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I am Thomas Nelson, you’re average teenage boy.  Until a magical fairy came through a magic cloth.  It all started at my birthday when I opened the dreaded gift from Aunt Bertha, expecting to find the usual useless gift. I pulled out a glowing ball of material I’ve never seen before. I inspect it for a moment and then tucked it away in a corner. That night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I hear a faint whirring sound coming from the corner of my bedroom.  Suddenly, I jumped out of bed!  I looked at the ball of material.  Suddenly, the ball started to glow and shimmer.  It turned a deep shade of crimson.  It starting to unwrap and suddenly turned into a deep crimson oval, levitating over my pet cat, Mouse.  Then suddenly the surface turned a misty blue, suddenly something fell out, it was curled up in a ball with long hair.  It unraveled itself…  It was a beautiful girl!  She was seventeen, about my age.  She stood up, she had long beautiful blond hair pulled back in a tight braid, she had blue eyes and…wings?  She said I...I...I’m Belle.  I’m a fairy.  Where am I?  I said “where did you come from?”  She said “A magical fairy world called Cornucopia.  A magic piece of cloth pulled me in.  Now, I’m here!”  She took me by the hand, pulled me into the corner and whispered, “I have to get back to Cornucopia.  I don’t think if I jump back into that cloth I’ll just be where I got in.  I’ve heard of these before they are called landels, if a landel sucks you in, that means it’s for a purpose.  Most of the time that purpose is to meet a person.  Suddenly, we locked eyes my deep brown eyes locked with her light blue eyes.  We stood, not breaking away for seconds.  She broke it and said “Let’s get going”  before I could protest.  She pulled me through the portal, we popped out in a land where the trees were lollipops, and the bushes were jolly ranchers.  I turned around to look at her but… my jaw dropped.  Belles hair was pulled back in a gorgeous bun and she was wearing a dress, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, It was gray and snowflake like at the top, but then it came down in white ruffles.  She looked at me and said “Well,well well, quite the attire you have.  I just then realised I was wearing a tuxedo and my thick brown hair was pulled back.  I said, “You look amazing!”  She said “You too!”  I couldn’t help thinking of how worried my mom would be when she realized I wasn't in bed.  I said “Belle, what will happen when my mom finds my bed empty?”  She said “Time passes different here than in your world.  We are in the land of Cornel which has many lands in it.  Cornucopia, Hunter’s Woods, Island of the animals, and Candy Land, where we are, are in Cornel.  Cornucopia is on the far east of Cornel, where we are on the far west of Cornel.  We traveled through Candy Land with not much problem.  We reached the border of Hunter’s Forest, it had dark, dead trees, and a rusted, ugly, broken gate with two hunters in dark cloaks on either side.  Belle whispered something so quietly I couldn't hear and they let us threw.  Every step through the forest it felt like something was watching us.  Right when I thought we were safe, a panther  jumped in front of Belle, I, out of bravery,  jumped in front of her.  The panthers sharp thicks claws cut through my flesh.  Belle said “Are you ok?” I worriedly said “I’m alright”  But I wasn’t.  I then fell to floor!  The last thing I heard were Belle’s cries of help and her tears of sadness.  At that moment, I knew we would be best friends.  Then, everything went black.  When I woke up, I was sitting in a hammock.  Belle turned around and said, You’re alive!  She then hugged me, I said “I would hug you back if my arm could move!”  With laughter in my voice.  She said “What is your name?”  “Thomas”  Then I realized it was hard to move in this tuxedo.  She said “We will magically change outfits once we get deeper in the forest”  Her word stayed true, she wore a pine green ball gown, and her hair was curled.  I was in camo pants and a black shirt.  We reached Island of the Animals.  She said “This is the last but hardest land to get through”  Before I could ask why, she pushed me in.  She said there are things called sirens, they show you someone you love, and they lure you in.  Then they eat you.  We walked for a while in the mist.  Then Belle ran off, I was screaming her name but I couldn’t see her.  I decided it was best to go after her.  But then I heard her!  I ran after her voice she was saying “Thomas, come on!”  In a sweet tone, then I found her, beautiful as ever.  I walked to her, almost in a trance.  Then she turned into a monster, I had done just what Belle said not to!  Fall into the siren’s lure.  The thick long, sharp claws of the siren reached out to get me, but then, a girl in camo, like mine, came and chopped the sirens hand off!  I said, who are you?  She said “I’m Caroline, I saw your friend Belle”  “Where is she?”  I asked “She is dead”  I burst out in tears.  I said to no one in particular “Why, I loved her and now she’s gone”  I sat there, sobbing for hours.  Caroline finally said “We should get you back to where you belong”  But I said “No, I will complete the mission I have been given!”  “Ok, suit yourself, but I will go with you for safety protection”  I couldn’t help thinking of how mad I was that Belle had died.  We finally got to Cornucopia.  I didn’t know what to do.  I saw a man that looked a lot like Belle.  I said “Do you know a girl named Belle?”  “Yup, she’s my little sister!”  “Where is your house?”  “Right behind me”  “Thank you for your help!”  I said to Caroline, “I’ll go tell their family”  “Take off your cloak for me”  “Down at the river bank”  she said.  We walked to the river and she hugged me and whispered “I missed you”  I said “Caroline, you don’t go hug a man who loves someone else.  She is dead” but Before I could finish my sentence she said “But she’s not”  She took off her cloak and it was the beautiful Belle I loved.  She said “I pretended to be someone else because I loved you, but I didn’t know if you returned that love.  “But I do”  “I now know the portal sucked me in to meet you.”  Later in life, we went back and told my parents what had happened as well as hers.  We got married and lived Happily ever after.




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