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The Other

Some kids have guardian angels or pray to patron saints. But not me, nope all I have is that thing. Whatever it is I call it The Other, cuz it told me too. At first I just thought it was annoying, like I know you are trying to help me and all, but seriously?

It started as just little things, tips to annoy a teacher, or get back at a mortal enemy. Soon however, it became bigger than that. I would start blacking out for lengths of time and wake up in the principal's office or in the hospital, or even once I woke up hanging on to
the edge of an overpass. It was like the more I tried to control it the more I lost what little control I had left. Finally I sat down and talked to it. That was interesting, it went something like this:

Other: no
Me: but we to! Can't you see that?
Other: no
Me: please?
Other: fineā€¦.

So from then on we worked together. We had to as we could hear each other's thoughts. And The Other only took over when we need it to.

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