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I’m sorry

Sorry for all the pain that I have caused

Sorry for all the terrible grades and the misbehavior

Sorry for all the lies, the anger and the yelling keeping you up at night

I’m sorry that I made you hate me, for causing you to worry that I wasn’t your daughter

I’m sorry for being a disgrace to the family

For not being good enough

For not making you proud

So to show you how sorry I am I will say one thing

“Red is the color of blood, not death, and you should forever see it that way

Remember me, and remember you will be better off without me

As I slit my wrists and I say with my last dying breath…

“Goodbye,” and with tears threatening to leave my eyes, I quietly listen to the sound of my blood dripping onto the floor. Drip… Drop… Drip… Drop until the world finally goes black.

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