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‘’Hey, Tristan,how long have you been playing football?’’ asked Cole

‘’ Five years,’’ said Tristan

‘’ I have been playing for seven years and it is my favorite sport,’’ said Cole

‘’ Yeah, me too,’’ replied Tristan

‘’ I couldn’t live without football it’s just my passion.’’ said Cole

Tristan was staying the night at Cole’s house tonight. Both Tristan and Cole both played on the USA team.‘’I have a funny memory with my dad,’’ said Cole

‘’It’s when I played flag football and kid went to pull my flag off of me but instead he pulled my shorts down,’’ said Cole

Tristan and Cole walked into the living to watch some sport shows. Cole’s dad was coughing in the background.

‘’Dad, are you alright?’’ asked Cole

‘’Ya,I just got a cough and my rib hurts,’’ replied Cole’s dad

Cole and Tristan walked back into Cole’s room and sat down on Cole’s bed.

‘’ I want to play XBOX,’’ said Tristan

‘’ What game,’’ replied Cole

‘’ Football,’’ replied Tristan

They played for 30 minutes and Tristan smoked Cole by 20 minutes.

Cole stated ‘’ I always take it easy on my guest,’’

“ Yeah right you're just jealous that I won and you didn’t,’’ exclaimed Tristan

‘’ Boys dinner's ready,’’ called Cole’s mom

‘’ Coming,’’ yelled Cole

The Wilson family and Tristan ate hamburgers and french fries for dinner. For dessert they had ice cream. When they got done eating they went outside to watch shooting stars. They laid on the deck for one hour.

‘’Hey Tristan want to go back inside and do something,’’ asked Cole

‘’Sure what do we want to do,’’ replied Tristan

“ We can go over football plays and get them down before we play Canada in a week,’’ said Cole

“ Sure,’’ replied Tristan

Cole and Tristan walked back into the house and went over their football plays. When they got tired of running over the plays they fell asleep on the couch in the living room. The next morning Tristan and Cole woke up and saw Cole’s mom cooking biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  

‘’Mom did you make bacon?’’ asked Cole

‘’Of course I would because both of you love bacon,’’ replied Cole’s mom

Cole’s dad walks into the kitchen and says

‘’Once you boys get done eating we are going to have football practice,’’ said Cole’s dad

‘’ Yes,’’ replied Tristan

‘’ Are we going to add new plays in so we can trick the Canada’s defense?’’ asked Cole

“ Probably because Canada has the best defense we will ever see,’’ replied Cole’s dad

“ I am going to the doctor during practice to check if I have something wrong with my rib,’’ said Cole’s dad

“ What's wrong,’’ asked Tristan

“ Well I have this cough and whenever I cough my rib hurts,” replied Cole’s dad

“ Breakfast is ready boys,” said Cole’s mom

“ Ok,’’ said Cole

When the boys got done eating they went to Cole’s room and got all of their football equipment ready for practice later on. Cole’s dad drove them to practice. During football practice the coaches put in new offensive plays. When Cole’s dad drove away Cole was thinking “Hopefully dad is ok.”

When Cole’s dad got back from the doctor Cole’s dad pulled Cole to the side and told him  “Son I have cancer in my rib.’’

“ When are you going to the hospital?” asked Cole

“ Mom is taking me right now,’’ replied Cole’s dad

“ You are going home with Tristan tonight and you are going to stay there till tomorrow,” said Cole's dad

“ Ok bye dad,” said Cole

Cole went back to practice and he couldn’t get his dad off his mind. Cole didn’t practice as well when he knew about what happening to his dad. When practice was over Cole and Tristan walked off the field to go get into Tristan’s mom’s car. When they got home they ate dinner and went to bed because they both were tired. Late on that week Tristan’s mom took Tristan and Cole to go see Cole’s dad in the hospital. When they got to the hospital Tristan’s mom asked the lady at the front desk “ What number is Mr. Wilson in?’’

“ # 54 on the first floor,’’ replied the lady

“ Thank you so much.” said Tristan’s mom

When they got to the room Cole’s dad was sleeping. When he woke up he noticed that Cole and Tristan and his mom were there.

“ Hey dad how are you feeling?’’ asked Cole

“ Not to well,” replied Cole’s dad

Tristan and his mom stayed at the hospital for a little while and left.

“ Dad are you able to coach the championship game against Canada?’’ asked Cole

“ No probably not,” replied Cole’s dad

“ Ahh man,’’ said Cole

“ You have a choice Cole play in the championship game against Canada or stay at the hospital when your dad is getting surgery,’’ said Cole’s mom

“ I will have to think about it mom,’’ said Cole

‘’ It’s fine if you want to go and play football with your buddies,’’ said Cole’s mom

Later on that night Cole thought really hard about that decision to stay at the hospital or go play football.

“ Mom I have made my mind up. I want to stay at the hospital with dad,’’ said Cole

“ Ok are you sure about it,’’ replied Cole’s mom

“ Yes I am sure mom because dad is more important than football is,’’ said Cole

The day of the championship game Cole was nervous that his team was going to lose. Cole was waiting to hear from the doctor about how his dad was doing. When the doctor came to tell his mom about Cole’s dad Cole jumped out of his chair and ran to the doctor.

“ How is my dad doing?’’ asked Cole

The doctor replied “ He is doing fine,’’

 ‘’ Thank the lord,’’ said  Cole

Cole ran back to his mom and said “ Dad is doing fine.’’

“ Yes I know I heard the doctor,’’ replied Cole’s mom

Tristan and his mom and dad walked into the hospital and told Cole and his mom that they won the football game.

“ Today is the best day ever two good things have happened to me, said Cole When Cole’s dad got released from the hospital Cole and his mom walked Cole’s dad to the car and got stopped by family members.

They asked how Cole’s dad was doing.

Cole’s mom replied ‘’ He is doing better than he was he still feels like he is going to get sick, but other than that he feels good.”

‘’ Well that's good,’’ the family members replied

When Cole and his family got home they all went and took a nap.

When Cole’s dad woke up he was hungry for steak. Cole’s mom says ‘’you can’t eat that when you just got out of the hospital.’’

“ I will got the store and get you some chicken soup,’’ said Cole’s mom

When Cole’s mom got back  she put the chicken soup in the microwave and gave it to Cole’s dad.

“ Mom what are we having for dinner?’’ asked Cole

“ We might have chicken strips,’’ replied Cole’s mom

Cole and his mom ate chicken strips for dinner.

Later on that week Cole and his mom took Cole’s dad to the doctor.

The doctor told Cole’s mom that Cole’s dad wasn’t getting better.

Cole’s mom replied. ‘’ well what do we do take him back to the hospital.’’

“ Yes I would take him back to the hospital,’’ replied the doctor

Cole and his mom took him back to the hospital.

The doctor asked “ well why did you come back?’’

“ My dad isn’t feeling better that’s why,’’ replied Cole

The doctor asked Cole’s dad to get on the stretcher and they would wheel him into this room.

Later on that day the doctor asked Cole’s mom if she wanted Cole’s dad to go into another surgery.  

Cole’s mom said ‘’whatever that would make him feel better,’’

‘’The surgery would,’’ replied the doctor

When the surgery began the doctor thought that Cole’s dad wouldn’t make it. In the middle of the surgery Cole’s dad passed away.

He passed away of the heart couldn’t take all of the surgery in once and the doctor couldn’t do anything about it.

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