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Thor: Ragnarok!


[|Thor: Ragnarok] arrives in theaters today, making now the perfect time to revisit your favorite Thor materials! The movie is already generating quite a buzz and has received rave reviews (with a 93% rating, it's currently Rotten Tomatoes' best reviewed comic book film ever!).

A great place to start are the previous Thor movies, including [b:1391048|Thor] and [b:1444349|Thor: The Dark World], as well as his appearances in [b:1413450|The Avengers] and [b:1480915|The Avengers: Age of Ultron]. For younger kids who aren't quite ready for the Marvel movies, Thor is featured in [b:1426761|The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes] (there are multiple volumes of this series, including [b:1426765|Vol. 5] and [b:1426766|Vol. 6]).

For adult readers, some of the original Thor comics are included in the anthology series [b:1384483|The Essential Thor Vol. 1], [b:1347731|Vol. 2], [b:1347732|Vol. 3] and [b:1347733|Vol. 4]. Many of these original stories also appear in [b:1384487|The Mighty Thor: Omnibus] collection. More recent additions to the Thor universe include [b:1453423|God of Thunder Vol. 1] ([b:1453424|Vol. 2] and [b:1453425|Vol. 3] are also available), [b:1386302|Lord of Asgard], [b:1384485|Bringers of the Storm], [b:1384488|Godstorm], and [b:1323510|Thor Vol. 1] ([b:1355645|Vol. 3] is also available). Currently, a woman has taken on the title of Thor in [b:1494462|The Mighty Thor: Thunder in her Veins].

There are awesome Thor graphic novels in the Teen section, including [b:1386303|Wolves of the North] and [b:1384530|The Lost Gods]. A mysterious female Thor has also taken the lead in [b: 1473236|The Goddess of Thunder] and [b:1493654|Who Holds the Hammer?].

Kids have a variety of Thor books to choose from as well. Younger children will like gentler Readers such as [b:1445055|The Trouble with Thor] and [b:1413713|These are the Avengers]. Older kids can enjoy comic books like [b:1402461|Thor: The Mighty Avenger Vol. 1] and [b:1402462|Vol. 2], and [b:1472815|Mini Marvels: The Complete Collection]. Books for kids about the Avengers include [b:1408492|The Avengers: The Ultimate Guide] and [b:1408491|The Avengers: The Movie Storybook]. We also have several comic books based on Norse mythology, such as [b:1511898|Thor and the Giants] and [b:1511885|Thor and Loki] (also available [b:1361665|in Spanish]).

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