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It can’t be true. I had to be dreaming, yeah that was it, I’m in a dream where I drove my car off a bridge. By the time I hit the water I’ll wake up and all will be fine. I look over the steering wheel and see that the water is coming up quickly. With a grin I hit the water knowing that I’ll wake up shortly. The grin was wiped from my face as I watched the water climbs up and over the hood. Stunned I don’t do anything until the water climbs halfway up the windows. I go for the door but with the pressure from all the water, I can’t muster enough strength to open it. Realizing that I’m trapped inside, I try the only thing I can think of, and with a last ditch effort I slam my hand down on the side console and open my window.  Immediately water starts rushing in and with the sudden torrent of water blasting into the car, it turns off. The window had only opened up enough for my hand to reach up at the surface.    

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