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    Colleen can be such an annoying person sometimes. I still don’t get why or how Ashley got to be friends with such a freak. The three of us sit, our legs dangling over the side, at the pier aside lake Thames. Colleen is rambling on about some tv show she’s been obsessed with and Ashley is sitting contently and commenting every now and then. I wonder if the water’s cold. maybe I could go for a swim to get away from this conversation. Anything to not be around Colleen.

    “So Hayden,” Ashley nudges my arm. I force a smile and nod. “Are you going to go see that new movie tonight? uh, what was it called?” she looks off into the river trying to remember it.

    “Megaton, and no. I told the guys i would be staying in tonight. Why? Did you want to see it?”

    “Could care less. Anyways, I was wondering if you’d be all right with Colleen spending the night.” Colleen nods in agreement. Colleen is cute and all but she’s so impossibly tedious to be near for long periods of times.

Colleen says “Yeah my older brother isn't going to be at the house tonight, so i'd thought I would leave my parents alone for the first time in like weeks” Collen flings her arm expressively.  

I roll my eyes as discreetly as possible “Yeah sure, that’s fine with me.”   

“Yay” Ashley shrieks with joy. Ashley and Colleen grin giddily at each other.

Ashley begins to jump down from the railing as she trips and falls forward I reach out and grab her ,Ashley lets out a high pitch scream from the abrupt movement. She lets out a small laugh “Ha, thanks Hayden” Ashley smiles sheepishly at me.

      “oh. my. gosh. Ashley are you ok” Colleen exclaims, the surprise clear in her voice.


They’re humans, they wouldn't know the difference between fast reflexes and my speed, right? I hope so. Colleen lowers herself slowly off the railing and skips off, Ashley at her heels. good, no questions.

I follow after them at a slower pace, letting them be cheerful. Half Demons like me don’t usually indulge in fun activities so much as we protect mankind from the worse of our numbers. My father was a foolish man. Never concerned with the affects his actions would have on his future. That was, until he met my mother. My mother is a shapeshifter. She’s one of the most clever women i've ever met. She convinced my dad she was mortal so I could be born. I still remain the only “human” to know about her.


I regain my focus as we begin to cross the street. Ashley and Colleen are skipping across with joy filled faces. Ashley turns around with a big smile on her face “We totally should go to Caffe Nero” I look at Ashley for a second then nod my head “Sure,but who's paying” I question as I crack a wise smile. Ashley and Colleen share a small laugh “I will” Ashley replies “you know I was only joking, right” I smile at Ashley. “Good, because I left my wallet at home” Ashley smiles at me. “ OH.MY.GOSH. you guys are the cutest couple EVER” Collen exclaims “Like #Goals” Collen sighs happily.

Ashley and Colleen skipped inside arms intertwined. I swear sometimes the two of them act like four year olds. But it's just something humans call “friendship”. Maybe one day i'll understand it. But I highly doubt it though. The only Beings i've ever cared for are my Mother and Ashley. My thoughts were interrupted by Ashley's high pitch voice. “Hayden, what would you like to drink” she questioned me visually concerned. I look down at her “Just some a french vanilla frappuccino” I look down at Ashley and smile. Ashley smiles back at me turns around and tells the barista my order.

Ashley and Colleen sit at the nearest table while I hand the barista my cash. “um.., sir your a dollar fifty off” she tilts her head towards me. “oh sorry” I apologize as i rummage through my pocket “Here” I look up and hand her the change. I retrive our drinks and walk over to Ashley and Collen. I grab a chair and sit myself on the other side of Ashley. I listen in on the intense conversation they were currently having about Justin Bieber's Song: Sorry. They finished their conversation that went on for way too long. And we head towards the door.

I looked up and noticed a slight drizzle I nudged Ashley and she noticed the rain too. She reached for her umbrella and opened it. I pull her in so that we were both under the umbrella. Ashley cheeks slowly turn bright pink as mine do the same. “O. M. G. I totally called it. Cutest couple Twenty-sixteen” Collen squeals like the pig she is. Ashley lets out a small sigh “Thanks Colleen, but next time could you compliment us more quietly” Ashley looks around at the people now staring at us. “Noted” Colleen turns a light shade of pink.


The three of us start heading towards the house. Halfway there I hear a slight noise in the distance. I reach for Ashley’s hand and begin walking towards the sound. when I look down there's a crate. “Hayden, what's in the crate?” Ashley whispers to me. I crouch down and look in it. Meow. A black and white cat pops it's head out of the crate. I look up at Ashley showing her what's inside. Ashleys eyes whiden “ Can we keep it” I give Ashley what the humans call “puppy eyes” Ashley nods with joy on her face. I stand back up and Ashley and I begin to walk again. Colleen peaks into the box and giggles “It’s adorable” she looks up at me and smiles. I give her a small smile. Colleen and I begin a small conversation about cats. “Amh” Ashley interrupts the small chat.

“Colleen, what do you think?”. Ashley’s been redecorating a lot because she wanted the apartment to reach Colleen's standards.”I think it's perfect” Colleen beams. Ashley and Colleen share a small hug as I unlock and open the door “welcome to our humble abode” I say with a smirk on my face. I walk inside and put the kitten on the couch. “Ashley can you put some milk in a bowl” I holler. “sure thing” Ashley brings me the bowl. “thanks babe” I kiss her cheek “Hayden were going to be in the guest room if you need us” Ashley proceeds to walk away.

I turn on the tv and put on Sherlock.


Giggling breaks out into the almost silent house. I look up from petting the kitten in confusion. The sound was coming from the guest room. This was one human emotion that i did not understand. why would they need to exercise when they're supposed to be having fun?.

I left the couch and headed towards the guest room the laughing gets cut of by a scream. I rush to the door and try to open it but it's locked. I hear maniacal laughter coming from inside. “ASHLEY,ASHLEY” I shout ashley's name several times and bang on the door. Finally the door opens slightly and Ashley just peaks out her head. “ Ashley, why was their screaming?” I question her nervously “Oh just getting rid of something that i've been trying to get rid of for years”. Ashley opens the door all the way. I can see that she is covered in blood and Colleen's lifeless body lays still on the floor.

    “A-Ashley w-why did you kill your best friend?” I look at her but avoid her eyes. “I could tell that she was starting to like you and you see I couldn't have that” Ashley replied her voice a little hazy. “And sooner or later she's was going to find out that you weren't human” Ashley adds on. I look her in the eyes completely shocked.  “H-how did you find out” I ask, taking several steps backwards. “we've been dating for six years, did you think you could hid it from me forever?” Ashley ask bluntly “I was hoping to” I say. Ashley goes to reach for something in her pocket. And I flinch. “Don't tell me your scared of me now” Ashley looks at me and pouts. “you're the real monster here i'm just an imitation of one” Ashley grins. I run to the balcony. I can hear Ashley scraping the wall with her blood stained knife. “ Baby, we can be together forever”. I try to back up more but there's nowhere else to run. I stand there. And watch Ashley's every move. AShley raises the knife over her head. My eye follow the blade. “Will together FOREVER” Ashley smiles and Slams the knife into my neck. I yell in pain and drop to the ground. I look up to see Ashley positioning the knife in front of her. Ashley leans her head back then smashes it into the tip of the blade. Having it go through her head. She drops to the ground on top of me. I take one last breath. “ Together Forever”.


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