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We’ve been pitted against each other since birth. It’s just the dynamics of our families, so through no fault of our own this rivalry began. It’s a never ending cycle of competition that neither party wants to be apart of. It is easy to believe someone is your enemy when you are younger based off of century old tales told at family gatherings. As we grew older, the distinct lines that kept us apart seemed to blur. We really had no quarrel with the other, we were just following our parents orders. As even more time went on we started to meet in secret. We wanted to see if what our parents had always taught us about the other was false or not without them there providing their sides to the well known story. We started to become fast friends as time continued on. Pretty soon everyone knew of our friendship, we shouldn’t have to hide it from anyone. Our parents were not pleased and forbade us from ever seeing each other again. Our sneaking around to see the other started again. What an unlucky twist of fate that we, best friends, were born into families that despised the other.

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