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St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Celebrates 190th Anniversary

Mon, 03/06/2017 - 7:39pm

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[|St. Andrew's Episcopal Church] marks 190 years in Ann Arbor in 2017. Old News has digitized hundreds of photos and articles beginning with the [|appointment] of Rev. Gillispie to the rectorship in 1861 to a 2009 story of [|Svea Gray], mainstay of St. Andrew's Breakfast program. Grace Shackman's [|Then & Now] article provides a great overview of the history of the church. The recommendation of Rev. Tatlock in 1895 to provide [|free pews] so that all were welcome at the church foretold the mission of St. Andrew's to be [|inclusive], [|supportive] and most importantly, a [|force] in the community at large. The 39-year rectorship of [|Henry Lewis], from 1922 to 1961, embodied this [|spirit] and became a model for all St. Andrew's [|rectors] to [|follow].

St. Andrew's was a social center for Ann Arborites as well. Their Easter Ball was the [|"society highlight"] of the year, followed closely by their [|Guild Ball in December]. The annual [|Christmas] and [|Easter] fairs raised money for the Church and for their charitable programs. Music remains one of the most noted aspects of St. Andrew's Church. Their [|choirs], [|organists], [|concerts] and plays by the [|St. Andrew's Players] remain not-to-be-missed events. The Canterbury House was a place for [|performance] and [|poetry] and [|protest].

And of course, the [|building]. From any [|view], [|inside] and [|outside], whether [|chapel] or [|vestry], [|details] that have a [|history] of their [|own]. Be sure to include St. Andrew's, 306 N. Division St., on your next walking tour of Ann Arbor. You can also read about the history of [|St. Andrew's] in books at AADL.


Thanks for all the historical photos!

The campus ministry associated with St. Andrew's, Canterbury House, is mentioned in the past tense, but it continues as a home for music, social justice work, and spiritual sustenance -- now a few blocks away, at 721 E. Huron Street.