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Westgate is looking for a few good hands! (And eyes, and smiles)

Tue, 08/09/2016 - 3:15pm by shurand

In preparation for the grand reopening of the Westgate Branch, AADL has opportunities for community members who want to lend a hand. Adult volunteers (ages 18+) can help staff complete specific projects at Westgate in late August - early September before the branch opens (exact dates and times TBD). Those wishing to sign up should email volunteer(at)aadl(dot)org by 8/18/16 with the following information:

- subject line: "Westgate Volunteer"
- first and last name
- birthdate (day/month/year)
- phone number (cell phone preferred)
- any questions or additional information about yourself that may be important for staff to know

Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact interested participants when specific volunteer shifts become available.

The deadline to sign up is Thursday, 8/18/16.


Such an awesome opportunity! Will there be volunteer spots for kids in the future? I know mine would love to help. Video testimonial, giving a tour, you name it and he'd be game!

@beeniepie agreed. I'd probably be all over this if my 4 year old could come and help put books on shelves or something. I'd bet he'd LOVE doing that. He loves the library and he'd probably think it awesome to get to help set one up. He's so incredibly excited that the school he's going to in September has their own library! Maybe I'll email and ask anyway.

We're so glad to see so much volunteer interest! The volunteer opportunities in preparation for the Westgate branch's opening are specifically for adults, but we are looking into volunteer opportunities for children down the road.


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