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There was a baby cry, my cry, Mer's cry. His baby, Vincent's baby, mothers baby, our baby, me. Mer needs food, he can't feed himself. Mer needs to be changed, he can't change himself. Mer needs love, cause no one else is going to love him. 

The apartment was cold, we were shaking. She wrapped Mer up in an extra blanket.

"Mommy's sorry it's cold. I couldn't pay the heat and electric bill. No lights, no electricity, no heat."

Mer keeps smiling up at her and makes a sound she assumes is me talking. 

"My job only pays so much. Mommy's so sorry."

She sang Mer a song before he drifted off to sleep. Mer was his father's child alright. From his Dark black unruly curls on his head, blazing blue eyes and olive sun-kissed skin, but tonight he was going to belong to the Shamans.

She walks into the office and places Mer in a carrier made for him. Once Mr. Shaman pays her, she gets ready to leave.

"His birthday is January 1st, New years," she looks over at their oldest son, twelve-year-old Daniel, "take god care of him." And with that, she leaves and commits suicide.


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