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<MESSAGE DOWNLOADED: LOG, CAPTAIN KELLEY, 2390/12/2.> Thirty years ago, as we all know, the United Space Agency ship Inspire was lost, assumed to be caught in a sudden flare of heavy-duty radiation from the star of an unstable solar system. The interference scrambled all but their first, primitive radio distress call, a leftover of a bygone era, so slow it only reached us a few days ago. Our away team… three of our bravest, reached the ship last night, and have since surprised us with happy messages of survivors and their reactions to news from home. We’ve had images of the Inspire crew, video reactions that have already gone viral. My crew, of course, is itching to go join them for a well-deserved break, now that our sensors are clear of leftover radiation and our first scans of the old ship are coming through. Now, my only question… how do I tell them there are no signs of life onboard?

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