. I quickly took cover behind a couch in the back corner of the room. I pulled out my phone and dialed 911 and said, “There is a man that has a gun and is taking hostages he is going to kill one hostage every hour til the Russian War Lord is released out of jail.” I said,

“What is your location,” said the person on the phone.

“Ann Arbor Open on Miller Rd,” I said.

“Units are on their way right now,” said the man on the phone. I heard sirens blaring down the street toward the school. As soon as they pulled up, gunshots rang down at the police I could see the police calling for backup and a few minutes later the SWAT team pulled up. More gunshots rang out. I saw that a man was at a window, and I snuck over behind him and gave him a good shove. He fell out of the window and his shirt got caught on the window sillВы будете платить за то, маленьким мальчиком!said the man.(This Means: You will pay for that, little boy, in Russian)

“Tell It to the judge,” I said.

Then everything went dark. I woke up looking out a window with a cool breeze blowing on my face. I looked around the hospital room and what I saw was absolutely enraging, my best friend was flirting with my sister. I got up and walked over to my friend and said, “Now Watch Me Whip and NAE-NAE,” and I socked him in the face. “What are you doing with my sister,...bro, or should I call you micky picky?”

“What's your problemo bro?” he says.

“You,” I say.

“Me?” he says.

“Yes you!” I say. Just then a hovercraft appeared and someone came swinging through the window knocking my friend on the ground. It was a strange man in a space suit.

“Filip Riddle, I’m a spacekeeper and I’m here to tell you, that your name was pulled from the random name puller and you have been picked to be in the 1st annual Star Games. It’s like the Hunger Games but in space on a Planet unknown to you. You have to go unless someone volunteers as tribute for you and you have 5 minutes.” 1 minute passed, 2 minutes passed, 3 minutes passed, 4 minutes passed, 5 minutes passed and no one volunteered. So I walked out of the room and took the stairs to the roof of the hospital where the hovercraft waits for me and the spacekeeper. Just as I got in, the hovercraft took off. I had just enough time to sit down and put on my suit before we were in space. I noticed a girl sitting across from me. She looked at me and giggled then looked away,looked back,looked away, looked back and said, “I’m Samantha Fingleheimer from country 6, 16 years old, who are you?”

“I’m Filip Riddle from country 6, 16 years old.”I said. That was all we said for the rest of the trip. I learned some things about Samantha at dinner which was nice because it was made by the capitol. I walked to my room and I plopped myself on my bed and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning. I went down to eat breakfast and then the next thing I knew there were camera all up in my face and someone asked me a question. “Do you like Samantha the way she likes you?” the person asked.

“Uhhhhh….YES,” I said. Just as I said that Samantha came running at me and jumped on me and kissed me on the cheek. I returned it with a kiss on the lips and the next thing we knew we were making out on universal television. We both knew that tomorrow we would be in the arena fighting for our lives, and for our love for one another so we could stay together and love each other forever in love and lots and lots of peace and harmony when we found out that we both could win the Star Games. We were so happy we jumped up and down. We came up to the arena wearing spacesuits. The countdown began at 60. I looked around. I saw an automatic airtight shelter (AAS) and a longsword and shield, pistol, and saw a sniper rifle for Sam. I decided that’s what I would go for. 21,20,19,18,17,16,15,14,13,12,11, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. The countdown finished and the games began. I ran faster than ever I had before. I grabbed the AAS and the longsword and shield, pistol,and the sniper rifle for Sam. By the time I had done all that, everyone but Sam was in the middle. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sam running for the woods. I turned toward the woods and started to run. When I caught up to her, she almost punched me in my face when she stopped and took the sniper instead. ”I Don’t know where to go from here,” she said

“Me either, but follow me,” I said. We walked farther into the woods, then that's when I saw it, the perfect place to set up camp. “Here is the place to set up camp,” I said.

“Wow,” Sam said. I heard footsteps behind us. I turned around to see someone about to stab Sam. I drew my pistol and “Sam,DUCK!” I shouted.

“Where?” she said.

“No, Duck down!”I said.

“Ok” she said. I took aim, I shot, the attacker fell back.

“Let’s get out of here,” Sam said.

“I agree,” I said. We went even farther into the woods.

“This reminds me of my favorite childhood musical and movie Into The Woods,” Sam said. She started to sing “Into The Woods, Into The Woods we go, there is lots of fun and lots of adventure Into The Woods we goooo!”

“Brava, Brava, Brava, Great Job,” I said. We kept moving. Night soon fell. We heard a song play, then we saw in the sky everyone who had died on the first day of battle. We saw that 6 out of 12 tributes had died. That means that 4 more besides us are out in the Arena. “Tomorrow we will hunt them down and kill all 4 of them,” I said. “The sooner we do that the sooner we can go home,” Sam said.

“Yep, wait. What if we go and get them now?” I said.

“What a great idea,” Sam said. So we headed out to find everyone else in this stupid Arena. It didn’t take us long to find the others because the Arena isn’t that big. When we found the others they all were still sleeping. I snuck up to the sleeping competitors. It was so easy for me to kill them until my final two kills because they heard the cannon shots and were wide awake, fully alerted,and ready to fight. So we waited outside of the last two competitors’ camp till the morning to strike and kill them then, but they didn’t have to wait till morning for the kill because they both fell back to sleep. So we moved in for the kill which wasn’t as easy for me as it was for Sam because the competitor I was killing was still wide awake. I jumped back to avoid the knife attack from the competitor. I drew my sword and jabbed it at the competitor. It was almost a fatal blow to the heart, but it hit his arm instead. I drew my pistol and took aim at the competitor, and I let the bullet fly. The shot was a fatal blow. “Finally,” I said with a sigh. “Finally we can go home,” I said very quietly. “Yes!” I shouted very loudly. The next thing I knew, everything went black.

One Month later

When I came to, I was at the hospital on country six. I looked around. I saw Sam In the other bed next to me I try to say “hi” and I thankfully have an sucess Sam looks back at me and says “hi” she says “I love you” I said

“I love you  too.” She said. Just then the nurse shows up and says

“The Capitol sent you here to have nurse back to health, and sent to victors city and you will not be bother ever again by the capitol.”

“Thank You, so much” I said

“You’re Welcome, Oh Almost forgot you have been checked out and you are ready to go to your house.” The nurse says “oh, also almost forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, I Don’t Hope to see you soon because this is a hospital and we only take care of the ill and/or wounded and I want you to stay well and happy” the nurse said.

1 Month Later

I was walking down the street on a wet and muggy day, when all of sudden a german shepard puppy  came running down the street the opposite way as me, that’s when  I heard gunshots coming from behind the dog running, “Come Here Boy!” I said, the pup ran over to me “Up Boy!” I said, as I knelt down to catch the pup, the pup jumped into my arms. I got up and began to walk back the way that I was coming from when I saw the neighborhood bully Kevin Ken Knuckleson but to the people who he bullies he is known as Triple K or KKK and I was one of them “Well, Well, Well if it isn’t Filip Riddle my favorite person to Bully,”   KKK said.

“What do you what KKK?” I said.

“I want that puppy you have there in your hands,” He said.

“who this little pup? Never In a Million Years” I said, then the puppy in my hands barked in agreement with me then started to growl at KKK “Good Boy” I said, then KKK gets upset and runs away once he was out of sight I continued to walk down the street and walked up to my house and stepped inside just in time to see a army jeep go flying by probably was looking for the german shepard pup that I had in my arms then a few seconds later samantha walked into the room “How was your walk?” she said, “Oh, it was wonderful I found this puppy for you on it too, it’s your favorite breed it’s a german shepard pup!’ I said, “wow, thanks, I guess I’m off to get some dog chow, you coming too? I think we should get this pup checked out,” she said, “sounds like a plan,” I said, we get into my 2017 Honda Odyssey and drive to the animal Hospital, we walk in and check the pup in and we go and see the doctor, the doctor said,

“This pup is all good we did put a chip in so if he runs away you can easily find him with your smartphone!” he said.

“How?” both me and Sam say at the same time.

“Because the chip that I put in the pup has a tracking device so that you can find him anywhere and it has a password which I will give to you after this visit, so only you can see where he is,” he said.

“Thank You doctor that will really help with finding him!” I said.

5 years later

“Come here Daniel!” I said.

Daniel came trotting over to me and plopped himself down at my feet and looked up at me with his big fat puppy eyes, just then KKK brother kkk junior was walking up to our porch when bullets filled the room I hit deck once the bullets stopped sirens filled the air “Oh My God!” I said, as I look outside to see KKK junior dead on my lawn. “Come on Daniel we have to go!” I said. I grab Daniels unopened 50 lb bag of dog food and his dog bowls, Daniel dog bed, 2 32 packs of plastic water bottles, my laptop, my pistol, and tons of ammo, I pack lots of clothes in our travel bags for both me and Sam, and put them all in my 2017 Honda Odyssey I take out all of the back seats and pus a twin bed in the middle row. I put pillows and blankets on the bed, I grab about all of our emergency money which totaled up to 9 Million dollars. After I get everything in the car I texted Sam and said

“Hi honey we have to leave I’ll pick you up at work I’ll explain later Luv U,”

and she said “ok Honey see you soon Luv U”

I went to pick up Sam and our life on the run began we had to use real money so we couldn’t be tracked by our credit cards. “So Sam kkk jr. was killed in front of our house, and KKK will be on our butts if we don’t get out of this town sooner or later,” I said.

“Ok so we are on the run from KKK so he doesn’t kill us?” Sam said.

“Yep, we are on the run,” I said back.

Me and Sam didn’t talk again till Sam said, “I’m Hungry,”

“Me too,” I said.

Daniel then barked in agreement. So I stopped at a Jet’s Pizza and ordered the All Meaty Pizza which has (Premium Mozzarella Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Italian Sausage and Hamburger) when I got back in the car Sam sang “Life is Short, Eat better pizza, Let’s Get Jets!” She opened the bag of dog food and put it in daniel’s bowl and he gobbled it up like it was his last meal and then she opened the pizza box, grabbed a slice of pizza, and took a bite, “mmmmm, yummy,” Sam said, I grabbed a slice too, took a bite,

“mmmm, That is really good,” I said.

“I know it is really good,” Sam said. Once we finished eating. I put the car in drive and drove down the street and found a empty parking lot and parked the car and we went to bed.

The next day

It was 8:10 a.m when I finally woke up I looked around the car I saw Daniel in his bed still asleep and Sam next to me still asleep I heard a slight hum coming from the parking lot, I looked out the window, I saw KKK’s car was coming our way! I jumped into the driver’s seat and started the car, I put the car into drive and put the pedal to the metal, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw KKK’s car right behind ours and he was getting closer, that’s when I realized that KKK was the guy who killed my parents! My younger Brother “AAAAAAHHHHH, I’ll kill you for my family you, you, you, monster, you don’t deserve to live on this earth any longer than you already have!” I shouted. Then I drove to the nearest cliff and saw him right behind me I saw a path that goes down to the bottom of the cliff and it was wide enough for the car to go down a little bit to make him go off the cliff so I go down the ramp a little bit and stop the car. That’s when I see KKK’s car go off the cliff then I back up and go back towards the road from the cliff, I see KKK standing in my path to the road all bloody like he just jumped out of his car just in time before it went over the cliff,  he began to run at me I just put the pedal to the metal, all I felt was a bit of a bump as I hit him , both Sam and Daniel woke up. “Good Morning Sleepy heads,” I said  

“Oh that's a relief I thought we had hit someone, what's for breakfast?” Sam asked

“Mcdonald's Egg McMuffins,” I said

       “Oh, yummy, those should be really good,” Sam said.

        I pulled up to Mcdonald's and went in and order our Egg McMuffins, It the workers 15 minutes to get us our breakfast and that made me really mad so when I got back in the car I went online and told them my thoughts on my service which was pretty terible so I think that someone will get a strict talking to for this compliant so I hope that they are happy with how they serve people, cause this branch won't last for very long if they keep this up. Well I won't be eating there anymore that Mcdonald's service was absolutly terrible, well I geuss this is what you have to deal with when you are on the Run.

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